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Commonwealth Bank Diamond Awards

Commonwealth Bank Diamond Awards

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Not worth $395 Annual Fee now AMEX card to be removed

This used to be a good value card for people that had a high monthly spend. Not any more. CBA reduced the rewards points for the AMEX over the last few years, and are now removing the AMEX option completely on September 1, 2018. Reduced points, reduced cards....no reduction in annual fee. Their Diamond Awards Card is no longer a good option for high spend customers.

Accused my Doctor and myself of fraud.

I have travel insurance via my CBA Diamond credit card which is underwritten by Allianz. Recently had a severe bout of gastroenteritis and ended up in a country hospital emergency department. Although I was not admitted I was far to sick to travel two days later. Nor did I want to infect everyone on the way. I attended a GP on the due date of travel. This was not my usual GP as I could not get in there that day. Hence I had to go to the local "drop-in" GP service as I knew I would need a medical certificate. I am also a medical practitioner.
As part of the claim I needed another medical claim form filled out. Fair enough. I line up at the "drop-in" clinic again for two hours (taking time out of my serving the public patients I work for.) . Whilst waiting I filled out some of the form using the same words and dates as on the already submitted medical certificate. This form was checked and signed and stamped by the GP. But it has been rejected because some of the words were written by me. I explained that he signed it on the basis that it was all true information. They stated that it is not acceptable. I stated that you are accusing my GP and myself of fraud and they hesitated but basically agreed.
They want me to line up again for 2-3 hours to get him to write the same thing again!
This is all for a claim of just under $2000. I find their mistrust unethical and irresponsible.
I am severely disappointed that the Commonwealth Bank use this Insurance company as they do seem to give such bad service. I have spent alot of money with CBA and have been a loyal customer, yet they are using a terrible insurance company.

Good Credit card with your home loan.

Staff are very good to deal with, They even blocked my card one day because of my transaction history and sent me a text warning me that my card could have been stolen.Once they found it was me doing the transactions they unblocked it straight away. I high recommend this credit card and Bank.

Quite good overall

One of best day by day credit cards with rewards.
Customer service is above average and provide you extra follow up and info to suit your needs
mobile apps is superb compare to other big 3 banks

Good Credit Card but not suites me anymore

I've been using CBA credit cards for about 10 years. I always enjoyed CBA CC card service. But they have recently made change with AMEX reward points after 1st July 2017, the new rules only gives 0.5 points instead of 3 points on per $ spend on AMEX, which makes the deal is not that attractive with $395 annual fee. Furthermore, you must activate the international travel insurance on the netbank before you departure, otherwise the insurance does not cover the international medical cost (which make the insurance useless if you forget to activate). Still a good card, but it does not suite my needs any more.

I got my money back from the dispute team! But they took it away from me again!

I filed a dispute on a wedding gown that I bought locally. The gown had multiple defects (supposedly brand new off the rack at full-price) and seller was unwilling to refund or order a brand new gown. It was the worst business dealing I had. Thank god I remembered the complimentary merchandise protection that came with my card. After relentlessly submitting my evidence, I got all my money back! I almost gave up because even though Fair Trading believed I had a case, they could not convince the seller I was within my consumer rights to get refund. The seller even tell Fair Trading that if I do not pick up the defective gown from their store by this April, they will keep both money and gown. I asked fair trading if it is legally allowed since I have never signed such contract for the gown. Reply from Fair trading is appalling. They told me small private businesses can do what they like. She told me to present my case before the tribunal which is going to take forever!. Anyway, Commbank finalized my claim within 28 business day. Quite impressive, given that their website suggested up to 45 days for a decision. Right now, seller has up to 45 days to try to reverse the chargeback but apparently they will need to present hard evidence to convince credit card to reverse it. Shall keep you posted.

So, follow-up. Last week, $1200 was taken out from my credit card to return to the merchant's account because they said he presented some hard evidence. That decision was made within 4 days while mine took 1 month! After harrassing them multiple time to get a copy of seller's evidence, I finally received it. Literally, the seller only typed up his store policy in an email and that's it! Not even a scan copy of the physical copy of policy that they provide to customer for signature. Such as weak evidence was accepted. To add insult to my case, nothing in the policy mention anything about policy on defective dress!! That was all my case is about. That whole policy talks about process of ordering a dress, no refund or exchange for change of mind. No this and that.. I could have typed my own version of policy then!

Also, seller reiterate that he would keep my gown and my money if I did not pick up the dress by 31/3/17. That is not legal. It is clearly an unfair game - he expects me to abide by his store policy yet he is also allowed to add stuff as he goes along? I have never heard of such contract flexibility. Not fair.

The only reason I gave 2 star instead of 1 is because I am still waiting for the last resort to finalize - CBA customer relation. Hopefully they can review the whole case and decide. My case was handled by so many people that literally it was ruled against me with an inappropriate evidence provided by merchant. I think they need to improve training on dispute team.

Tripple rewards with your free Amex

The CBA gave me this card at no extra cost to my gold card but it has way more benefits. The concierge service is great with fantastic seat allocations, It gives free overseas travel insurance, additional warranty on products and accidental loss breakage or theft cover.
Bought my last car on it and for 3 months the rate was .99% its called a "great rate". I then work it with a HSBC zero balance transfer and my new car has not cost me a cent in interest for over 12 months and my $15000 has been parked in a offset account at 7.25% making me about $900
I pay my bill in full each month taking off the "great rate amount" and I never pay interest
Excellent benefits and good point system with tripple points when using the free amex

Great credit card.

I have had the CBA Gold Awards and more recently the CBA Platinum Awards and so far I am impressed with the CBA Diamond Awards. It's worth upgrading to this card if you go through $1100 a week on average with a CBA Card.

This card has a lot of features and the insurance deals are really good. You can earn 500k frequent flyer points a year by using this card. If you have a lot of dealings with the CBA then this could be the card for you however, there are better cards out in the market.
Acceptance with American Express and having a back up Mastercard.
The annual fee is around $400 - you really need to use this card a lot to make it work for you.

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Diamond Awards
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