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Did what it was supposed to do

We purchased 2 SIM cards for data & phone in Europe . The first card worked perfectly with no problems. The second card failed to work and we contacted SIM corner to see what they could do. Long story short, it couldn’t be fixed in the time and we ended up buying a new SIM in Italy. Happy ending as SIM Corner refunded the amount we paid for the SIM so we weren’t out of pocket.

Purchased in March 2019.

Useless in Chile and Peru

I bought this card to use during our trip to Chile and Peru. First of all, it must be known that you can only make calls and send SMS' to people who have the same card (This is a point that should have been made clearer on the website). Fair enough, however the SIM was next to useless when using it for data. It had very little connectivity in most populated places and when it did, the speeds were so bad that it couldn't be used reliably for data calls, map directions or real time translations.

You'd be better looking elsewhere.

Purchased in March 2019.

The worst overseas sim card

With this SIM card I cannot send messages to any other number apart from French. I cannot ring Australia. I now have to buy a French SIM card to keep in touch with home and my sister who I am travelling with. Simcorner has not responded to my request for assistance on the contact us page.

Purchased in March 2019.

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Hi Kathryn, Sorry that you had issues with your sim card. To be honest we have tried to find an email from you from the contact us page and couldn’t seem to find one, not sure what happened. Please note calls and texts to Australia is not covered with the SIM and this is specified on the product page and also in the instructions. You can only call and text UK and EU numbers as described on the product page prior to purchase and in the instruction sheet that comes with the SIM. In the instruction sheet it also states to email us at support@simcorner.com so not sure if you had gone through the instruction sheet as it would’ve made everything a bit more smoother and clearer for you. Can you please advise if you had actual issues with what was specified as what the sim could be used for?

Worked as promised

Three of our group took this option & connected to docomo at Tokyo airport. No problems during our 2 week tour. Cannot imagine a better system for us. We made calls through Messenger.

Purchased in March 2019.

Good value

Used the 12 G Europe sim extensively for the last month, in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Germany. Would buy again. Speed is only 3G but enough for map functions. Occasional, momentary drop outs , but literally only for seconds.

Purchased in November 2018 for $40.00.

Worked Flawlessly

I recently purchased two NZ travel SIM cards for our cruise. Upon arrival at our first NZ port I followed the simple set-up instructions and both SIMs activated immediately without issue. Two weeks of flawless phone and internet use while in NZ and Vodafone had good signal strength in all the places we visited. Highly recommended to all!

Worked as claimed - no problems at all.

Delivered quickly, relatively clear instructions included. Put the Sim into iPhone 6S when I got to Europe, it found the network quickly, and had no problems for the next 3 weeks in 5 countries.
Similar report for the Sim supplied for the US, connected and worked flawlessly throughout US. Sadly in this case it was the providerT (Mobile) which had poor coverage in several places - especially California.

SIM card unusable!

Purchased two sim cards for New Zealand. One worked. Second unusable. Apparently and according to Vodaphone the number had been pre-used months before! Unable to contact Simcorner directly by phone to discuss issues and no contact numbers could be found. No response from Simcorner on any front. Bottom line some SIM cards may not work and Simcorner is not contactable


Purchased Japan Data SIM card from Sim Corner Melbourne Australia, for 2 weeks travel to Japan, with unlimited data for social media ie. whatsapp, Facebook, google map etc. VERY satisfied !! easy to setup, never loss signal, everything excellence! thank you SIM corner!

Great product, exceeds expectations

Purchased 3 USA SIM cards this year. Fantastic value & works charm every time. Had a few questions and the staff handled them promptly and professionally. I would definitely recommend SimCorner

Never travel to the USA without it

Having now used sim coner any times they have lived up to expectation again , I purchase the unlimited USA sim which have unlimited local callas and mobile date, yep unlimited.
Speeds were 4g and 3G if tethered to my iPad. (Some do not allow to tether, yet this sim does) , they use t mobile and it worked perfectly all over Waikiki.
And yep some,e as they say, just put sim into phone and when you switch it on at your destination you get your number text thru.
The sim arrived within days of purchase.
I would never travel without a local sim now as was great for google maps, calls to make and receive .
Alicia at some corner is very helpful if any issues or questions.

