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Latest review: I bought the International Sim for a recent South-East Asia cruise. I was charged for messages which were never successfully sent. I had so little internet access I could not activate my data

Latest review: We had some surplus funds left on the cards after traveling in Europe and wanted to use this for email contacts when travelling in Australia. First of all, 25 c per MB is very expensive. Second,

Latest review: Very professional and quick to solve issues and find solutions. I use it for bank verifications and their team was very quick to assist in getting me a solution. Works great

Latest review: I purchased a TP Link mobile wifi device and upon their recommendations, purchased a data bundle SIM card to go with the device. This was to be used in Indonesia. The SIM card has a 7 day and 250MB

Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM
Latest review: I loaded the software and sim and made 2 calls and 2 texts WITHIN AUSTRALIA and my balance formerly $50 was now zero So I threw it away a total waste of time and

Sim Corner
Latest review: Used the 12 G Europe sim extensively for the last month, in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Germany. Would buy again. Speed is only 3G but enough for map functions. Occasional, momentary drop outs ,

UK Prepaid Sim Card
Latest review: My wife and I travelled overseas between 20 May and 5 July 2018; visiting England, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Iceland, Orkney and the Shetlands. We obtained the prepaid data card for our iPad before

Sims Direct
Latest review: I ordered my sims to Japan on pre-order in December, SimsDirect was extremely helpful from the start and communicated well throughout the whole process. Australia post has some delivery issues and

Latest review: Used the new version powered by knowroaming and was great for my trip to Malaysia and Europe. Worked well in every country. When i needed plenty of data the bundle packages were good

United Global Sim
Latest review: I used the global esim from United on my trip to the uk. I receive my texts on my regular sim & at the same time use the esim cheap

Woolworths Mobile (Global Roaming SIM)
Latest review: Have successfully used the WGR sim in Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, France, Spain and United Kingdom. ALWAYS had a network

Coles Global Roaming SIM
Latest review: As with others,cannot buy anywhere. You will waste your time going to stores as they do not know what you are talking about. Pity, it would have been good. Woolworths are promoting theirs but from

Cover-More Global Sim
Latest review: We have been using global sim for several years and have had no problems. About to top up the account for our next trip visiting several countries next week. It maybe a little strange operationally

Latest review: Was traveling to Canada from Australia and couldn't find a cost-effective way to have data on my phone. DataGo were able to send me an American AT&T sim with instructions on how to activate this with

Latest review: I’ve been using BNESIM for two years, I traveled to Australia, Bali, Italy, Singapore, India, and it never let me down. I have been able to use my phone and to make calls just like I do when I’m hom

JTB Travel Sim
Latest review: I was nervous of buying this SIM for my daughter travelling to Japan for a tour with her choir after reading a few of the reviews. But, I'm happy to say everything was fine. The SIM card we bought

Apple SIM
Latest review: I’m not sure what the last reviewer was talking about. We live in Australia and recently travelled to Canada and the USA. Rather than have to go to a supplier’s store and buy a new SIM card, we were

Max Roam
Latest review: Former Title: Great customer service. Global Service. Best for Europe, UK, USA ** Update on 8th August 2018. I recently received notice from MAXROAM that service will be ending a month from

USA Prepaid Simcard
Latest review: Worked as described from landing in LA - USA no problems. Read instructions and all is OK. Only 1 recommendation for changes in instructions as to AT & T APN settings on set-up.....APN instructions

So Easy Travel
Latest review: Purchased 3 Sim cards in February for use in Europe in December. As advertised by the company there is no expiry date until activated. Was informed by 3UK that this is NOT the case and in fact there

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