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Country Companionship

Country Companionship

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Scumbag Liars

What a scam 2 women who let you believe they are so helpful - well they are thieves - I got 1 lead and the woman I rang was sick as a dog - I complained when I rang the scam women then nothing no ring back - avoid this site at all costs.

Great Service & Great Matches!

CCN have matched me up with several ladies since joining, being quiet lonely it has been a great process making new friends if not potential to finding love. CCN is still currently helping me find love and looking forward to the outcome. Very happy with the service so far and there are different memberships to suit everyone.
To the future with CCN.

avoid the match maker scam

CCn is just basically another huge scam it looks and sounds great they tell you this and that but it's not ,especially when you find out that me being a man we have to pay the join up fee and ladies don't, CCn will tell you they do but trust me they don't ,when your lined up with an introduction you don't get to see a pic of who your ringing to start with that's another scam, most if not all the ladies signed up like 2 to 4 yearz ago so if your looking for a lady with no kids and not to much wieght ,most of the time she's had 2 kids since then and packed it on, so I'd say yeah not all scams are over seas there here in oz at CCn.

Very Grateful to CCN! Not only were they professional but they also found the perfect lady for me!

I joined CCN a few months ago and was introduced to some lovely ladies. I have now found the right lady who is everything I asked for. I would like to thank Melissa for listening to my needs and finding the perfect match for me. Joan and I are very happy we have been matched together and can't wait to see what the future holds for us. Thank you CCN - Regards Arnold & Joan

Found my Soulmate , Recently Engaged !! Thanks to CCN

I joined Country Companionship Network last year after a few introductions I found the perfect match ! Me and Tim have now been dating for several months and he has asked me to Marry Him ? super excited to have found the one I said YES , truly Grateful to CCN

They lie

Country companionship network are rude and don't tell the truth. Please don't use them, they just want money. They ignore your requests, won't let you see information about yourself they put online on other dating sites and if they use free dating sites to find partners for people, why do they charge you for it and I tried to get a copy of the contract and they stalled and ignored my requests for me. Now I've involved consumer affairs. Pleases avoid country companionship network.

Funny these great reviews appeared just after my scathing review they must watch these sites to counter bad press.Why if there so great????and I paid in full for my purchase why am I not a verified purchase???????Im still not a verified purchase CNN are the lowest of the low. the people that found matches well done, why don't u put down how much it cost you if your a guy and include petrol for travel ,cost of meals rooms ect. If your like me you would have realized that you could do it all yourself for so much less cost all u got to do is realize that your a jerk or annoying or just ugly and change its harsh but its the truth worked for me I became a nicer person worked out and I'm now engaged and if your woman is a bit snobby a good job helpsThey wouldn't give me a copy of the contract that s why I can't verify


i joined countrycompanionship.com.au not at all happy with their service. thay were matching me with women that were not compatable that did not even live in my area. i then asked my profile maneger to match me with women without children as i do not have children' and she actually tried talking me into accepting women with children and when I made it clear I don't want that she got very upset and was very rude to me. very unprofessional. it cost $550 to $3000 to join thay do not provide a detailed service' never at all asked me what I would like in a woman. thay will tell you anything to get you to join. They told me there were ladies in my area that wanted to meet me so i would join but thinking about that after i realised that was bull they just said it so i would join just didn't realise at the time as I was excited when they said that just another one of there trickary lies. Once you pay them you can not get a refund no matter what. Be prepared to give them you're bank card details over the phone including ccv as it's the only way you can pay. Can't pay on there website oh by the way just look at that site what a joke it's not even sercured. do not waste youre time and money with them. try eharmony thay provide a more detailed service for a lot cheaper price. Update makes me wonder why they keep changing there name used to be country contacts then country companionship Australasia now country companionship network. What other names have they had? What are they trying to hide by keeping changing there name. Some one should expose these lowlife crooks preying on lonely people.

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