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Costco NSW, Casula

Costco NSW, Casula

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90% of the staff are rude

The lady at the door didn’t let me in when I told her I’m not a member and that I just want to browse, but my mum was behind me and she is a member so I went in. And as one reviewer said , at the check out they are always treat you like you are a thief or a junkie. Thanks costco but we are buying with our money !!! And it’s not that cheap maybe a 2% cheaper than outside stores but you’re already charged us $60 membership.
And I don’t know why is that stupid policy that only member can pay with their credit cards! You making it harder for ppl to shop at your place! Wouldn’t go their again.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCostco casula

Costco Fuel

Costco fuel is consistently cheaper than any others in the area. After checking various apps, Costco nearly always comes out in front. The $60 membership fee is quickly reimbursed with the savings made on weekly petrol.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCostco casula

Very rude check out staff

Went there with my friend as she is a member. I spent more than $300. The lady at the checkout was very rude and unprofessional. First She tasked to see my friends drivers license. She didn’t let me pay with my key card and said ( only members are allowed to pay by card, none members pay by cash only! ) honestly she made us feel like we were stealing! Don’t shop there unless you’re a member otherwise they won’t make you feel welcome. Never going back. Worst shopping experience.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCasula

One stop shop for groceries and petrol

Usually go to the Auburn store on the weekends, but happened to visit the Casula store last week.
There is plenty of parking and not as packed as the Auburn one.
Everything you need in bulk.
Unleaded petrol here is about 20cent cheaper than the servo we passed on the way home.
Staff were nice and friendly.
Will be back for our weekly shopping and to fill up the family car.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCasula

Impolite behaviour

I went there yesterday for the first time in my life. At the entrance door, there was a lady who asked me if it was my first time visiting there. I replied yes and she said you must go to the counter filling out a form. she did not let me go inside first. her behaviour was not polite and friendly.
at the end of my visit, she asked me to open my bag as if I stole something from their shop! it was very rude. I won't put my feet there ever again.

Customer Service

Bridgestone tyres

Best price for my car tyres they the cheapest at costco then anywhere else. Bought 4 tyres and booked time and they did my car while shopping and u can always take to xheck the air in the tyres

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCasula

It is what it is!

Costco make their money on incidental purchases but if you know what you are looking for and check prices on your phone, you can save a lot of money. We made up our membership fee after just two visits and we have only gone four times in the whole year.
The staff have all been very friendly to us and we were given the option of a refund after our first visit because as the membership lady said, "Costco isn't for everyone!" I love the way that they pack the trolley for me ...(Take note Woolworths and Coles).
Yes, I agree that some (not most) of the customers are pushy, as they are in any such crowded environment including markets etc, and there's barely any room in the aisles for the oversized, fully laden carts to pass each other. To be fair, I fully understand why staff and other customers might get grumpy if people allow their children to run around unsupervised (and I say that as parent of young children who understands the temptation to let them run around too).
I was going to get tyres from Costco for the car, however, I had to phone them for a quote and they only offered a limited choice of more expensive brands. They then expected me to go in person to order the tyres and go back a week or so later when the tyres came in for the fitting. As I do not live locally and they didn't stock the brand I wanted, I found it was much cheaper and quicker to get my preferred brand of tyres fitted locally the next day. Again, it's a case of being aware, as with any other store.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo

It’s okay for what it is

Costco is advanced in ways where they provide a variety of products and we are able to taste test samples before purchase. However, there are usually one or two very rude workers who have no manners whatsoever, and ruin the rest of your shopping trip. Encountered one at Casula who needed to get a stick out her butt. She seem like she did not enjoy her job at all and don’t respond well to customers. By asking her about the product, she shrugged and decided to use a spray bottle to clean her sample station instead...

Save a bundle with COSTCO Fuels

COSTCO have put competition back into the market in many products and now with fuels. Canberra used to be the dearest fuel between Sydney and the snowfields, but now its the cheapest thanks to COSTCO. Their fuel stop is by the airport and when they opened they were around 20 cents per litre less than the opposition. In Sydney, Costco fuels are as much as 30 cents a litre cheaper than Coles Express and around 15 cents a litre cheaper than 7/11.
Coles Express is always the dearest fuel. This week, Costco was 30 cents per litre cheaper than coles express.

