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Elite Introductions International

Elite Introductions International

3.3 from 39 reviews

5 stars & I am over the moon!

Trudy, thank you for providing a valuable and unique match making service. I was hesitant to use such a service in the beginning but I have benefited greatly from taking the plunge. You have introduced me to high calibre gentlemen. And...I have found a special connection with an amazing man! You have assisted in enhancing my life and I am most grateful for your sensitive and professional approach.

2.5 stars

This is written from the perspective of a female in her early 30s. It is a review of the service between Oct 2016 and July 2017.

I was signed promptly and the service was friendly and polite at the first meeting. I did not hear about a match for two weeks and chased them up. About 5 weeks after signing I received my first match. Not exactly my criteria (not university educated) but I was happy to give it a go. The date did not eventuate on his part.

A second match was received two weeks later although a date did not happen for a few weeks. He took one look at me and decided he did not like me.

Then I heard nothing for 6 months. After the second match I chased the matchmaker politely for a third match. I emailed her probably about fortnightly, generally got prompt responses back (except two went unanswered) half the responses indicated she was working on something. Then I started to give up and only emailed around monthly.

Out of the blue I received a third match in July 2017. However when I went to meet him, I find he does not match my hard criteria (was of a particular religious background). A 4th match was offered two weeks after this, he was 40 (technically over 40 by a few months) although did not meet my soft criteria (had a particular interest I did not like). I agreed to meet him anyway.

During the time I heard nothing, I was strongly tempted to take the service to Fair Trading. Whilst I still have my moments where I would still like to do so, I'm not sure I have as strong a case.

My experience is that men in the 30-40 bracket who use matchmaking services over other dating services are more idealistic. All four matches decided at a first meeting I did not meet their criteria without giving it more of a chance, which is disappointing.

It's really tricky dating as a woman in your 30s. The men know too that biological factors come into play. If you are a professional it's harder to meet somebody who is your equal on the whole. I found A Table For Six a good way to meet random (non matchmade) people who are likely to be at your level, and a lot cheaper too ($500 vs $5000).

At the end of the day, women will be willing to pay, just for the off chance of meeting somebody. Even if it's $5000 just for the opportunity of one date.

I would like to see Elite market better to the male market. I'm sure at the moment esp in the 30-40 age bracket, their income is mainly derived from women who aren't getting their money's worth.

Perfect service

From the moment I began talking to Trudy I felt at ease about the process and service that she offers which I see as being very unique in the current world of social media/internet. Trudy is very detailed and exceptionally professional making you feel comfortable and excited about enjoying the process of potentially meeting your match. In the short time I have been part of the service I have already been contacted about potential matches and look forward to meeting the next one that had been organised. I would highly recommend this service to anyone serious about meeting a partner with similar values and wanting to get excited about dating again... it shouldn't be a swipe right nor a chore!

A major disappointment - the business is a shame

I paid the substantial amount of money and was very open about possible matches. Similar to other posts I was told on 2-3 occasions they had identified someone and nothing ever eventuated. After 6 months of no offer of a date I requested a refund. It was an 8 month process to get a refund and I found they continually were disrespectful. I would not recommend this service.

May 17th, 2017 Update: Elite's business practices and values are unsatisfactory

I joined Elite Introductions and was not provided an introduction over a 6 month period. I requested a refund which the business agreed they would pay. However it took calls to Consumer Affairs and letters before a partial refund was paid. I took action with VCAT to obtain the remainder of my refund and to ensure others were aware of the manner in which Elite had conducted business in my situation. In my situation, the conduct and the values of this business were not aligned to reasonable business practices. I would urge others in a similar situation to take action against this business if you have not been treated with respect. The process and cost to take a claim to VCAT or NCAT is minimal (note: your claim should include the contract with Elite).

Professional Service - Recommended

Not being one for the whole internet dating scene, I have found the services of Elite to be just to my satisfaction for discretion and professional service. I found the briefing process by Trudy to be very thorough and the matching process generally addressed my needs. I am quietly confident that the initial selection process and matching by Elite will turn out for very positive for me. To be recommended for those looking for a personal service, a little guidance and some friendly help along the pathway of finding a new partner.

