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Speed Dating Australia

Speed Dating Australia

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Great way to find yourself a man

My friend and I had a great night out, it was a great opportunity to meet men who were interested in a relationship. Had a chance to make new friends, both male and female. Our host was fantastic and the night ran smoothly.would highly recommend

A fun night out!

This is a great way to meet a bunch of new people at once while giving you the chance to spend just a few minutes with each person, exploring the connection you might have. This kind of dating allows you to see if chemistry is present quickly, rather than spending weeks chatting online and committing lots of time to one date. A fun experience, bring your friends!

Great way to meet people

A great way to meet single men, beats online dating any day too! Met over 15 guys & had a chance to chat more in the break too. I liked that they had 3 options (friend, date or nothing), got a match list the next day, was run quite professionally & I'm glad I tried it out.

Professional and safe way to meet new men from all walks of life

The host at the event was a great communicator. The location and set up was great.
I felt so relaxed and comfortable meeting new men from all different walks of life.
Half way during the event there was a drinks break and a food break, and it gave people the opportunity to chat if they found someone interesting.
On the break I had 2 men really eager to chat . Which gave me a greater opportunity to get to know them better.
It was a safe way to meet new men and It was fun. I would highly recommend it.
I now have 2 dates and 8 new male potential friends that could have male single friends that I could meet.

Great experience

I love speed dating option and this place is awesome. I find it is time consuming looking for someone on line and meeting them eventually, where Speed Dating Australia gives the opportunity to meet many people in one evening. Very happy with how all is well organized and run smoothly. The atmosphere is nice and everyone friendly. Great for finding a soulmate or make friendships.

Awesome time

It was a great event and the hosts were very friendly. Enjoyabale night, definitely do it again. Nice and convenient venue with friendly bar staff with an easy going and relaxed atmosphere. A great way to meet people.

Sign me up

Great format to meet people in a short period of time from all walks of life. Strongly recommend it and will be signing up again. and the snack break in between is good too.

Better than online dating

You might not meet the love of your life, but it is a super efficient way to talk to 18 people in an evening. It would take so many wasted hours in online dating before you can talk to 18 people face to face. Event hosts were warm, professional and well organised. Fun night out to talk with different people.

Good opportunity to meet new people

Speed dating with these guys is a very efficient way to meet lots of guys - 17 in the case of the session I went to. Of course not everyone will be your cup of tea but it’s a great way to break the ice when it’s so hard to meet people in Sydney. The venue (Cohibar) was welcoming and cosy and the host was friendly. I would recommend.

Good mixture

Interesting group of people at the event. Well organised and communicated. The location can be varied to cater for different people having to travel into the city. Free drink stamps.

Fun experience

This company was very professional and made the whole experience fun and exciting. This was my first time but I felt very comfortable and confident meeting other people. Highly recommend!

Well organised and great fun

Great set up and awesome vibes in the room. Much better than I could ever have expected! If you haven't tried it, I'd definitely recommend that you give it a shot.

What a fun night

Well organised, a light fun night with a great variety of people to meet. Venue is great down by the water. Highly recommend to meet friends and maybe more ... enjoy

Well hosted and great venue

Friendly and informative hosts whereby nothing was a problem. Greta vibe and people were fun and friendly which made it a very positive night. Venue itself at King St Wharf provided amazing Italian food for the break.

Good experience and great hosts

The venue I went to was set up really nicely, and they had a couple of hosts managing the flow of the night. The hosts were approachable and friendly, created a really nice experience for everyone to get to know each other. Only suggestion I'd make for improvement would be that it'd be great to have a younger age group night available.

Speed Dating for YOUNG People ONLY to avoid COMPLAINTS!

I recently tried to book for a Speed Dating Australia event in Melbourne and got rejected from enrolling in the event twice! Reason: "..We rejected your ticket once before. We have just too many guys in the upper end of that age group unfort so we will have to cancel your ticket. We need to have a variety of ages attend to make the event work well without any complaints. We will refund your ticket but have you booked in for the other event, did you book the other event EFT.."

What does it mean when they say..have you booked in for the other event, did you book the other event EFT? I did booked another similar future event via EFT but not yet paying them. Please tell me if you try to exclude me from enrolling in your events because of my age. This is called AGE DISCRIMINATION!

