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Colgate Kids Powered

Colgate Kids Powered

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Very good

Purchased this for my 1 year old and she loves it. She hated brushed her teeth before. This was on sale for only $4 from Woolworths and totally worth the money.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths for $4.00.

Can’t replace heads

We bought two for our children at Christmas. One stopped working less than a week after buying it, and it is pretty disappointing that you can’t replace the head. It’s quite wasteful and bad for the environment to throw the whole unit out a couple of months later.

Purchased in December 2018.

Reconsider your purchase

Disappointing product! My children love the novelty, but the battery constantly requires changing and we cannot get replacement toothbrush heads. My advice save your money and buy a better product.

Purchased in December 2018 for $15.00.

Kids love them

Good for price but have had to replace batteries lots of times already and it's a shame you cant put a replacement head on it so will be investing in a better product.

A good toothbrush for sensory eaters

I've read that you can use these on babies and older for sensory issues when feeding. Apparently the vibration on their tongue, sides of mouth and so on gives them stimulation to help fussy feeders.
I think it's working on my daughter who is 7mo now. Only problem is that the toothbrush is huge in her mouth.

Good electric brush for kids

Really good electric brush for kids. There are so many designs to choose from. I have been buying this brush for my son and he is excited to find a new character each time.

Super Heroes need to brush their teeth too!

Bought these for my two boys who really love them. When they asked why they had Spiderman on their toothbrush I told them that super heroes need to brush their teeth too! After much pretend shooting of spiderwebs from their wrists they happily brushed their teeth.

My daughter loves this!

Brushing time is no longer a pain with this toothbrush. It ensures that my kid brushes her teeth at least 40 (or is it 30) seconds. She is excited every night to be able to use her cool electric toothbrush!

Fun Design For Kids

Every parent knows the battles that can ensue getting kids to brush properly so anything that helps is a big bonus. I got this because of the 'popular' Barbie design and it holds enough fascination to get some interest in the subject. It was very cheap and if it lasts a few months I will consider it good value. It is a battery powered brush so it doesn't need charging and can handle kid levels of abuse. It works well and makes the idea of brushing a little more fun

Kids Love this ❤️

My Children ages 10 & 7 sooo love this product, They’ve been using this for 2 years now & really help a lot with their oral health as it comes with not just useful feature but also with FUN features that makes every brushing so exciting for them! Hatt to Colgate!

Not bad for price

I have purchased one of these before, for the price I would say it was a decent toothbrush. However I will be purchasing a different brand as I feel they would last better.

Great toothbrush Terribke for the environment

I've loved the Colgate Teenage Mutant Ninja a turtle toothbrush for my toddler and so has he. He gets excited every day (or twice a day) when we brush his teeth.
Then I went to replace the brush / head and discovered I couldn't. I find this so disappointing in a day and age where most of us are concerned about the environment and what will be left for our kids.
I think I will be buying my toddler an adult electrical rechargeable toothbrush and helping him stick some fun stickers on it

Don't waste your money.

I've bought 3 of the battery powered kids toothbrush & not 1 has lasted a whole week.. Rubbish product don't waste your $$.. I'll stick 2 buying oral B toothbrushes!

2/3 purchased don't work, even with new batteries

I've purchased 3 of these toothbrushes for my children; I am unable to try them in store due to the packaging, and once we've gotten them home and out, two of these toothbrushes don't work. Expensive and useless.

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Hi Calgary mom, thanks for your review about our children's powered toothbrushes. We’re sorry to learn about your experience, but are happy to help. Please call us during business hours on 1800 802 307 so we can get some further details from you. Thanks.

Okay, but not the best

Usually buy the Oral B brand, but decided to purchase 2 of these for my kids. They work great for a short amount of time but the batteries very quickly die in them. Oral B is definetly the winner here, as they only require 1 battery and it lasts much longer than the colgate brand.
Easy grip handle for kids and fun colours/themes.
Uses 2 "AA" batteries compared to Oral B that only uses 1. Batteries go flat very quikcly.


A fun idea to get kids to brush their teeth but it has many drawbacks. Firstly they are costly and don't last long. Secondly, you may find it difficult to get the kids back to manual toothbrushes so you need to be prepared to continue buying these more expensive alternatives. The only benefit is that they probably do a better job when the kids use them, but you can get the same result by helping your kids brush their teeth and that way you are teaching them the right way to do it, and checking it's being done properly anyway - I don't recommend these.
They are easy for kids to use and probably do a better job than a manual toothbrush. It makes brushing teeth more fun for kids.
expensive and the battery doesn't last long at all. The heads are not replacable and therefore they don't last long. After buying two and going through them so fast, we went back to manual toothbrushes!


Overall i would prefer to be able to replace the heads rather than purchase a whole new toothbrush each time but the pay off is that my little one is encouraged to brush her teeth more easily with this fun electric toothbrush that buzzes like mummies one. The designs are great and she enjoys picking out her own toothbrush each time and usually wants to go straight home and try it out right away. Great incentive for good dental hygiene. Now to find a character design toothbrush that you can purchase replacement heads for and i will be completely happy.
Electric for little mouths
Non replaceable heads means that you are buying a whole new toothbrush each time the bristles need replacing which is a tad expensive and really not good for the environment.

Questions & Answers

How to change the toothbrush head for kids? I have the minions please help the toothbrushes are awful no way or direction of how to change the toothbrush head,bad experience !
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Hi Disappointed mom, we're sorry to learn you're experiencing a problem with your battery toothbrush, but we're happy to help. Whilst Colgate don't currently distribute a Minion's branded toothbrush in Australia, we can let you know that the Colgate children's battery toothbrushes we do distribute do not have replaceable heads. We invite you to contact our Consumer Information team on 1800 802 307 if you would like more assistance and information on our current Colgate Toothbrush range.Ok but I leave and the US and also the toothbrush was purchased hereLeave the Colgate brand for good. They do not follow guidelines stipulated by medical device authorities. Even the answer given by this official below is sounds like an automatic reply.


Kids Powered
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