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Singles Events Melbourne

Singles Events Melbourne

4.9 from 149 reviews

Great company

Really welcoming and best speed dating event that I’ve been to in Melbourne. Great venue. Highly recommended to anyone that wants a great company to look after you and really give you a great experience.

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Lin you rockstar thank you so much for this review!

Best one out there!

Meets numbers, makes it fun & easy to attend. Second time I’ve been & will go again. Company is good & keeps it very interesting & fun. Host is very very very funny too.

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Thank you so much for this review Annie! So glad you like attending our events.

Great night!!

Fantastic Italian dinner, city venue was easy ti get to. Made new friends!!! Fantastic Saturday night out!! Venue staff were very professional and attentive. Well organised. Recommend to all. Great company. Thanks Tommy

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Thank you so much Carmel! Fantastic review!

Great night out

Everyone was fabulous and easy to talk to. Great location and easy to find. As a first timer, I was so nervous but everyone was super friendly.

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Bev you are amazing thank you so much for this review!

Best speed dating company

Having been to other speed dating events through other companies, this one was the most professionally run with a great friendly host! Classy venue.

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Thanks so much Jules! What a fantastic review thank you so much for sharing your experience!

Great night out

Great people, awesome host - fun, friendly, down to earth people. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone as it was really good.

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Thanks so much, Kelly! What a great night it was and it's thanks to people like you being so warm and welcoming!

Best party ever!!!!

Attended the singles party and had the time of my life! With all the men at my disposal! Definitely better than online.

You are such a legend Louise! Thank you so much for writing this up for us! =DIt was a great night, thank you!!

Perfect day out on a tour

This was such an amazing day out in this tour. The tour guide Tommy was entertaining and accommodated everyone. The breweries were well chosen. Would I go again? Yes for sure!

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You legend Ella! It was indeed an amazing day thanks so much for this review!

Second time and still love their beer cider tours

I went to the beer and cider tour back in july and decided to go again today as a last minute decision. Tommy was very helpful and let me in spare of thr moment. What a great day for it with a 30 degrees day. Recommend

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Always good to have you with us Steve! You bring such a positive vibe with you every time!

Cannot recommend enough

Attended 5 months ago and have convinced my friends to attend as it was an absolute blast. This company is extremely professional and I can say from personal experience, that this platform works

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Therese, you are such a champion! I really appreciate you recommending Dee to one of our events! I wish you and your new man the very best for the future! Such wonderful news!

Fantastic night

Just attended an event and I was completely amazed at how fabulous the whole thing was! The host Tommy was very welcoming and the speed daters were all so lovely to chat with. Receommded to all

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You legend Dee! Thank you so much for taking the time to write up the review! So glad you had such a fun time at the event.

Boring, long walk in heels and events cancelled

The bar hopping was “walk between each on foot” which is not practical when women wore heels. Another event was cancelled with 30min notice and money not refunded for me or my friend. Staff and management were agreessive in their emails to me, there are so many better singles events to attend.

Hello everyone! One of our competitors have created several Google profiles, targeted us and our partner venues such as The Social Bar, Campari House, Ladida, The Bay Hotel, and Vince & Me and have unfairly attacked us ALL with multiple 1-star reviews on all of our Google pages. This has been going on for the last 3 weeks. Now they are targeting us all here on Product Review with more 1-stars. If you read this review carefully, who would book a bar-hopping event, wear heels, then leave us a 1-star for bar-hopping in heels? Sounds like this was written by a male as us women are in heels, standing for hours during a night out and it's not an issue in the slightest. Coupled with the fact that the ‘long walk’ is literally not even 50 meters from one venue to another. See how we know this is a fake competitor review? They don’t even know the distance from venue to venue. Only someone that has booked and has been to the event would know the distance is very short. And second, to say we cancelled 30 minutes before an event and did not refund is a joke. Thank you, everyone, we love you all. Keep on being awesome! Regards, Rebecca www.singlesevents.melbournePlease don’t disregard my own honest opinion, I am certainly entitled to it. Your terms and conditions use bully tactics which is also what I experienced from you. A negative review is something you should be asking me how you can improve customer service.The only reason you are trying to drag us down, is because you place us so high. And that's the biggest compliment our competitors could give us. We don't care about trying to convince the public this is a fake review, instead here is a message to you. The energy you put into your failed attempts to discredit our fantastic company should be put into improving your own. Maybe then you won't get so many bad reviews from your members. Once again thank you, everyone, we love you all. Keep on being awesome! Regards, Rebecca www.singlesevents.melbourne

Great way & great day

My first singles event was a Beer & Cider tour. I chose it for both the chance to visit the Yarra Valley and to meet fellow singles in a less pressured environment. The tour, Tommy and the the day delivered. Gorgeous weather, good energy, and good cider.

