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Coles Ice Cream Premium 1L

Coles Ice Cream Premium 1L

4.4 from 27 reviews

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Coles New Salted caramel (New)

My first reaction!!! (Big eyes) ”finally someone decided to copy Häagen Dazs”. Despite they used very similar ingredientes, the taste, oh my! The taste of the chunks of caramel is awful. Sickly sweet and over size. You can’t taste the rest of the actuall ice cream (the cream) after you eat some of the chunks of caramel. Unpleasant! Haagen Dazs is our number one ice cream. There is nothing out there to compare.

Taste Amazing!

It’s very Affordable and tastes great! I Would recommend to many people
Who are on a budget! Worth the buy


Had the Caramel and Macadamia one Absolutely fantastic taste better than from an ice creamery
Had heaps of macadamia nuts in there as well.


such great flavour without the high price, def family favourite. Cant believe that did not try before. Need more flavours to expand

When you thought Coles Ultimate Choc Chip Cookies couldn't get better

Ultimate Choc Chip Cookie flavour is made with the Coles bakery cookies and it is amazing. Creamy with plenty of chocolate pieces.

Ice cream tastes great and a great price

I don't even really like ice cream but bought this ice-cream for my son and even I liked hoe creamy and smooth it is

Great Flavour!

Good value and great flavour as well.
Creamy and rich but well textured.
Needs some time to thaw out properly to eat but otherwise very very good.

Amazing ice cream

I love the vanilla bean and rum and raisin. I wish the range was a little bigger. I used to be able to get the 1 litre in strawberry, now that was fabulous but I haven't seen it for a couple of years, it was creamy and loaded with strawberry chunks. I always look for new varieties, the price is excellent and so is the ice cream.

Frozen custard

Frozen custard flavour coles brand ice cream is Pleasantly enjoyable for a supermarket homebrand product. Creamy, consistent and delicious! Would definitely recommend

Best ice cream available

Coles Rum n Raisin is my favourite ice cream. It's creamy, perfect rum flavour with a generous amount of juicy raisins. I've always loved rum n raisin flavour and I thank Coles for making it - no one else does, and if an elite brand made it, they couldn't improve on Coles' version. I've also tried the Salted Caramel, lovely. The only improvement would be more caramel sauce! I'm convinced this is the same ice cream as the salted caramel Heston one that coles had, only without the hefty price tag. Coles ice cream is better than Connesieur which costs twice as much. Creamy, beautiful texture and great flavours. I tried the new custard flavour, just tasted too vanilla. New flavours I'd like to see are Pistachio, Green Tea and Coffee.

November 6th 2017 Update: Best ice cream you can buy

Since writing my first review for Coles Ice Cream I've tried more flavours. Caramel Macadamia is the best ice cream I've ever tasted! Heaven in a waffle cone! I also tried Vanilla Bean, devine. I had the vanilla in a bowl with Coles Mixed Berry Sauce ( which is heavy on the boysenberries) ... omg, words can barely describe how good this tasted!

Pleasant surprise

For that price I had to try the caramel macadamia. It's very good ,and I've got other people loving it too.Will be trying the full range.


While it is definitely as good as higher end brands like Sara Lee or Ben and Jerry's it's amazing at that price point

Double chocolate- Sooo yummy, chocolatey n much cheaper too

I had a real hankering for some rich chocolate ice cream n I was tossing between Sara Lee or connoisseur but then noticed the Coles brand double chocolate so when I compared the price it wasn't a difficult decision to give Coles brand a try. Being very picky with my chocolate ice cream n preferring it to be nice n dark n very chocolatey I was pleasantly surprised! I would definitely buy again when the craving hits next.

Chocolate chip cookie my new fave.

Very creamy with cookie and choc chunks, it's like cookie dough but without sickly sugary sweetness. Can't argue with the price...

Some nice flavours

Nice flavours. Vanilla was very creamy and a good price. Run and raisin had an artificial slightly chemical after taste

Best there is!

Rum & Raisin is the best we have ever tasted. large juicy rum plumped raisin are plentiful, creamy just to die for,

Better than the brands

Creamy, tasty and looks like it still uses a little actual vanilla not just flavour. I prefer it over both connoisseur and Sara Lee though connoisseur used to be a bit better.

silky smooth

Wow! So silky smooth.... I'm very fussy with my ice cream...but Coles premium vanilla ice cream has hit the spot...YUM!...it's also a family favorite...we use it in our smoothies and milk shakes...it's not over sweet.. it's very refreshing...thank u for such a premium and affordable ice cream!! We love it!!

Almost as good as connoisseur but much cheaper

The vanilla bean ice cream was surprisingly delicious, almost on par with connoisseur. Only problem is the vanilla flavour is the first to sell out on the shelf and it's the only one I buy. I don't buy any other ice cream now other than this one and connoisseur when it's on sale.

Yum! and Cheap!

This isn't a bad range from Coles - I've tried every flavour now and I think they are comparable to the connoisseur range but at a fraction of the cost (Ok, the Connoisseur Belgium Choc is delish!). I especially love the Coles Vanilla Bean variety - the fact that you can actually see the vanilla beans and it is creamy, is delicious. Give it a go!

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Is the coles vanilla bean ice cream gluten free?
No answers

Why did you stop selling the Coles Coffee Crème? Is so delicious. I have recommended to so many of my friends and they all love it. Is a pity, can you please bring them back again ? Is really so delicious. Perfect flavour.
1 answer
Hey! I think you accidentally asked me a question as opposed to asking Coles! :)

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