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really good customer service

I have experienced really good customer service at Costco. after paying my blueberry, I dropped on the floor. One of the staffs come alone and asked me if they could exchange another box of blueberry for me. I refused as this is my fault. However, they make me feel valuable

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Store Locationcanberra

Random Price hikes Weekends & Rude Customers/Staff

I do not think I've ever been to a place where I absolutely dread having to go due to the sheer amount of rudeness that goes in in Costco carparks alone. Not only from the staff, but the customers. I have never had a problem with the Customer Service inside Costco, they have been superb! Simply the people outside that pick up trolleys. Customers shoving others about are rude. The prices are always and I mean always cheaper during the weekday trade. However every single time I go on a weekend, the prices are randomly higher. Extremely strange. Have been a member now for 2 years and will continue to be one, however, Costco need to get a grip on those rude staff outside with the trolleys. Some people can't move as fast as others due to injury and need to be a little patient if possible.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationMoorabbin, Victoria

Love this place. Wish there were more in Australia

Pricing for many food and electronics items is hard to beat. I always go with a plan to spend a certain amount but that gets blown away when I see all the other great stuff they have for sale. You can easily recoup the membership fee in the first month. Not sure why they charge a fee really but we enjoy coming here often. Wish they had more Costco warehouses in QLD

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationBRISBANE

Need to report to Brisbane QGSC #Very bad customer experience and Racism in NorthLake Costco

Hi Executive team of Costco Northlake store,
This is Wendy, I went to your store this morning at around 10:30am and prepare to pay at around 11:40am.
But I got stopped because of me using my friend’s card.

I was told that it’s not OK and I did want to open my new card when I understood your very strict policy, until I heard one of your cashier laughing very loudly and said to her so-called manager: "Hahaha I got another one! I got it! “

At that moment, I was ashamed being treated like a “thief" and she, who dressed in Green and pregnant, treat herself and the team as “Police”.
What kind of the service employee attained their qualify work permit by treating customers as “thief”?

The most unbelievable thing is: The woman took my friend’s card and stated it like she was the Queen “your friend have to pick this card by herself ! You are not allowed to take it!” What right do you have to take another person’t private property?!

Am I a customer? YES! I have over 300AUD goods in my card and willing to pay!

Was I going to pay to be your member? YES ! I drove 40KM to be here and willing to shop more in the future.

What turned my mind? The attitude! The insult !

I am a postgraduate student of UQ studying hospitality, and I have a course name “service management” and I exactly know what negative feedback will cause a company eventually. I also know customer experience is the most important thing to a service industry. I will share this experience with my colleague, my peers and my teachers about what is “BAD and Humiliated customer experience. “

I also talk to my friends who have lived in Brisbane for many years, and they told me that Northlake Costco have a female staff who is famous for aiming at Asian faces and make particular inspections on Asian group. The woman also famous for very tough at not doing any reasonable return and refunds just because they are Asian. This is racism! But although this is just word-of-mouth, but what happened today makes me really believe in it.

I will also write a report to customer service department of Queensland-Brisbane QGSC, and state what happened today. I will put this case as a priority of my study and I will need to be answered very properly.


Customer Service
Store LocationNorthlakes

Worst Customer care

Worst customer service , arrogant and unfriendly guys at the Auburn store.
I was wondering the levels of customer care from Costco. With each level going up, they seem to be more hostile and arrogant. Frankly speaking, I have never experienced this kind of a behaviour anywhere in the world. Not seen any of the staff over there showing the minimum courtesy of even smiling to customers.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service

Friendly staff make a difference

Huge store, great prices and friendly helpful staff. Product queries and directions quickly addressed in a helpful manner. Range of big name and own brands. Other supermarket chains should be this helpful

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationMarsden Park

The new packaging for the birthday cakes

Bring back the box, the new packaging doesn't do its job it can't even be kept sealed without popping open & ruining the icing.frustrating as 2 cakes went to waste because of this issue
Not happy

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationNorth Lakes

BBQ Beef

Hi guys, this is not the first time, Costco shoppers did you guys ever buy the pork belly slices and beef slices for BBQ?? I found out both fresh but the pork and beef flavor very strong, did Costco realize that?? Also I bought a pack of Bulgogi last week, actually I feel disappointed some of the beef slice just too big, some of the beef just looks like off-cuts and taste less very different than Costco In Japan.

