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Speed Dating Australia

Speed Dating Australia

3.8 from 133 reviews

Excellent initiative

The event was really well organised and ran smoothly. It was an enjoyable evening and you get to meet people from different walks of life. Highly recommended to try at lease once!!

Brisbane Speed Dating

Brisbane Speed Dating
Great hosts. The event was organised and run well. I meet an eclectic and interesting group of people about 18 in total. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the event.

Brisbane Speed-Dating, lotsa dates & a room with view

My friend & I thoroughly enjoyed speed-dating at Jade Budda. We met a lot of lovely potential suitors. During the break we enjoyed an included free beverage & could casually chat with other speed-daters while enjoying the stunning backdrop of the Brisbane River.

Meeting people this way feels much more organic than internet dating as you can tell if there’s an instant attraction & determine if you have interests in common quicker than via the internet. Worth every cent spent!

Perth speed dating

I always have fun. I have found the staff to be very professional and helpful. The class of people that I have met through this experience have been lovely. Will go again.

The BEST way to meet and date

Speed Dating Australia's organised speed dating nights are simply the best way to meet a potential partner. The night for me was fun, stress free and I got LOTS of matches. Ive tried online dating for a long time now and I can honestly say in comparison to speed dating online dating comes last. I met so many interesting people and had some great converstions and i highly recommend it.

Fun night

Always a fun experience to get out and socialize in the hopes of finding someone you click with. I've been to 3 so far and there's always been different people! Definitely prefer meeting face to face at speed dating than online dating. It gives you that opportunity to feel the energy they give out rather than reading things off a page. Each time I've been has led to at least one date and this last time is no different. Date lined up with someone I felt a spark with and I'm excited to see where things go. Totally worth attending one of Speed Dating Australia's events!

Fun experience!

Love the fact that these guys create events where you get to meet at least 18-20 people. Fun events. Good and easily accessible venues that change frequently so each experience is different

Fun way to meet other singles

The events are well organised and the staff do a great job of easing everyone into it. It’s a great way to get out and meet other singles. I much prefer meeting potential dates face to face and chatting to them for a few minutes, rather than online. There are also a couple of short breaks during the evening, which is a great opportunity to chat to potential dates more.

Fun way to meet new people

I had a really fun night. It moved very quickly and as it was my first time, I was expecting a little longer with each person, but that would have probably gotten old quickly. The evening was paced well and the venue was good. I met 6 potential dates and will definitely consider doing it again.

Not trustable in terms of refunding when they cancel their events

I bought a ticket for one of the events and the event got canceled. I asked for refunding. They didn't even answer my email. They just gave me a promo code to buy another ticket. Be careful guys

We run 5 to 7 events nationally each week, which equates to about 250 to 300 events each year with 9000 to 10,000 happy clients. Happy clients don't run around looking for reviews, it is only the negative people who feel the need to do this. Only around 5% of all our events actually get cancelled. Yes, we did need to cancel the event. We contacted you on Tuesday and asked if you could transfer to another event, then on Thursday morning you decided to post this. We never said we would not refund you, yet less than 48 hrs after the cancelled event you felt the need to write this.First of all, I emailed you about refunding and I waited for more than 2 days to get a response. I didn't expect you to refund me in 2 days, all I expected was a simple response or a confirmation email that you have received my email. However, I received nothing. Then I write a negative review of your service and you email me in less than an hour talking to me like you are my boss!!! "you need to remove your review ASAP" this is exactly what you wrote to me. Is this how you treat your customers? Instead of trying to resolve the issue, you answer like that?!!! Finally, the funny thing is after a week, you are still trying to blame and insult me by saying that I am negative and not to mention that you haven't even responded to me or resolved any issue. I only reflected the truth.Just to update my review, it has been almost 25 days and they didn't refund me at all. This again, confirms what I earlier said about their customer service.

Great Event

It was a fun night. Most guys were chatty and very interesting. It was a night filled with humor and the 5 minutes time slots were perfect for some and not long enough for others!!!. The night was coordinated very well, over all great evening and I would definitely do it again.

Great fun

Easy and fun and simple.
Relaxed and friendly experience
Easy and fun and simple.
Relaxed and friendly experience
Easy and fun and simple.
Relaxed and friendly experience
Easy and fun and simple.
Relaxed and friendly experience

Perfect Venue, Awesome Hosts

What a great way to meet women! The hosts are great , the venue is great, and there is the perfect amount of time to have a chat and see if you have that spark. I would recommend Speed Dating Australia to anyone who wants to meet their future partner!

The real deal

Delivers what it claims. Solid, well run, face-to-face (as opposed to wasting time online) dating events to meet many real local singles in a somewhat fast/rushed format but enjoyable setting/venue operated by good experienced hosts. The rest is up to you.

Fun & different!

After months of online dating. I wanted to try something different. I picked Speed Dating Australia. And I'm glad I did!

The hosts were friendly and put us at ease. It's so different from online dating. Much better. It is a better way to meet new and interesting people who you would not have met otherwise.

Thanks for a great night!

Great way to meet people face to face !

Speed dating in Brisbane was a great way to meet some new people while enjoying the riverside bars.

The evening was well facilitated and held in a great venue.

I would recommend it to anyone who prefers to meet people face to face instead of by text !

An entertaining night!

First time speed dating and would definitely consider doing it again. Great way to meet guys face to face as opposed to online, in a safe and respectable environment! The 5 minute timeframe was a bit too short at times though.

Great fun and friendly atmosphere

Events are fun, friendly, and relaxed. Usually met 15-18 people in an evening. Always feel like there is never enough time finish a conversation. Have done this event several times.

I had lots of fun.

It was a fun night. Most men were great and very respectful. It was a night filled with humor and awesome 5 minutes conversations, with few drinks and nibbles I would definitely do it again.

Great fun

I had a good time and was a fun experience and great way to meet people outside of the internet dating scene.. fun, real and also met some nice people for friendship too.

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