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Kay this review is amazing!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this for us!

Speed Dating

First time speed dating and had a fun night meeting new people and having a laugh. Would recommend highly and would go again

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You are such an amazing gal Amanda thank you so much for this review!!

Top notch event

This is a shout out to Tommy and the team at Singles Events Melbourne. Tommy made my friend and I feel at ease from the start with his warm welcome, cheeky humour and getting everyone to mingle before the event even started. The thought of 7 minutes conversation with over 13 men required a sneaky Pinot Grigio and little else as it was a pretty relaxed night with good conversation. The night finished early for some and others kicked on in the bar for one or two more vinos. What i loved at the end was how Tommy and the waitstaff made sure there was someone to walk all the ladies to their car, train or in my case the bar next door. Tommy checked in with us more than once to make sure we were safe to get home. That was what i didnt expect and why i am writing this message, because that was above and beyond and it didn't go unnoticed. Will i use these guys again?, well i guess that depends on how my match goes!!!!!!

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Melanie thank you so much for this amazing review!!!!! Wow, you really are attentive! Member experience and safety is paramount at our events we're so glad you had a fantastic time with us! Wishing you the very best with your results email and please do contact us if you snag yourself a long-term winner!


I went to participate in the speed dating event that was being hosted by [Name Removed] at the World Vegan event in Melbourne, in the hope to find some romance. However, instead of being treated with respect and dignity and being registered like all the other women present, I was repeatedly ignored. I was standing first in the cue so that the person in charge, [Name Removed], could register me but strangely he kept walking past me (completely ignoring me) and selecting women who were behind me in the cue, asking them to participate. At first I thought it was just odd, but once my mum's partner pointed out to my that this person was ignoring me and being extremely rude, I decided to confront him, so I asked him why he wasn't asking me to register. The first thing he asked me, in an extremely rude manner, was "how old are you?" in a very confronting way. I said " what do you mean how old I am? you didn't ask any of the other women that question" and I told him he was downright rude and arrogant. I was extremely upset that somebody would treat me like that just because I am slightly overweight. All the other women he had in there or was busy trying to sign up were slim.

I went away. I stood with my mum and sister and took a photo of the banner of the event, since at this point I had decided to report this person and his highly discriminatory attitude towards me.
He came towards me in a bid to grab my phone away and I warned him not to touch my phone.
I had a heated argument with him and I told him off for his nasty attitude and behavior.

I went out of the hall (where the speed dating event was taking place) with my mum and her partner and I suddenly saw this gentleman with a security guard. He asked the security guard to kick me out of the event as he made false allegations that he wasn't feeling safe around me.

My mum's partner and I both explained to this guard that [Name Removed] was a totally insensitive and ignorant person who was discriminating me based on my weight. The security guard did not ask me to leave and showed no interest in [Name Removed] false and made up accusations.

I stuck around for a while, but I was deeply hurt, and left soon after. This person ruined my day.

He made me feel horrible, ugly and unwanted. I would like to see [Name Removed] take complete accountability and responsibility for his behavior. I think [Name Removed] should be accountable for the emotional distress and discrimination he put me through. I would strongly advice any big women to stay away from any of his dating services as he has no manners or empathy. He clearly does not know how to treat people with respect, regardless of their size. He is not only shallow, but also rude. Please don't go to his speed dating events if you are overweight or obese, as he will surely make you feel unwanted.

I expect he might respond to this review, trying to tell a different story... but he is not the one who was discriminated today. This man has NO ethics nor values, and I believe it is not only my right, but also my duty to report it.

Also, [Name Removed] you are certainly not a peaceful or a loving person, you just enjoy acting it. It wont be incorrect to say that you are also very racist. Keep answering and making excuses but you have certainly turned me off speed dating forever. Thanks for being the jerk you were. Keep it up, it truly suits you and your personality.