Good products poor service

Costco sells good products with low price. That is the selling point of Costco and I have been a member for years. I bought a pair of hearing aids and eye glasses too.
I cannot say how good the hearing aids are because that was my first pair with no comparison. However the professional lady at the hearing centre in Adelaide nearly made me cry in the first hearing aid adjustment. Her tone, eye expressions made me feel dumb and wasting her time. Is she racist? I don’t know. I am not a white australian and she is. She repeatedly said the words ‘Monday Tuesday Wednesday....Sunday‘ and asked if I heard clearly. I wondered if that was a proper technique to check if people could hear! Every one knows the answer before they can literally hear the sounds!
Last week i went to the optical section to correct my frame. No other customer was there. Two counter ladies reluctantly looked at me and addressed me. One lady made a little frame adjustment. I still did not feel quite right. But the counter lady’s body language and avoiding eyes made me feel i was overburdening them. Then I left. No counter staff in an optical shop had ever treated me like that.
Costco is such a big company. Can they hire people who love their job or train people provide professional service no matter they feel like it or not? I usually dont really care about customer service. But hearing aids n eye glasses, we do need the professional people’s service. That is my opinion. Thank you.

Love their meat and bakery

I love Costco meat, not always cheap but good quality. Bakery is great prices. Membership is not always worth it tho, I don't find it all that cheap as you can wait for specials at coles or safe way and get cheaper. But Costco as said do have great meat and cakes.

Great on quantity, meh on variety

I wanted to buy the Vornado 660 in Costco through my friend who was a member. But we live far apart and I didn't want to make her travel so I ended up getting a membership myself.

I thought why not have a look. Like most people say, almost everything is sold in bulk quantities...I live in a shared house some distance away with my bf and I have no car, so I almost have no business here. But there were still items I wanted to look out for. I saw big tubs of Nuttelex Original but not Buttery. I saw Australia's Own Organic Soy Milk sold in huge quantities, but it was the only brand of soy milk that they have. I didn't find Bonsoy soy milk which is the only thing I'm willing to save through buying in bulk. They have a lot of things but not many brands to choose from for one particular item.

I think that Costco is probably worth it for large families, who have a car, and who have space in their house to spare. And it's also good enough for people who don't care too much for different brands and variety. Unfortunately they didn't carry the items I would be interested in other than the Vornado 660.

Needless to say I asked for a cancellation and refund of membership on the same day. And why did I give it four stars? Because they honoured their membership satisfaction guarantee and the membership application/cancellation process was quick and smooth. They also made it clear that all warranties on electronics/white goods are void if I choose to terminate my membership so I don't get nasty surprises later on, fyi. In that short period of 1 hour of membership I got my Vornado 660 $30 cheaper than the cheapest elsewhere, that's satisfying enough for me.

Costco online insurance scam

As a Costco member I got quote for Auto insurance on Costco website and was redirected to Ameriprise, Effective date: 09/17/18, 6 month policy $2,947.00 and was charged $616.40 on same day, few week later i received a letter stating that they reviewed my policy scheduled to expire on October 25, 2018 due to driving history not meeting their guidelines, after that another letter came stating that there will be charge in the amount of $965.14 on 10/17/2018 for policy term 9/17/18 -3/17/19, then I got another letter stating: "You recently received a notice of pending cancellation of your policy. Please disregard that notice. Your policy will continue in force with no lapse in coverage.", So I called Ameriprise and asked them to cancel my policy because their new price is way to high and I've got a quote from other company and will switch to them. I called them on October 16 and asked to cancel policy next day, than I received notification that my Credit Card was billed by Ameriprise in the amount of $965.14, so I called Ameriprise again and asked about a charge, and their customer service rep told me that it's a valid charge, and they are not going to refund it, so I was disputing this and in the end they told me that they will refund me $290.63. So for one month of coverage they charged me $1,290.91
Shame on Costco for helping Ameriprise to scam their members
Will never believe Costco again!!!

Worst ever Black Forest Cake. No fresh cream taste. Sour Cherry jam not enough. Weird Chocolate cake

As titled worst Black Forest Cake I ever had. Typical American style. Buy this for your party and your guest will be very disappointed at you for being cheap and the cake on the plates will not be finished.

