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Easy as

Absolutely no problems. We used the SIM around France, Spain and Portugal mainly with google maps for car navigation and uploading photos etc. The 12GB was more than enough, i think we used only 8. Easy to activate, and instructions on hand if you have any problems. Highly recommended

Purchased in May 2019 for $50.00.

USA Sim card - Perfect

I bought this 30 day sim for my daughter. It was easy to set up, although it did take a little bit of time, but once set up, it worked brilliantly. She had coverage where others didn't and she went no where near using the 5gig of data. I would highly recommend this Sim card and would definitely buy it again.

Purchased in June 2019 for $50.00.

So glad I bought it :)

The SIM card was fantastic it worked within 10min of activating and never let us down through the four countries we traveled through. Assisted greatly with maps, so we never got lost or worried about getting lost due the the reliability of the sim.
Price was perfect as we could have spent 6x the daily spend and not had the reception (as our traveling sister did and her signal failed multiple times)

Thanks so much and couldn’t praise the sim more.

Purchased in May 2019 for $30.00.

Brilliant product!

This product worked so wonderfully for me while I was overseas. It was so simple to set up and worked straight away! The customer service was outstanding! Thanks so much!

Purchased in June 2019 at Online for $49.00.

So Easy and Convenient!

This was so great - put the sim in once I arrived in London, flew to Paris, and made calls, used google, installed apps as I needed them - never had any trouble at all!!! My friends in Norway kept telling me to use their WiFi, but I didn't need too - had plenty of data, and good coverage. Only negative was that the 'key' was not long enough for my phone, so had to find alternative - but this was only a minor setback! I bought two cards, not knowing how much data I would use, and only needed one. Is ok - going back to England next month, so will use it then!

Purchased in May 2019.

Worked everywhere

Part 1: Hiking around Mt Blanc (France, Switzerland, Italy), 10 days in the mountains. Facebook, msg, Skype, if there was phone signal, I was in contact. 150km hike at altitude staying in small villages.
Part 2: River cruise - Amsterdam to Budapest. It seamlessly logged onto the network in every country we passed through.
Part 3: Touring England and Wales for 3-weeks. Used Google maps daily as we drove around in the camper. Searched for places to stay, so was very active during this phase and chewed through data.
The 12Gb of data ran out 2-days before the end of the trip (8-weeks). Unfortunately, unless you have a credit card with a UK address you can't top up. Not the fault of SIMS DIRECT. It's a 3 UK telco thing. Bought a 30-day prepaid SIM, for 20 pounds, so didn't lose contact or the ability to get Google directions for driving.

Purchased in July 2018 for $85.00.


This card was brilliant when travelling through Iceland, Uk and france. Nil issues and after 1 month of travel and a lot of use, I still had few GB left over.
The only disappointment was not with the card but the mobile service throughout the UK.

Purchased in June 2019 at Simdirect for $49.00.

Worked like a dream

Activated the UK sim card as soon as I arrived in Southampton and it only took a few minutes to get going. The sim worked like a dream all throughout the UK. Highly recommend this service to anyone travelling abroad.

Purchased in March 2019.

USA Trip

I Had a problem but they helped me sort it out for Data...help took over half an hour but they persisted...
Good Service too...overall nice people to do business with. Shall contact in future again

Purchased in May 2019 at Website for $35.00.

This gave us piece of mind

This little guy was our saviour in #hawaii
Thanks to @sims_direct our family of five stayed connected at all times and were able to capture the moments that really mattered
Having a couple of kids old enough to want to go off on their own meant they were just a phone call or text away with no crazy fees to worry about and it was super easy to set up

Purchased in June 2019.

Great and reliable!

Loved the fact that I could set up the card before I left on my travels. Easy to use and easy to keep a tab on how my data usage was going. The sim cards were great and reliable. I also was impressed with the quick responses online to some of my queries.

Purchased in March 2019.

Buy before you FLY!

We've purchased overseas sims upon arrival in US, NZL, Asia etc and thought we were getting value for money. We were wrong!
We found at www.simsdirect.com.au the same DATA, CALLS & TEXT for HALF the PRICE!!!

Exactly as advertised.
Easy to install with tool provided.
Quick setup with easy to follow instructions.
Use instantly.
Very affordable option.

Sims Direct - come highly recommended from us!

Sean & Jen

Use "SAVE15" as a coupon - should still work ;)

Purchased in September 2018 for $29.00.

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Just a follow up, we purchased a Spark Mobile sim in Queenstown NZL for $50 +GST for 3GB and 200minutes in NZL. Calls to AU we needed to purchase extra pack :( REALLY!?! Sims Direct sim for $29 (less 15%) NZL 2.5GB data, unlimited TXT in NZL & AU, unlimited calls in NZL and 200 minutes to AU. And no waiting in (more) queues at your arrival airport :D

Best thing since sliced bread

The SIM cards we had for our trip to the Balkans were fantastic (best things since sliced bread) i couldn't believe how quick and easy they were to set up when we arrived in Zagreb ,it only took about ten minutes and we were connected, they made our trip to that much more enjoyable.We will use Simsdirect again when we travel next time .

