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Data good, voice terrible

Data was good through Europe with the exception of Santorini. Make sure you active your data plan because they will use your credit on data. Gosim sends you a text saying your sim has been activated but doesn’t mention you need to activate data separate to text and voice. I had trouble connecting through to 90% of European numbers - this took time to resolve which wasn’t ideal.

Purchased in May 2019.

Reliable and fast!

Very satisfied with the product. It served me well throughout the usage allowed and provided reliable connection even at the mountainous regions of Japan. The delivery of the sim cards were also on time.

Purchased in December 2018.

Pathetic service

I bought the International Sim for a recent South-East Asia cruise. I was charged for messages which were never successfully sent. I had so little internet access I could not activate my data package. When I finally got some free wifi, I managed to get the data package activated. We were in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore. The data only worked in Singapore. Very dissatisfied with the whole thing. Will never use again.

Works but expensive

Shocked when I found out it cost me 75cUSD /min to call in China (75cUSD to sms). Even charge 9cUSD to receive sms. At least it did work. Less value in using it these days as international roaming on ordinary Sims isn't much dearer (and free to receive sms), also free WiFi available in most places.

Rip off. Don’t waste your money

I bought an international sim from this company valued at $87. It was used up when I basically didn’t make any calls or texts or internet search. I sent several messages of enquiry and never heard a thing back.

Waste Of Money

Used this card whilst travelling around Europe worked ok for data for the first month.
Terrible for phone & message all calls are trunk calls you phone the number then you get a call back to enter the number again.
2 or 3 calls & your phone credit is gone.
Went to recharge after a month paid an additional $50 to reactivate, the message said the phone was already activated after a week they cancelled my sim saying the phone was never reactiveated & you must pay more money.
Tried to resolve this issue with customer service they just kept telling you must pay more money to activate card.
Don’t be caught overseas with this company you will be left with nothing.& held to ramsom on unless you pay more money

Worked great

We've just returned from a 6 week trip to Scandinavia and used a Go-Sim card in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Greenland. Apart from 2 occasions when the sim took a few minutes to connect it worked perfectly everywhere we went. In fact it was the only pre-paid sim we could find that would actually operate in Greenland and saved us a fortune there alone (wifi is about $11 per hour in Greenland compared to $26 for a 1Gb recharge with the Go-sim card). Download speed was always good and in some cases amazing. There is only one small limitation with this card that we'd like them to address. Once you have an active data plan you can't add more credit until your plan expires, and their site doesn't tell you how much data is remaining. iPhones have a section in settings that tells you how much data has been used and we just used that as a guide so we'd know when a recharge was due. We received a text when the data pack actually expired and that helped too. Overall a very positive experience with this sim.

This is the worst network ever.They said 12$ plan for 15gb and now I had to pay 40$ .Was supposed to

Worst network with fake offers. I purchased a sim plan worth 12$ for 15gb and unlimited calls and texts but now after the payment they are asking 40$ and with no unlimited talks and texts. Better work on it

Travelling in South America

I just came from my three week trip in Chile and Argentina. I used phone service from Go Sim. Best score! I had coverage almost everywhere, signal quality - like at home! I highly recommend this company to all my friends. Very attractive price and excellent quality, my rate is five stars!

Helped save life in Ecuador!

Purchased Data Sim Zone C 500 MB for $65. as I was going for two weeks hiking trip to Ecuador and wanted to stay connected. Right from start, forgot to print my hotel reservation and remembered only the name of the hotel. In Ecuador, not many people speak English and pronouncing hotel name with my accent...No taxi driver could help me get there. Ohhh, I was glad to have my phone with me!
I got into my email to pull my reservation with hotel address and just show it to the driver!
In the hotel itself, NO free WiFi - internet costs $10 per day and if you get it in the evening to send a few emails code is not valid in the morning!
Used my phone and data during my entire trip - No problem all over the country.
Last two days we attempted climbing Chimborazo, stayed in refuge at 4800 meters. Night before accent, serious storm took place. We decided not to clim but there were people who left in the evening to "Castle" camp at 5300 and needed to be evacuated.
I was able to make a call to the park office to request emergency evacuation and ambulance.
One of the guys taken down was already unconscious but still alive!
Great product!!!
Thank you!!!

