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Coles Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Coles Peanut Butter Ice Cream

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So sad

Why do you no longer make this

Why remove a great product?

This peanut butter ice cream was the best ice cream (after Jaffa from Royal Copenhagen) but for whatever short sighted reason, Coles decided to remove it from its freezers and replace it with an inferior product. Bad move Coles!!

The Yummiest icecream ever. Love it.

I am very disappointed that this product is no longer available. I have tried the new one - once - and once was enough. I am hoping that o e day, I will walk to the freezer section and the little blue bucket will be back. Please, please , bring it back. I only buy Streets Classic Vanilla now.

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Thankyou for publishing my review. I only hope the Decision Makers at Coles are listening. A local popular restaurant used to buy lots of it and use it, combined with other ‘sides’, as one of their desserts on their menu. Come on Coles, put it back on the freezer shelf.

They have discontinued the pb ice cream pictured!

I'm very disappointed too. I would buy at least 5 a week. I've bought their new one once!
Please bring back the old one!

Best ice cream I have ever had! Addicted!

This ice cream is so good I buy 3 or 4 in one shop. Lots of nuts and nice and creamy.

Absolutely love it

Apparently discontinued without notice and there is nothing else the same. Very disappointed with Coles. Have contacted them but to no avail. NOT HAPPY

I have found my love

This combo makes my heart sing. Love it, can't imagine ice cream without it. Peanut butter greatness all in the one spot


Creamy, gorgeous peanut butter flavour with just the right amount of chocolate sauce. I love this ice cream. In fact I never buy any other ice cream as I feel that for the price, Coles ice cream is the best. This is particularly beautiful in a waffle cone.

Perfect with a great nutty taste

This is a real winner for me. Finding a really nutty, crunchy ice-cream is hard enough, but this is a great product. It has a true peanut butter taste to it, which is complemented by the milk chocolate swirls, rather than overpowered by the flavour. I thought it was a very reasonable price, especially when compared to a litre of any of the premium brands found in the supermarket.

Unique and delicious!

LOVED the crunchy pieces, compliments the smooth creamy peanut butter icecream. For such a small tub, the price is the only negative, makes me hide the tub from my family. It's a definite guilty pleasure of mine.

Could not stop eating this

I love this! Purchased it on sale and couldn't bear to share it with the family. Was a tad pricey but I thought it was absolutely delicious. I love the crunchy peanuts which gave it texture.

No Peanut Butter In It

Disappointed to find that this product doesn't contain peanut butter, then I found peanut butter fudge ice cream at Woolworths. Only slightly more expensive but I'm happy to pay the extra for Australian owned and made.

Got one when on special

Original and creative flavor but not as good as I thought and is a little overpriced,but on general it's not bad.

Needs improvement

I tried Coles peanut butter icecream because it was on special. It was ok, but could be a lot better. The peanut butter content didn't seem rich enough and the peanut pieces were too large and distracted you from the flavour, and were a bit too chewy.

Questions & Answers

Why did you remove your comes brand, peanut butter ice cream? It was the ultimate!!!!
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I don't know why Coles removed this product. I even rang them to complain but no one could give me an answer. The replacement product is inferior and I don't buy it.

I am having trouble getting this product. Is it just out of stock or is it no longer available? I hope this is not the case as I really enjoy it and hear lots of other people feel the same. Please let me know when it will be available for purchase again.
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Coles have retired this product but have launched two new peanut butter ice cream flavours.New flavours are nothing like the original. Very disappointed and will not purchase these other products. Don't know why they can't stick with what works. Not happy!!

Can u still buy this?
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