Also, I am proud that I had the courage to confront you and call you out on your pathetic attitude because it is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Hello Aneesha. I can see why you were so angry now. There is no excuse for such anger but at least I can see why. You have completely misunderstood that entire moment and because of that misunderstanding, you erupted by screaming, swearing and taking photos of me which is why I got security to have you escorted out. You did that in front of 40 other people that did not deserve to experience such hostility from you. To say that you were rejected because of your weight is absurd. To say we were only letting skinny people in is also absurd. There were males and females of all sizes and we took photos of the sessions that show just that. Aneesha at that moment, what you didn’t know was that the people we were being checked into the speed dating session had all received a text from us as they pre-registered all their details an hour prior which is why there were so many people there at the one time you arrived. Is it starting to make sense now? Don’t you remember us asking people “did you receive a text” before we let them in? We were also asking their ages upon arrival so we knew which age group to place them in because, at that very moment, we were running 3 sessions at the same time with 3 different age groups. So that means we had over 40 people there that were pre-registered and that we had to check in which is why we were scrambling around to see who received the text. Instead of sitting back and examining the full situation, you made an assumption and just snapped. Then when you got your back up about and started screaming at me with accusations of “ignoring you and being rude”, that also got my back up as I was trying to work out what the hell your problem was amongst coordinating 40 other people! There were other people trying to get into a session like you. We told them they too must register first. So they stepped aside to wait for registration. You on the other hand, just got hostile because you thought you were being singled out. Why on earth would you even have such thoughts? Did you see anyone else snap at us as you did? Instead, they patiently waited until everyone was checked in and the session started. We then registered them and they had their session about 30 minutes later which you could’ve been a part of. But you know what, I’m not a hostile person. I believe in love, peace and the benefit of the doubt. Allow me to be the first to hold up a white flag and welcome you and a friend to attend a real speed dating event on the house. You’ll get to meet up to 16 single men at one of our evening events. These men simply want to meet single ladies. If you can put aside your doubt and try to understand the situation for what it actually was, please contact us and we will arrange a free event for you!Thanks for the invite but NO THANKYOU!! Its not OK to discriminate and be racist and then offer me a free invite. I do respect myself and certainly have no intention of socialising or meeting people who insult me and treat me the way you treated me. I would sincerely sugguest you reflect upon the type of person you have become. I have read your replies to the other negative reviews and you always blame others and refuse to take any responsibility for either your actions or the services you provide. Says a lot about you Tommy!!It was you who mistreated me Aneesha when you abused me in front of 40 other people which is why you were escorted out. Aneesha did you not notice my staff member was Indian? He was the one taking registrations. Not only that, we many people from the Indian subcontinent attend the sessions at World Vegan Day amongst many other nationalities. See Facebook for photos if you like! But apparently, we were racist towards you, discriminated aginst your weight and we tried to steal your phone? Seems you like to throw around big words for fun. I'm glad the readers can see the type of person we are dealing with here.

Have to try it!!

First time attending reallt enjoyed it. After being stood up from a girl from online dating, speed dating it the way forward

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You legend Frank! Thank you so much for your review! Online dating is indeed awful and we're so glad you favour speed dating instead.

What a blast!

Many thanks Tommy for a great day. Lots of laughter and drinking with great people
Will definitely be doing it again

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You're such a legend Andrew! It was awesome to meet you, my friend, we hope to see you at speed dating soon!


I had no expectations. An amazing day, from laughter to great company. Would I do it again? Definitely. Thanks Tommy.

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Thank you so much Maryanne!! You are such a legend and we would absolutely love to see you again!

Great beer and cider day out

Good day very punctual for start
Bit awkward at start but picked up very quickly
Good tours lovely lunch but awesome day overall

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You are simply awesome James! It was an absolute pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much for this review, hope to see you again!

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Questions & Answers

Do you have any events for over 60’s? I have noticed that some events include up to 62. I am 65. Would be good to see an expvent for 60-70 year olds. Colleen
1 answer
Hey there Colleen! We have the perfect page for you on our website that shows all events for singles over 50. It also includes 50+ dinner events. Please visit this page here: https://singlesevents.melbourne/singles-over-50

My friend wants to know (and I'm a bit interested too now) do you guys run events in Sydney?
1 answer
Not yet :)

How can I sign up?
1 answer
Hey there! to sign up, please head to www.singlesevents.melbourne/register

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