Slow and no support

I bought the 5GB China pack but when I got there, found myself limited to 2G speeds. I followed GO-SIM’s instructions to no avail. The online help form elicited no response and the IVR hung up on me when I tried calling the support number. On the plus side the rates were pretty good.

SIM expired with no warning

Hi, I used Go SIM for years & have been getting reminder message when it's about to expire. I was trying to use the SIM recently & realised that it has expired & the no. no longer existed. No email was sent advising that. I called customer service & they said it was their error & they would send me a new SIM asap & transfer the balance over. I called the next day to follow up 'cause I need the SIM to arrive in the next few days for my travel. A couple of phone calls in the last couple of days & no one could tell me whether it has been sent or not. I used to recommend GoSIM to my friends & families.. NOT ANYMORE !!!! Still waiting for GoSIM to sort out the mess....

Deceptive Marketing

The USA sim is marketed as 'unlimited data' for 4 weeks, but after 1 week I received a text that I was being 'throttled down' - even though I had only used it for web searches and Skype texts - no video or streaming. By the end of 3 weeks the service was down to a virtually unusable crawl. When I rang customer service, I was told that the 'unlimited data at ATT speeds' is subject to their 'Fair Use Policy' - the fine print that completely contradicts their false and misleading advertising.

No problems with us

We had a GoSim card a few years ago it did everything that we expected and never had a problem with it. We would use them again when we travel overseas.

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Many thanks for your positive feedback, it's always good to hear that all our efforts towards a good service do pay off. Happy travels!

Slowly deteriorating service and escalating payments - find another service

I've had a GoSim/ekit for years now. The reminder email has always been appreciated and I've set a reminder to make sure I make a call every three months. However, this time, somehow, it changed and I never got an email (although I've since gotten one that told me my number will go away). I HAD $75 credit on my account that they will not reinstate w/o buying ANOTHER $30 of credit. And their recharge website keeps refreshing to $50 USD! What kind of scammer have you become, ekit? I called customer service and they wouldn't give me any reinstatement w/o purchase of another $30.

With no plans to travel out of the country in the near future, I don't see what skin off their nose it would take to let me try one my time to get to my $75 of credit and let me make a call every month. Instead, they offer to yank my service.

I suppose if you travel a lot and make regular calls you could use them, but, say goodbye to any of your money left behind - they will gladly lighten your wallet over and over again (and I haven't even spoken about the outrageous charges I got while in Indonesia - somehow the data roamed away all my credit and I spent $100 just to make a phone call). No, find someone else.

Hello, We apologies for the inconveniences you are experiencing with our service, please give us a chance to revise your situation. Please send us a direct message with your +44 number or if you prefer you can send us your details to this email: customerservice@gosim.com Regards, GO-SIMOk, I've emailed you my number.....Hi, We haven't received your email, can you please make sure you sent it to the correct address? customerservice@gosim.com Thank you

Thank heaven for the "Product Review" site - spent forever trying to get resolution direct - resolve

You have to use your service every three months so that your balance does not expire. Which I did. But on the day before I am due to travel, I find my balance has been expired. I contact them and get not much help. Various responses such as "they did not charge me" (!) for the text and phone call that I made to preserve my balance until my next overseas trip. "I did not make" the call/send the text. I have to "call back 10 hours later "(after I have left on my travels) USA time to speak to a supervisor. No they can not escalate my concern more quickly. I send them photos of the records on my other mobile to show the time and dates of the call and text received from my Gosim number. Then - I write a bad review on this site - and they re-instate my balance immediately. Thank you product review. Thank you Gosim.

A Rip Off

GOSIM website displays data bundles that can be purchased with the option to ADD TO CART.
Nowhere in the box that describes the 250 Megabyte Data bundle including MIFI Hotspot does it clearly state that the 250MB expires in 14 days. You have to scroll down further to discover this fact. So guess who got a real bad surprise to discover having ADDED TO CART and completed my purchase that when my device and SIM card arrived at my home in Australia I had only 13 days remaining in which to use my 250 MB.

I chose GOSIM in order to travel overseas. Now I have to recharge before I even get to the airport.