Wouldn't travel without them :)

Bought two sims for use in the USA last Christmas. Was a little worried as they don't activate till you arrive but had absolutely no cause to. Service was quick and efficient. All information for set up etc. was supplied and spot on. Had no issues and it was so worth having them with me as we got off the plane. About to travel to USA again so just bought another one to travel with - Highly recommended.

3 Mobile (UK) SIM card for Europe sold by SIM Corner in Australia

The 3 mobile SIM card for Europe failed to work apart from one phone call at the start of a holiday in Italy and on the final 10 minutes in Italy before we departed Rome airport for Australia. The product is an absolute waste of money and failed to provide any phone calls for the entire European stay. Everytime I try to make a telephone call I received an error message on the screen telling me to call 3 because my credit run out. The three mobile service number was never answered by a staff member. I was unable to access the three mobile phone apps on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which is ridiculous. Everybody should know that you can buy a sim in any European Union country and it will work throughout all the other European Union countries without excess charges the EU have made that legislation. I would definitely suggest to anyone that this is not a product to buy.

Europe and UK Sim Card

After reading many horror stories about buying sim cards overseas, we decided to purchase the Sim Corner Europe and UK Sim Cards. Easy to purchase online, quick delivery and worked well for us in both Spain and Italy. I would definitely buy this again.

One Less Worry

Travelling across borders can be worrisome at times but having a SIM card for local calls and secure data that operates across countries can be a godsend and can work out a fair bit less expensive that the roaming costs of your Australian provider. Simcorner has a reasonable range of product, simple but effective process for selection and ordering but, what makes the difference for me, outstanding service (speed and quality of response) when I needed clarification on a couple of things related to my selection.

Wish I knew about it years ago

I have used Sim Corner's international sim cards for my last 4 overseas trips with no problems. They are easy to use and the information about each of the sim card options for different countries on Sim Corner's website is comprehensive. The make it clear what you can and can't do with individual sim cards. I've used the sim cards for travel to the USA, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Customer Service is very good. I'm just sorry they don't have their outlet at Sydney airport any more. Nevertheless, delivery is quick and they offer an express post option. Keep up the good work.

Useless. Did not activate on arrival in the US.

On arriving in the San Francisco the SIM did not activate. I did not receive a text when the SIM was inserted as was the advised process. Calls could not be made nor texts sent.
Our Driver (Limo) was waiting for my call to advise we had arrived and the pickup location. I was unable to do so. After wandering around the SF Airport for 30 mins I finally located someone who pointed out a hidden public phone (that was another hurdle). Was unable to use the SIM at all.

Bottom line, the next day I had to find a T-Mobile store in the city and buy a new SIM card as the one sent by SimCorner did not work at all.

Best option to save money!

Was easy to use and saved so much money! Just popped in the sim card and was ready to go - used the US/Canada unlimited sim and didnt have to worry about data limits and also internet speed was fantastic!

Opened the phone and internet for me in the USA

Popped the sim in my iPhone at San Francisco turned it on, and had phone and internet coverage for the next 4 weeks while touring 6 Western USA States. Great product, don't leave Australia without one!!!

Must have for travel

Have used multiple travel sim card services when heading to the US. They vary in price and effectiveness and I've found simcorner to be the best for my needs in the US. We go each year to visit family and the moment we put the sim in our phone and step off the plane, we are live and able to go online and make phone calls.

(Other times we have waited a day or two on rival sim cards to activate, which is nuts because they all ask for your travel dates to get things set up in advance)

Fantastic and affordable service.

Questions & Answers

hi i want to use USA sim card in Malaysia. easy possible you can provide me?
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Does anyone have any suggestions for morocco?
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why did the sim card not work for 1 reviewer ?? aug 15 ?? we are looking for a card for UK?italy and france... any suggestion ?
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All European Union countries deregulated phone bills. Therefore if you buy a sim in any one of the countries you are visiting the charges will remain the same in all of the European Union countries. We have family in the United Kingdom who take their phone's to Spain and Italy all the time and do not have to do anything I suggest you buy one locallyI've used Woolworth's Global Roaming twice in Europe, no problems. Had 3GB data and calls over 1 month for $50. You can pick them up at Woolworths but you need to speak to someone at the counter, they don't have them displayed on the shelves.

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