In my view, what they are doing is screening people for their events to ensure good reviews. If they think you do not fit in their criteria, whatever this is, they will refund your money and cancel your event invite. Because you don't know exactly what their criteria is, there is ground for suspicions of biases towards certain age groups, backgrounds, gender, race, etc.

Do not waste your time booking their events, especially if you are in the upper age bracket of their events age ranges. They never told me the reason they rejected my booking the first time, just a cold comment: Security issue, seem like a genuine IT system issue. The second time they rejected my second booking, you have the above reason listed.

In summary, save your $$ and meet people via online dating sites or face to face or through friends/networking.

Speed Dating Australia: will I get my refund?

We run 5 to 7 events nationally each week, which equates to about 250 to 300 events each year with 9000 to 10,000 happy clients. Happy clients don't run around looking for reviews, its only the negative people (internet trolls) who feel the need to waste their time doing this. As stated for our GIRLS 30-45: GUYS 32-49 event we were looking for some younger guys. Since you booked very late and were in the top end of age bracket we cancelled your ticket and sent you an email. As explained, we need a variety of ages at our event. Looking back at you [Name Removed], you came to us in 2009 and did VERY poorly, you speak broken english, are rude and negative. We were correct to reject your ticket. We refunded you twice.TIP: Ethical companies are not afraid of bad reviews. This is the opportunity for your company to improve your products and services. Is your company a troll too?

Good way to meet people

Always a good experience, and a good way to put yourself out there. Would recommend definitely coming prepared with a few questions to avoid the awkward silences and just to be yourself.

Appalling - do not use

I booked in for a speed dating event weeks in advance with a friend, and the day before it was cancelled. Naturally, I asked for a refund as the event had been cancelled, I had not cancelled. I had to send another email, chasing up a refund, to which I got a flat "we don't do refunds, we will give you credit for 12 months". Now I sent a third email, explaining that I was going with a friend and we had conflicting schedules, and due to my age (24) there were limited events I could go to at all, and that I would like a full refund. Two weeks later, I still hadn't received a reply to I sent my fourth email, explaining that the company's customer service was appalling, they had cancelled on me, I couldn't attend the upcoming events, and it had literally been weeks trying to sort this out and that I wanted a full refund. Instead of receiving anything useful, I got a reply commenting on 1 sentence from my overall email that was entirely irrelevant, she may as well have not replied at all. I emailed them twice as a follow up the same day (as finally I had gotten a reply), asking to be passed onto someone else that would read my whole email, and still no one bothered to reply. Please note that there is no address or phone number for this company, only an email address that is clearly hardly used.
I do not recommend this company. They're customer service is appalling, unprofessional and unreliable.

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The FIRST and only company still running in Australia, we run 5 to 7 events nationally each week, which equates to about 250 to 300 events each year with 9000 to 10,000 polite clients. 99% of our clients do the right thing, unfortunately there are always the 1% who are rude/aggressive or do the wrong thing such as yourself, who we needed to ban. We have been running since 2004 and you would have to be one of the rudest and most aggressive clients we have ever experienced. Lying, writing nasty & aggressive emails, threatening to troll us with social media etc unless we refunded you immediately. Of course we are not going to reply back to rude and threatening emails - they were ignored. There is absolutely no way we could allow you to meet our male clients. We had to ban you [Reviewers Name Removed as this was not disclosed].

Brisbane Speed-Dating, lotsa dates & a room with view

My friend & I thoroughly enjoyed speed-dating at Jade Budda. We met a lot of lovely potential suitors. During the break we enjoyed an included free beverage & could casually chat with other speed-daters while enjoying the stunning backdrop of the Brisbane River.

Meeting people this way feels much more organic than internet dating as you can tell if there’s an instant attraction & determine if you have interests in common quicker than via the internet. Worth every cent spent!

Perth speed dating

I always have fun. I have found the staff to be very professional and helpful. The class of people that I have met through this experience have been lovely. Will go again.

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Hello, I am looking to change to cancel the event I purchased and change to another one as I have a family commitment to attend. How can I do this? I haven't received a response from my email. Thanks
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