Women, beware the promises

I would never post a negative review about a dating agency simply because I didn't find a mate. From other reviews this service works for some people - but beware those of you, mostly women I suspect, for whom this is a con. You will be signed up by an impressive communicator on the promise of a date, for which attractive details will be provided, and which in my case never materialised, not even once. I can understand if a suitable match isn't available - fair enough - but in my case I was strung along for over a year with vague promises which were repeatedly broken. When I finally pointed this out to them they promised to refund my fee - and I was then strung along for more months before I realised this was yet another broken promise. Avoid this service, it is simply dishonest. I suspect they have far more women than men on their books.


I can understand the polarised views on this site for Elite - for those who found a partner, praise comes easily; for those not yet successful, I can understand unhappiness. No dating service can guarantee you will find your match. Inevitably, that comes down to the two people involved. But a good introduction service can do just that - help with finding and introducing you to a potential partner. And on this, I cannot fault the service Elite provided. As a busy man, I found Trudy's service invaluable. I was introduced to a number of successful, professional women and I did not have one bad match or poor date (I trust they felt the same!). There was always a second date at the least. Though these did not lead to an eventual long-term relationship, that is life, and not the fault of Elite.

And then I was introduced to my current partner through Elite....and we remain together almost three years later! I am truly grateful to Elite for the introduction and service provided. We make our own way in life....but some outside expert guidance certainly helps along the way! :)

Elite Introduction is 5 Star!

Getting back into the dating world is hard enough, finding the perfect partner seems unlikely. After meeting Trudy at Elite Introduction I was so impressed with her business model and the professional way she conducted the meeting I knew straight away this was the way forward for me. Trudy immediately made me feel so comfortable and answered every question I had. Elite Introductions is a 5 Star business. Every contact I had with Trudy was amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. Put your love life in their hands they will not disappoint.

This is Perfect!

"Elite Introductions know what they are doing. I have been introduced to some very cool women. They are also prompt to respond and eager to deliver. They make the process fun and they have really tried to get who I am and match me accordingly.
I am confident I will be introduced to my partner by this agency"

Keep up the good work!

As a middle-aged man, finding a partner with whom I want to spend the rest of my life is no easy task. And no Agency can guarantee success. However, having also used other personal agencies (as opposed to Internet), I find Trudy and Elite 'head and shoulders' above the rest. I have neither been surprised by, nor disappointed in, the ladies she has referred to me.

Beware - full of spin without substance

I concur with the other posts on here that there is a good first date and then everything disappears thereafter. The agency owner keeps selling their service on the same stories she's been telling for years (heard about the couple who met and spent the weekend together in the snow - same story I read in a magazine article on The agency dated three years earlier).

I was told constantly that they had someone in mind for me, and that they had contacted someone and we're just waiting to hear etc etc. Months and months and months... Nothing.

It's a massive con. There's no follow up and very little serious effort to match people. Their promotional approach is based on myth making. A waste of money. Spare yourself the time and money this costs.

Found my future wife with Trudy's wonderful help

This is an exceptional agency with wonderfully attentive staff and an incredible group of potential partners. Really special. I found my fiancee using this service.

What More can I ask?

Trudy Gilbert from Elite Introductions International is indeed a special person. I was very apprehensive when I visited her office. However, Trudy very quickly put me at ease . Within just one week, she has been able to introduce me to a lovely lady - with whom I have already shared dinner, and planned further dates!

Elite - Not worth it!

Extremely disappointed with the level of service received and lack of care factor. Decided to walk away from this service forfeiting the generous fee that I paid. I have since met a wonderful man who is equally if not more successful and accomplished than I am. We are planning a romantic holiday to Queenstown followed by three weeks in the States and after we return from our trip we are moving in together after only a few months of dating. Stick to the old fashioned way of finding love and happiness. No one knows you better than you know yourself...and certainly not some matchmaker whose only vested interest is in collecting her fees.

Elite They Are Not

I signed up for the service which gives you a set amount of dates. I was very specific about what I wanted and I don't believe unreasonable at all. I wanted a man taller than me and someone who did not already have children. I was young enough to be this picky, I thought. The first date I had was fantastic, he was everything they said, but the next four were all downhill - nothing like I wanted.

I know there's no formula for love, but when they take several thousands of your dollars, you think you could say 'more of the same' please and they would manage stick to two relatively simple criteria. I was with them for over a year and I can't count how many people left during this time - hard to get continuity/consistency when after a date the person you're talking to about what wasn't quite right about the 'match', is reading limited notes someone else wrote, and that is that.

They made me feel like they were really discerning, which was certainly naive of me, if you have a few grand they will take your money. It felt like once they had that, there really wasn't the strong desire to find a match at all. Before anybody says anything like I was probably a difficult cow, I can assure you I am not. I'm happily in a relationship now. With someone slightly taller and no kids.

