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Coles Fairy Liquid / Tablets

Coles Fairy Liquid / Tablets

Tablets, Fairy Liquid
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  • 9 reviews

Leaves a strong chemical smell


Tried these diswasher tablets and was disappointed to find out that they left a strong chemical smell and taste on my dishes, cutlery and glasses. You can taste the detergent when you drink from a cup or glass.

Purchased in October 2018 at Coles Supermarkets.


draftydaveSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Leaves terrible smell on everything especially plastic / silicone utensils.


Pungent smell. Cleans OK
Leaves terrible smell on everything especially plastic / silicone utensils.
Wont ever use again but will never forget the smell.
What more can I say.
I love this site and often use.

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles.

Awful toilet cleaner smell on the dishes.


I will be demanding a refund after using one tablet of the Fairy brand in my dishwasher. Upon finishing the wash, I opened the machine to a horrible smell, similar to a freshly scrubbed toilet. Two rinses later and the smell was still there.

Purchased in April 2019 for $23.00.



  • 2 reviews

Didnt wash dishes 100%


I found unless I used the hottest setting on my dishwasher I was left with stubborn food on the plates.. I doubt I would buy them again

Disgusting smell


Do not go for Fairy. The smell embedded in the plates and cutlery make your dinner bad and meke you sick. Disgusting strong fragrance. I have used finish for so long but never had any issue.

Plates and food cooked in cleaned dishwasher taste like soap Not the only person this happening to


I used these in dishwasher They cooked dinner My boyfriend said he couldn't eat the meal as it tasted like soap So we went on Google to ask if anyone else had this problem and there were many people saying same thing Stopped using them They have strong floral fragrance



  • 2 reviews

The best dishwasher tablet!


After having tried most dishwasher tablets and products alike, i was overjoyed when i used the Fairy original tablets and saw the results. This was the first time i’d not had to rewash dishes or that my glassware wasn’t left with any water marks at all.
Fairy Tablets are now my go to product, I can’t fault it at all.

Ruined my French Cutlery!


I have had my beautiful Laguiole cutlery for 5 years and always used Finish in the dishwasher. After using a packet of the Fairy Brand tablets they have gone brittle and the coloured plastic has started breaking away!!!! Very upset. Don't use this product!



All my food tastes like soap when I use these


These tablets are disgusting. Like everyone else, we bought them because they’re a bit cheaper than all the other dishwasher tablets. It’s easy to see why! Dishes smell strongly perfumed when they come out of the dishwasher and the smell comes off onto our food. Like another reviewer below, my keep cup has been permanently ruined - no matter how many times I wash it, it stinks like these disgusting tablets. For saving $5, I’ll have to spend $25 on another keep cup. I’ll be washing my dishes by hand until the next supermarket shop.


BushyTSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Smell is neauseating, cleans ok


I will be throwing these out and going back to Finish. The smell gives me a headache and makes me feel sick. They clean ok but I will never buy again.



  • 3 reviews

Overpowering sickly smell


Bought the 64 tablet packet on special for $16. What a waste of money. Wish I had read reviews before purchasing. Opened the bag and was assailed by the overpowering sickly perfume smell. They didn’t even make it to the dishwasher. Sadly as with another reviewer I had thrown out the shopping docket so could not get a refund. Left them in the garage to give to my daughter. Smelt out the garage then the car while transporting to daughter. Daughter left in her car while at work. Her car took days to get rid of the smell. The whole bag ended up in the garbage. Never again.



Horrible smell, has ruined all my plastic containers and utensils


This product has an overpowering, chemical smell. It leaves a lingering residue on plastic items and affects the taste of food. I am unable to even remove the taste and smell of my plastic items making them unusable now. So disappointed.

Pathetic product


Worst product ever. Tried it for the first time because I saw one of their ads claiming to do a better job than Finish. But this product left glasses with a cloudy, greasy film and left cutlery dirty. Plus the smell is overpowering and disgusting. Can’t believe Coles even stocks this rubbish.

Meals ruined, gag reflex triggered


The smell/ taste of it is all over my silicone utensils and so deeply embedded into my wooden spoon that it ruined this morning's porridge.Hopefully I can resurrect my keepcup



I have used Finish dishwashing tablets for a very long time. I recently changed to Fairy 3 in 1 tablets. They do actually clean the dishes quite well but I am totally disappointed that my lovely Doulton Everyday dinner set is losing its pattern. I have had my dinner set for many years and never ever has the pattern even looked as though it was wearing off - at least not until I have used Fairy. I would be happy to speak or email Fairy but do you think I can find any contact for them. I thought I had but it appeared to be an international email but I received NO RESPONSE! Very frustrating indeed. Will I buy them again. Not really!



  • 4 reviews

Toxic Waste Smell From Hell


Nasty smell and aftertaste left on Tupperware


The smell and taste left after using these tablets is awful, it has saturated a smell and taste on my silicone bakeware Tupperware containers and plastic/silicone utensils. I am so upset and disappointed with this product, it has ruined my Tupperware and silicone bakeware would love to know if anyone has a solution to rid the taste and smell? I have tried rewashing, hand washing and putting my plastics in sunlight but nothing has worked so far.



  • 3 reviews

Fairy liquid dishwashing tablets very dissatisfied


I have found these tablets do not clean my dishes anywhere near as well the Finish brand. I have found since using them they leave food on the plate and over.time the coffee cups & tea cups require bleaching to remove the discolour, which was not a problem I had with the other brand. As soon. As I use the ones I have left I wont be buying them in the future

No wonder they don't have a customer call number


Simply put - this product is terrible.
Like another reviewer wrote, I don't post reviews, but wish I'd read these first before trying to save a few dollars and bought into the fairy advertising. Definitely not first wash clean. Definitely not clean at all. I've had to go back and hand wash the entire load, If I could return this product, I certainly would. If I could complain to the company, I would too.
Absolute fail.


JZ66VIC, 3055

  • 86 reviews

Fairy Original - OMG how strong is the soap smell even in the bag?


I just took one of these out to put in my dishwasher and the perfume smell was so strong it's stuck to my fingers. I'm not a fan of such a strong smell on my dishes. I much prefer FINISH Powerball.

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Is this product the same thing as blue dawn?

No answers



I need to no if I can put the gel tablets (fairy) in a boshe dishwasher please

1 answer

I don't own a Bosch but have used Fairy Dishwasher Tablets in 3 different machines including Smeg, Samsung and Omega and they have worked well in all. If you can use any other tablet you can use Fairy.

Jean Trotter

Jean Trotterasked

How safe for glass wear is Fairy all in one dish washing tablets ?

2 answers

I put my every day glassware in the dishwasher all the time and haven't had any problems at all the glassware comes out clean and shiny with no scratches. Manufacturers guidelines should always be followed for quality glassware such as Riedel etc. I never place these in the dishwasher these should only ever be rinsed and dried using a soft polishing cloth as per manufacturer instructions if you want to keep them looking like new

Jean Trotter
Jean Trotter

Thanks I will now keep washing antique crystal by hand

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