I feel totally RIPPED OFF and should have purchased TravelSIM.

Hi, We apologies for the inconvenience and we do understand the expiry terms are not clearly visible in the product page, we are working on fixing this. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we hope you give us a chance to make amends, we are happy to give you an extra 250MB free of charge, please send us a private message with your account details or send us an email to: customerservice@gosim.comI appreciate that GO-SIM acknowledged my complaint that their web site did not clearly state the expiry terms and have made appropriate amendments. I appreciate they have offered me an extra 250MB as a courtesy.True to their word, GO-SIM did credit 250 MB to my account; the customer service from Go-SIM / Ekit seems pretty good so far. Warra

Doesn't work in Thailand

I bought a data plan the day before leaving for Thailand. Tested it on my phone in my home town and it worked fine but could not get it to work in Thailand and all the while the credit wittled down to nothing as I kept trying with the roaming on. Don't buy this for Thailand

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Hi Jules, We apologies for the inconveniences you experienced with our service, we would be happy to look into your account and try to explain what the issue was as we normally receive good feedback from users in Thailand. Please send us a private message and we will look into the matter. Thanks, The GO-SIM team

Don't waste your money

This is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with. I recently moved over seas and have been applying for numerous jobs and housing. When companies have tried to reach out and call me they have been unable to get through, sending me emails confirming this. I tried to call out and after googling numerous times how to do so I was only able to call back to the US, not local. I called the company just asking to discontinue service and refund the remainder of my $100 usd airtime credit. They refuse. I have since called back 7 times asking to speak with the manager in charge, and he refuses to speak with me or return my calls. Out of the $320 usd I have invested with this company they sent me an email saying they would refund $45 and that was the end. Case closed. I still have $65 airtime credit and less than 30% data usage used. This company is an absolute scam. Look elsewhere.

Hi Kaitlin, We are deeply sorry for the issues you had with our service and the bad experience you had with our Customer Service, we'll be happy to look further into your claim. Please send us a private message with your account details and we'll get back to you. Thank youNot sure how to send a private message on here, you can reach me at kaitlinfollmer@yahoo.com, my number associated with my SIM was [contact details removed]Thank you Kaitlin, we have sent you an email

Functions well, but value not compelling

I used a Euro SIM card on a two-week trip to France, Switzerland and Italy. On the plus side, coverage was fine, and the smartphone app was very helpful in tracking usage. Basically, the product worked just as promised on the box. Trouble is, the value just is not that compelling. I do not think I used my card very intensively - a 5-minute call to Australia every day or two, plus the odd photo uploaded to social media and a bit of Google Maps occasionally when I got lost (admittedly, that's a bandwidth-hungry app) - but I found my credit balance shrinking very rapidly. A Skype call using mobile data will really drain your credit quickly. The main lesson here is that it's not always easy to appreciate how much data you're consuming, especially when travelling, and before you know it you have chewed through a lot more than you expected. I had to recharge two or three times during the fortnight, and by the end of it I wished I had paid my telco in Australia the $200 they wanted for a two-week Travel Pass, which would have allowed me to use my usual phone number and given me unlimited talk and SMS. So yes, the GO-SIM worked well in Europe but the seemingly steep prices demanded by your telco for an overseas roaming package might not actually be that excessive once you've recharged your GO-SIM card a few times.

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Thank you for your feedback, we are glad to hear the product worked well and we're sorry we couldn't offer better rates at the moment. We understand how important data is for travellers so we have just introduced new Data Plans that provide our best rates so far: from 8c per MB when you purchase a 2GB Plan. The Data Plans are available for 120+ countries. Hope you consider this offer and give us another chance on your next trip. The GO-SIM team

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I would like to know how to email you. Customerservice@gosim.com has bounced back. Thank you
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Does go sim work in russia?
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Hello! Gosim works in Russia. Best regards, Gosim teamNo I haven't been able to access data in Russia. Have only just reviewed this email when hooked up to hotel. Purchased more data when I left Scandnavia but havent had resounce from gosim about the Russian Access although before leaving Australia I was told it covered Russia

I'm using my sim card in another card and I need to review my text messages off my sim back in nov n dec of 2017 how do I do that
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