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Coles Global Roaming SIM

Coles Global Roaming SIM

2.0 from 20 reviews

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Cannot buy Sim

As with others,cannot buy anywhere. You will waste your time going to stores as they do not know what you are talking about. Pity, it would have been good. Woolworths are promoting theirs but from this site it appears not to work at all. Aldi prepaid has roaming for a $1 per minute (call and recieve). Good for emergencies.

Best travel card for New Caledonia.

This is a united networks card sold by Coles which I bought for a cruise to New Caledonia in July 2018. The sim activated easily (on the united global site) and I had no trouble connecting to the network at all our ports (Noumea, Mare, Lifou and Isle of Pines). The sound quality was great, however, there was a slight delay(same with the Woolworths card I had used the previous year).
Every time a call is made, you receive an sms with call details and remaining balance which made it very easy to keep track of charges. Their website (united networks) is easy to navigate and you can top up online or by phone.
Like others on this site, I found it impossible to buy at a Coles store, so I rang coles customer service (1300 553 579) and they sent me a united networks sim within 4 days free of charge. The shocking service at Coles physical stores ( I also had the blank stares, sighs of indifference and straight out denials reported by others on this site), left me with a bad impression but I am glad I persisted because it worked so well and rates for New Caledonia were 50% lower than the other cards I looked at.
I highly recommend this sim for travellers to New Caledonia who want the cheapest rates for voice calls (New Caledonia mobile internet is horrendously expensive) with a reliable carrier. For those who want to avoid Coles altogether, you can order the sim direct from United Networks website for $19.00 (without the $10.00 credit).


Like the Yeti, people talk about it but does not exist

If i could give a zero rating i would. I have been to countless stores and none of the staff know anything about this illusive sim card. Chatting to the person from the coles roaming site said they are only the product provider and cannot help with supply at stores or tell me which store may have them. Up yours coles.

Call Centre Sent me a sim

I could not find the sim so the call centre sent the sim to me.
I used it across Europe Data was reasonable give you do not have to buy big volume you pay for what you use.
No commitment data at $0.10 per Mb is as good as it gets. I know on other sites you can buy data cheaper however you have to commit to 1gb. Coles give the flexability

Doesn't even exist

Rubbish, went to 4 different Coles, nobody knew about it. Shouldn't be advertised. Even the one helpful staff member who tried to find details couldn't. Go with the Australia Post sim instead

have used thoughout uk, africa and europe

Never had a problem with it. Used it on samsung galaxy 3 and a galaxy 2.
Easy to top up, easy to use, no connection problems whatsoever in london, lisbon,barcelona, greek islands,athens,turkey,capetown even canary islands and once even out in atlantic ocean!! Have been using for the last three years and will be taking to crotia this year
Help line answers always- people that give it a bad review - the problem is either you or your phone

Not available online or from stores

This global roaming SIM is widely advertised, but it is not available in any store in the ACT and closeby NSW towns. Nor is it available online. Bought one from another supplier online.

Mine worked

I used this in France last year. Only for received calls. Unlike other comments I did receive a nano sim when I bought it from Coles, Southland. Very few Coles stores stock them and sales staff are mostly unaware of this product. It is very important to read all the instructions before travelling.

Worked as advertised. No problems.

I read a lot of negative reviews about this product so I thought it might help people if I share my experience. I bought four of these for a family trip to Nozawa Onsen in Japan. We had four different phones that we put them in, the oldest being a Nokia E63 (which is pretty old).
They all worked fine. It gave us a reliable way to keep in touch during the day in case anything went wrong or anyone got lost. Coverage on the mountain at Nozawa Onsen was very good (it used the Softbank network).
The way phone calls work - the system calls you back - took a little getting used to, but worked fine. There was some delay on the line but we soon got used to it. SMS worked fine. We didn't use data because of the high cost (I turned it off from the account page).
My only complaint was that minimum top up is $30, so we used them sparingly to avoid the need to top up (there is $10 credit included which equates to 40 SMS or about 35 minutes of calls). If minimum top up was lower, we would have used them a lot more.

Never again

Do not purchase this item. It was faulty and did not work with my phone. I called the customer service line and they were no help at all as well.

Ultra expensive DATA - useless

Did not work in most countries I have traveled to yet still ate up all my credit for using the map for 20 minutes and for less than 50 MB of downloaded data ($160.00).
Support is non-existent, website is not working from an iPhone, dial-up number not working, the only way is to message support and if they feel like, then you may get some help.
Do not buy.

Absolutely shocking!!

Brought it for my son topped it with credit. First phone call he made worked and then nothing after that.!!!!!!!!! Waste of money and pretty horrible feeling when your son goes out on his on for first time then his phone doesn't work when he needs it.

Very limited function

Bought to use in Europe very limited connectivity, thought to give it a second chance in Indonesia, worked OK, got to Singapore and can't make calls to Australia but works for local calls.. Support can't help very disappointed with the service...

Not a NANO Sim!