My background: Dessert Lover who love Fresh cream. Real ingredient. Correct Taste. Right texture. Fresh smell. I don't care about price, as long as it makes me satisfy.

Customer service of check out staff

Shopping on Christmas break full of customers suddenly no eftpos cash only every one looks each other what we going to do its poor management skills no one knows what to do with this situation, try to get cash out no from the machine no cash left. What a disaster for unprofessional staff no apologetic to the customers standing on the cued.

I'd say membership value is terrible value

So, there are two types of products at Costco. Products you can get elsewhere and products exclusive to Costco. The products you can get elsewhere, are usually cheaper elsewhere and are in more manageable quantities. So if you don't need 4L of mayo, get it from ALDI for half the price per. It's better valued and you don't need an extension on your house to store it.
The second type, are Costco exclusives, like their Kirkland brand stuff. It's pretty top shelf quality generally, but not cheaper.

So, if you want to save on groceries, go to Aldi. If you want Kirklands and can afford to pay more for things in general and have that house extension, get membership.

Not sure - on the fence

Not sure if I am a fan of Costco or not yet, I get that you can buy in bulk but I really don’t see it that much cheaper as people make out to be and the brands aren’t as great as you would get in Coles or Woolworths.

It’s okay for what it is

Costco is advanced in ways where they provide a variety of products and we are able to taste test samples before purchase. However, there are usually one or two very rude workers who have no manners whatsoever, and ruin the rest of your shopping trip. Encountered one at Casula who needed to get a stick out her butt. She seem like she did not enjoy her job at all and don’t respond well to customers. By asking her about the product, she shrugged and decided to use a spray bottle to clean her sample station instead...

The Best Savings

Costco is the most amazing company to purchase all your groceries from. Despite selling in bulk if you are clever and know your prices you can rotate your items of need into 3 to 6 monthly blocks. The store is professionally set out easy to find what you are looking for and the staff are all very friendly and keen to assist.

COSTCO Offers Bad Attitude instead of Customer Service, when the customers realised being OverCharge

It appears that I am not the first or the last person whom altered the stores about being overcharged for an advertised item at a lower cost, when I noted the error on my receipt before leaving the store recently.

It is also evident from the series of complaints about the same issue, COSTCO's people are trained to make customers to wait at least 10 Minutes, before they can make a Price Check on an item in there.

Then they literally throw the Overcharged amount at the customers, Without Expressing any Regrets or an Apology for the False Advertising an item and Holding the Customers to wait over 10 minutes to correct their "mistakes" of Overcharging.
I have found that Stores Supervisors Often are Very Rude and Crude type of People, lack the basic qualities and qualifications to deal with the Customers in there.

COSTCO have to realize that Australian Customers Deserve a Better Customer Service as Paid Members, than their Low Level of benchmark that may apply in the USA Stores.

January 18th 2019 Update: Costco Kirkland Lamb Packs, Pulling Wool Over Members Eyes.

Costco's Kirkland Lamb Pack carry a Hidden Surprise within the packs, underneath of the top layer is a Gross and Fatty meats covered in thick amount FAT. The hidden meat in the below, it is more look like Mutton, than Lamb.

After the chopping and sorting the cuts of meat, I took over 1.20kg of Fat, out of a 7.395kg Pack. The Fat / Rubbish is worth of $14.40 and to be thrown out in the bin.

This is a very Dishonest way to conduct a business and patronizing to treat the Paid Members like so. It should be considered as illegal and Unethical to sell such Packs of filled with Rubbish to the Consumers, instead of what has displayed to be on the top of packs.

Save a bundle with COSTCO Fuels

COSTCO have put competition back into the market in many products and now with fuels. Canberra used to be the dearest fuel between Sydney and the snowfields, but now its the cheapest thanks to COSTCO. Their fuel stop is by the airport and when they opened they were around 20 cents per litre less than the opposition. In Sydney, Costco fuels are as much as 30 cents a litre cheaper than Coles Express and around 15 cents a litre cheaper than 7/11.
Coles Express is always the dearest fuel. This week, Costco was 30 cents per litre cheaper than coles express.

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