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Coles Ice Cream Premium 1L

Latest review: My first reaction!!! (Big eyes) ”finally someone decided to copy Häagen Dazs”. Despite they used very similar ingredientes, the taste, oh my! The taste of the chunks of caramel is awful. Sickly sweet

Peters Classic Vanilla No Added Sugar

Latest review: Sorbitol plus polydextrose- just four teaspoons of this ice cream and my stomach started churning. Thirty minutes later, I was glued to the toilet bowl, seeing food I had only eaten 45 minutes

Coles Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Latest review: Why do you no longer make this

Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream Tubs

Latest review: I absolutely love your Bulla vanilla and boysenberry ice cream especially the boysenberry, But the last few tubs i have bought have had hardly any boysenberry in the tubs There why?? Bought another

Streets Magnum Almond

Latest review: Bought mini magnum almond 6 pack today, the vanilla ice cream just awful leaves a horrible after taste definitely you have changed the recipe. Won’t be buying again the whole family come to the same a

Nestle Connoisseur Tub

Latest review: I have been a Connoisseur fan for many years but unfortunately have experienced a slow decline. The pinnacle of this has been my latest purchase at $10- a small tub of Davidson Plum and Cocoa.

Weis Sorbet 1L

Latest review: Dark Chocolate Coconut Sorbet is absolutely delicious. I tried it last night and could not believe it was dairy

Streets Golden Gaytime

Latest review: A really unpleasant concoction, I am really surprised that Streets would damage their brand like this. I was expecting some resemblance in taste to the wonderful GG, but no, this is just

Streets Paddle Pop Cyclone

Latest review: These are amazing. Fresh & so tasty! My favorite of the streets paddle pop range. The soft centre is the best bit

Nestle Skinny Cow Multipack

Latest review: I love having one of these at night, I can have one and not feel guilty or like I wasted a good gym trip. Id definatley recommend them to anyone with a sweet

Maggie Beer Burnt Fig Jam, Honeycomb & Caramel

Latest review: The bad reviews here are completely bonkers. Imagine complaining about the taste of burnt figs? It literally says that on the label! This ice cream is absolutely glorious. Very high quality and a

Peters Drumstick

Latest review: They were on special so I bought these for a change only to find that two out of the four Drumsticks had three quarters of the ice cream top missing. Certainly not something that you would expect! I

Streets Splice Pine Lime

Latest review: Extremely disappointed and very confused as to why Splice now tastes like rosemary or some sort of herb?! So gross that I couldn't even have more than 2 licks. Won't be purchasing again unless I hear

Streets Paddle Pop Chocolate

Latest review: Can't believe they changed the recipe. I was craving a choc paddle pop and got something that tastes disgusting! Yuck!!! I want my money back. Wont be buying again

Streets Blue Ribbon Vanilla

Latest review: This ice cream is almost tasteless. I love ice cream and am not too fussy but this cream tastes nothing like Cookies and Cream or even ice cream for that matter. I don't understand why companies make

Streets Magnum Classic

Latest review: We've been eating Magnum ice creams for years and I think we're officially done with them. Unless they're half price it's just not worth it. Opened up a box of the Duo Choc/White variety and got a

Streets Paddle Pop Banana

Latest review: The flavour has changed since the change to brown wrappers. Strange creamy taste but no banana taste at all any more. Not buying again. Please DON'T change rainbow or chocolate. They are still

Streets Cornetto

Latest review: I have had other dairy free ice creams but this one doesn't have very much flavour. Most dairy free have the taste and texture of real cow's milk ice cream. This is the worst one I've

Streets Paddle Pop

Latest review: WTH!! Why would you mess with this iconic flavour!! The new recipe is disgusting and nothing like the original!! I will be boycotting purchasing these until you change it

Nestle Kit Kat Ice Creams

Latest review: My favorite chocolate kit kat so when I seen ice cream kit kat couldn't wait to try unfortunately tastes nothing like kit kat ice cream feels rough no smooth it's a loser no

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