Purchased in May 2019.

Brilliant service

The person (not bot) on the chat was extremely helpful (and cheerful), answered my questions effectively and efficiently. I also received the sim cards the next day - super efficient service.

Purchased in June 2019.

Coverage in the US slow and non existent

I purchased a 5GB data pack plus calls sim from SimsDirect for my holiday in the US. The entire time the coverage was slow or non existent and for two weeks I barely used 500MB. I emailed SimsDirect with no response. Very disappointing as I was sold a product that didn’t deliver. The provider is Ultra. Wouldn’t trust this again.

Purchased in May 2019 for $55.00.

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Hey Liz, firstly I’d like to apologise about the poor experience you’ve had with our brand, we’re trying to provide a service that’s here to make your holiday experience easier, not harder - but it seems we’ve failed in this case. I’m really sorry that that you’ve felt that we have left you in the dark as that’s not our intentions as a brand, I know how frustrating it is to be overseas and not receive any support from a brand that you have put your trust in. In situations like this if you have not received any value from our service we do offer a 100% money back guarantee, so please email refund@simsdirect.com.au with your order number and I will get a refund your way ASAP. Cheers, Aidan

It just worked

Can't thank SimDirect enough, currently using sim 2 out of 3. Both 1 & 2 have worked like a charm.

Put the sim in the phone (Nokia 7+), received a sms within seconds advising me to reboot. Then received a 2nd sms that fixed all required setting. Has worked faultlessly in France, Spain & now Portugal

Purchased in March 2019 at SimsDirect.

Very disappointed

I traveled to Hawaii, it took 1 hour for the SIM to be active, once active the signal was weak and drop out often, also internet speed was slow (about 17kbps).

Contacted there support team via email, try a few for their fixes but nothing works.

I also tried it on an iPhone X (10) and an Samsung Galaxy S8 and they both have the same issue.

After the 2nd day with the support team they became silent and did not respond.

I end up giving up and bought a local SIM in Hawaii.

I requested a refund but still have to receive an email’s or reply (it's been 2 weeks now).

Purchased in March 2019 for $55.00.

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Hey John, I’m really sorry to hear about the crappy experience you’ve had with our brand/product. I can only image how frustrating that would be whilst you’re trying to enjoy your holiday whilst in Hawaii. We really try our best to make sure that the products we sell are easy to use and reliable for Aussie travellers but sometimes SIM cards can have technical issues beyond our control - it seems you may of received a faulty SIM card :( I’m not entirely sure what’s happened with your support ticket and I apologise that you felt as if we left you in the dark as that’s not our intentions. We do offer a 100% money back guarantee on products that don’t work as advertised and we stand by that as a brand. We don’t want to take your money if you haven’t received any value from our service. Please email refunds@simsdirect.com.au with your order number and I will organise to get a refund to you right away. Cheers, Aidan

Great product, worked flawlessly and good value

Travelled to Italy in May and purchased a Europe sim with 12GB data, 3000 minutes of talk and 3000 texts for $50. Worked flawlessly on first go and automatically connected everything we needed. Used the mobile data heavily and still came home with 10GB of data left on it. Cards valid for 30days from install however I would happily purchase one again. Note: you can only call numbers in Europe with this sim. Customer service is great, was based in Australia for me and even with time differences, they responded well.

Purchased in May 2019 for $50.00.

Auspost FAIL. Sims Direct to the rescue

Sims Direct were very quick to ship my order out but for whatever reason, Auspost's tracking had not been updated and upon talking to their support, the item is likely lost or delayed. I reached out to Sims Direct via email and got a very quick reply from Aidan and suggested he sent me the sims via Express instead so I would get it the next day, which is the day I fly out but fortunately at night. Aidan was very quick to respond and also assured me if I did not use the sims I would get a full refund but as I needed the sims, opted to have it posted via Express. This is exemplary customer service and if I ever need a sim again, I won't be looking anywhere else but Sims Direct. Thank you so much Aidan! I just hope Auspost don't screw this one up again! :)

Purchased in March 2019 for $81.00.

Excellent customer service!!

I ordered my sims to Japan on pre-order in December, SimsDirect was extremely helpful from the start and communicated well throughout the whole process. Australia post has some delivery issues and could not locate the package, the team at SimsDirect, specifically Mac, were so kind and helped resolve the situation prior to our departure. Highly recommend!

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Purchased sim 4 days ago and when I ring mobile, I get a message to top up.
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Hi, I’ve been using a simsdirect card for the past two weeks and it spontaneously stopped working? “No service”....wondering why this may have happened? And it isn’t my phone as I currently have another sim that is working in it...any solutions would be massively appreciated as still need to use data for the next 2 weeks. Thank you, Sabrin
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I am after a card for 6 weeks for France and UK what would it cost, thanx!
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