I purchased a roaming sim for our trip and the pack says "Standard micro and nano sims available" but does not have any further information on the packet saying it is either one or the other. I stupidly assumed that it meant the pack contained all options. Unfortunately, the pack I got was only a micro sim. I contacted Coles customer service and their advice was to take it to a phone shop and pay to have it cut down to size!?! I had to go to 3 stores before I could even buy one and now if I did want to find a nano sim pack I would have to go back and open all of their packs to find one compatible with my iPhone 6.

Absolute rubbish. Didn't work in Fiji

Tried using this Coles Global Roaming Simon from Fiji.

It connected to network and I received one call, but was unable to make calls - tried both methods in the documentation without any success.

As an overseas roaming sim service for an Australian traveler, this product sucks!! Avoid!

Update - Aug 2016 - these SIM cards still appear to be on sale in stores even after feedback has been given to Coles and the operator about their lack of functionality overseas.

Doesn't work New Caledonia

I purchased and verified it worked at home in my iPhone 4s arrived in New Caledonia (May 2016) and just got the message "No Service" help desk couldn't help. This is despite their web sit listing it as available.
Fortunately it worked with no problems in New Zealand three weeks later.

Do not buy

I bought this sim just last month to go on holiday to New Caledonia and Vanuatu, did not work at all !!! Very disappointed. I checked before i left if it would work in both countries, was told on 2 separate occasions, yes it would, to be told later by a customer service member that they cannot guarantee any connection anywhere in the world, so tell me what is the point of even buying this sim, especially when it is advised it will work, NOT maybe it will work. Do not waste your money on this.


Last year, got this sim for my travel in Hong Kong, China and Bali. Totally did not work in Bali, in Hong Kong worked half way, in China did not work. Awful hopeless feeling as you arrived at the airports and could not connect!!!! never buy again,

Coles International Roaming Sim

Bought an international Sim card from Coles at World Square in Sydney. Woman being the counter had no idea whether the package she was giving me contained a NANO SIM - and that's the first place were COLES drops the ball - no indication that the SIM inside is standard, Micro or Nano or all three in one.

Got home and opened the package and found that there was a cut out for a micro and standard sim but no NANO SIM. Got on line next morning and went straight to the chat line to ask what package the Nano sim came in - guy did not know and after several attempts at trying to get a straight answer I gave up. I then phoned the support centre and got the same guy but at least the communication was easier now (even though it seems the support centre is in India or somewhere off-shore.

After asking the same question again "Where do I get a NANO SIM" he said he would check the stores and get back to me. Meanwhile I'm off back to the Coles were I bought it from and checked another package to see if it had the Nano Sim - but same thing - no Nano! Phoned the support centre back (he did not get back to me) and he then said he'd "check with IT" and if they can get one they would courier it to me the same day. He took my address and confirmed my phone number.

That afternoon (today in fact - Wed 5th April 2016) no call so I called the support centre again. Got a lady this time - explained the issue to her again and she seemed to know who I was so assumption is some note had been left or something. She said she would check and get back to me - well by the time I left work to come home I there was no call so I called again - this time got a different person who seems very disinterested in my problem - explanation was that "very few people ask for a Nano Sim so they are not widely available" but once again he could not confirm that they do in fact come as a separate package.

After all this supposedly "excellent customer service" as advertised on the Coles website I have not given up and resigned myself to the fact that I will be buying local SIMS in Europe as I go along.

No wonder I never shop at Coles!

Works, but hard to use and not reliable

These SIMs (similar for the Woolworths one) are basically a rebrand of a UK-based roaming SIM. You get a UK phone number and all your calls are routed through a server in the UK which cancels your original call, makes a connection and calls you back.
For rates that are maybe 1/3 of what you might otherwise pay when roaming - unless you are silly enough to use Telstra - you get a fair bit of inconvenience, including:

- hard to buy; I had to go to a couple of Coles and even at the store I found it I had to tell them to search for these SIMs as nobody knows what they are

- mostly have to manually connect to networks when you get off planes, and you have to know which network to use in each country

- must remember to prefix your called numbers with a country code, as you are generally calling from a server in Britain with this SIM

- pops up recharge SMS messages when your balance is "low". These get truncated and don't actually show your balance

- hard to get current balance info, as the web login is pretty tedious and their server often fails to connect. This website is blocked from China and further requires a VPN. Even without the VPN hassle this one is a real pain – they seriously need a simple SMS for this.

- top ups are at a minimum of $30, so this will destroy the value a bit if you need to make that last phone call when coming home..

- Servers occasionally go down and leave you without any connection and all you can get are SMS responses saying you have no balance. This seemed to happen for me at the worst possible moments when I was commuting to flights or meetings and was a very serious drawback. It's not common – maybe once a week – but very, very nasty.

The rates are a bit cheaper than just roaming on my normal account, but when I've roamed before (on Optus) it has just worked flawlessly and been very convenient. There's no way I'd roam on or use Telstra – sorry, I just don't see any reason to pay 3X the price for essentially the same thing.
But it would be nice to have a reliable and convenient roaming SIM; I wouldn't use this one again and only tried it because I wanted to get it sorted out before travelling and have something in english.

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