Have realistic expectations with this service, they'll take your coin and once they have that they offer no guarantees and I'm sure are more interested in adding more people to their database than really caring about finding their clients' a match. Just my experience. Lovely to hear some good news stories but that was not my experience with Elite.

Great service! - highly recommend

"Wow, I am so glad I joined Elite! My first introduction was with an intelligent and successful man, we just didn’t click .
Shortly after meeting him, Elite contacted me with another introduction and this one has lots of potential. We have so much in common and have really similar attitudes & sense of humour. Early days but I have never met such a perfect match!
I read some of the negative reviews before I joined and decided to ignore them and make my own decision after meeting with Elite. I find it hard to believe we are reviewing the same service.
If you are single and want to meet successful, intelligent people this is the only service I am aware of that attracts the calibre of people I want to meet.”

Elite Introductions has helped make 2015 a "Dream Come True" for me!

Although I had concerns about a dating service, and having never tried online dating or any dating service before, I met with Elite Introductions in September, and after my mother finally encouraged me to try it, I joined in November 2014. Well I can honestly say it has changed my life!

After being introduced to someone in January, and doing a long distance relationship, myself having a young child, we are recently engaged and so in love - completely over the moon! You couldn't have planned or scripted this! We realised very early on that we had fallen in love with each other, and we have taken the time and effort to build our love and life together. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen so quickly, but when you know, you just know!

Elite helped look at both myself and my fiancé's personality to see we would ignite each other. And that we do! I also appreciate the fact they were supportive of us meeting and were completely professional and quick at helping us arrange our first meeting when we both lived in different cities. They did this seamlessly, which I greatly appreciate being someone who's work and travel can sometimes be demanding. I encourage all people to have an open mind and heart about living in different places. Love can be anywhere, and not always where you expect.

We are both in close contact with our friends at Elite Introductions and would recommend their service to anyone serious about finding someone. The most important thing is not the people at Elite Introductions (although they are totally stella girls!), it's actually YOU! If you have the right attitude, an open heart, and enjoy life and meeting people - then Elite can help you on your journey.

Don't waste your time or money

I implore others to avoid disappointment with this service. I have no problem finding dates but chose Elite to help me find high calibre matches to compliement my offerings in a relationship . Elite was full of promises upon joining and had my first date arranged within a week (very clever tactic). The service quickly declined from thereon after I had parted with the $5000 cash. The staff member I dealt with was friendly enough but the business failed to deliver on the service time and time again. I was the one chasing Elite to get service, there was poor post date follow up, and months would go by without hearing anything. I got the impression there was not a lot of people on their books so matches were based on availability rather than compatibility. There were a couple of blatant mismatches which I think is unacceptable given the fee and promise of carefully selected dates. If I had not invested so much to join, and angered at being ripped off, I would have given up with them much sooner. There was no farewell just the usual silence. In hindsight i really should have insisted on a refund or complained to consumer services. During my induction interview the recruiter received a call from an irate customer complaining of only 3 matches in the last year saying "how can you take the money?" I'm now asking the same question.

Thank you Elite Introductions

Thank you Elite Introductions. I am currently dating a very nice man I met through Elite and we have been seeing each other for 12 months now. We are very well matched, have lots in common and have been on two great holidays together (Tassie and New York). Prior to this introduction I went on 3 dates with Elite. All ‘gentleman’ were very nice (nicely dressed, well mannered), we had plenty to talk about, similar interests and life experiences etc., and on each occasion, while it did not go any further, I had a very enjoyable time.

I think Elite did well to set-up my expectations at the beginning, sometimes there was a gap between dates, however the Elite kept in touch and indicated that we would continue to work together until a successful match was made. I have tried one other dating services and while the dates came quicker, not one of my dates were suitable, to the point of me feeling very uncomfortable on one occasion – this never happened with Elite. Again, thank you Elite.

Elite changed our lives - now both happily married!!

I met my husband through Elite introductions International as we were both members. My experience was positive, i found the agency to be professional and that they genuinely cared about matching people interested in long-lasting relationships. In our case we were both over 50, divorced for several years and had adult children and were looking for a partner to travel with and spend the rest of our lives together. We had both tried lots of alternatives to meet like minded people prior to joining Elite. I would not hesitate to recommend their service to any discerning man or woman looking for their soulmate.

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