Love it

I have been a customer of Costco since it opened in Auburn.
Couldnt be happier, staffs at both the Auburn and Casula stores provide great customer experience.
The quality of their products are great, it is a wholesaler, therefore you are expecting to buy in bulk.

I am not why there are so many reviews.

Personally, I am very happy with their service and great range of products

Rude staff

Approaching the counter to do membership she ask to go to the corner didn’t hear her then she spoke in rude way as if I am stupid and the when try to explain to her that’s not a good customer service then she told me exactly “don’t give me a lesson” ask for the manager who apologise and did good job.

Awesome store

Very good quality of everything from eggs to bread to freshly baked items
Loved their pizza coffee
Fuel is always cheap

A weird company

You pay between 55 and $60 a year to be a member of this retail empire, Costco says that they make a profit out of the membership fees only They sell a lot of quirky things
And yet the prices are not very cheap, and yet I saw a multiple carat diamond for sale for $220,000, I don't think anyone would buy and take it home to their trophy wife and said I got this diamond for you at Costco!
When you buy meat there it's excellent, but I don't know what's going on with the price of meat in Australia, it's very expensive
you have to spend a lot of time there because checking out through the tills is a lengthy experience, and then you get held up on the exit door by somebody else checking your trolley, just a complete waste of time
no other supermarket holds you up twice while you're trying to get on with your day
Most of the employees are on minimum wages, And yet we see a lot of American expats working there as well
so we can't get Australians to do this work?
But overall the shopping experiences quite good, that's why Costco is booming

My favourite Shop!

I am so grateful to be a Costco member as I get great affordable prices and bargain with brand names. The workers are all very kind, professional and great service as our family goes once a week to do shopping.

June 6th 2018 Update: Great customer support

The lady at the counter was very kind and helpful for me to get a mobility scooter for my shopping!

Be careful when buying items on promotion

In many occasions, I noted after looking at the receipt that they made errors on items that are on promotion. After telling the cashier, I have to wait for them to verify. And, later I have to go to another counter for them to refund me the amount. The whole process usually might take around 20 mins.

Great place to shop

I have been Costco member for few years and they are exceptional.

They source quality products and offer value for money.

Their staff is friendly and they don't hesitate to issue a refund if you have a problem with the product.

Returns policy

The Costco customer service staff who happened To handle my return which happened to be an expired vitamin tablets that Costco sold my wife were so so rude and had unprofessional behaviour that I have vowed never to set foot in this shop.They didn’t have a clue to customer service and showed no signs of maturity.No wonder Costco doesn’t have a customer complaints or if anyone knows one please post it here.
The front line are first point of contact and the least Costco can do is train them with PR skills
I have got the names of the two staff if Costco so requires

May 5th 2018 Update: Stay away from Costco

Costco can remind staff that customers are paying their bills and complement customers when they shop and not having one stand at the door thinking that they have CEO powers...instead they can be used inside the shops helping customers find stuff...What a waste of resources.I guess the membership pays for this kind of wasteful resource

THE BEST VALUE major supermarket in Australia

always look for rare items sold in Australia.

great dried fruits

the cheapest grilled in chicken in all Australia

the cheapest fuel station (usually 20 cents gap with other normal petrol stations)

the cheapest branded clothing lines

the cheapest movie cinema tickets

easy to park

a different way of shopping for Australians

best ice coffee with a great value of only $3!


They offer some good bulk discounts, but you have to look for them

Friendly customer service - but you are really left to your own devices to find what you want. There are no fitting rooms in store. They offer some good bulk discounts, but you have to look for them - and some things were more expensive that a regular grocery store. The items which were offered with a good discount, you lad to buy in bulk e.g. a year's supply of toothpaste etc. (They sold pizza in the foyer of the store. It was the worst pizza I have ever eaten in my life.)


Joined and walked in with my Partner to look around, wife went out first than me but didn't see her Lady at the door ask me what i am looking for, I told her i am looking for my wife ,maybe she is still inside ,
She said i can`t help you with that, i did not ask your help i said, She got upset with me and said "I WAS JOKING IF YOU DO NOT LIKE JOKES DON'T COME HERE" I just walked away,and wait my partner in our car.

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