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A Table for Six

A Table for Six

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I'm glad I found A Table for Six, we're lucky to have this. I only go once a month or so because you can meet up again with people you've met. So far I've met some nice ladies they seem to match you up quite well. Next weekend it's a bike ride up the mountain and out west of Brisbane. She's maybe early 50s I guess but I'm no spring chicken I'm 59. The money side doesn't worry me, I like it for the people.

Money for nothing

I wish I had read the reviews before parting with my hard earned money. I joined up & got invited to one dinner (Not one I requested to go to). One man was there to make up the numbers, the other two were considerably older than me. Since then, despite putting in over 8 expressions of interest to attend a dinner, I did not receive an invite to any of them. I then got an offer on a night I had shown no interest in & was unable to attend. Once putting in an expression of interest, you have to wait to see if you get an invite, which is usually issued 48hrs before the dinner. Plays total havoc with trying to organise your own social life. You put many EOI in for the month, hoping to get a least one invite, which rarely happens. Despite advertising 2-3 dinners per week in my age group, you never know if they have filled up or just not gone ahead. They tell you you can turn down dinners if unable to attend, but that is not what you pay for. AT46 never answered direct questions regarding the size of the pool of men & women in my age group. I can only agree with all the other reviews & say BEWARE.

Biggest scam ripping off innocent singke people which a current affair should investigate

The week I joined I got accepted to one dinner where only one guy turned up. Then nothing. I applied for 2 dinners per week that month. The next month I applied for 7 dinners in one month and wasn't invited to one dinner. So effectively I paid $120 to go to one dinner where only one guy turned up. When I requested a refund since they failed to uphold their end of the contract and provide one dinner a month they refused to respond to my numerous emails or text messages. They also expect you to wait until Friday morning in anticipation of an email telling you that you are going to dinner that Saturday. Upon reading everyone elses reviews it appears that I wasn't the only person ripped off. Try Encounter Dating or City Swoon instead. When you buy the ticket you know that you are going out for sure. And if they don't get enough people they actually give you a credit for another event. These are legitimate companies. Table for six is a scam company and the sooner a program like channel 9s A Current Affair or 60 minutes exposes them for the frauds they are the better. I was forced to give a rating to submit this review so had to give 1 which says it is terrible

What dinners? Promises. Promises.

What did I pay $499 12 months ago for. Constantly being ignored. 3 dinners in 8 months. The first part of my membership was on hold due to unexpected surgery.
I expected more of [name removed].

The restaurant and company were excellent

This was a most enjoyable relaxing evening with excellent company and the staff at this restaurant were excellent. They even split our bill for us and we all paid individually, saved us working out how much we had to pay

Wonderful opportunity to meet people

Thank you to Margaret and her team for carefully planning and arranging well thought out groups of people who come together as strangers and leave as friends. I have attended a couple of dinners and each dinner has provided me with the opportunity to get to know people in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The restaurants are always great quality and the company even better!

Great way to make new friends whilst looking for a mate

I was a bit sceptical at first but i am so happy i joined a few months ago. It is so much better than a dating website where you are lucky to actually meet a potential partner at all. In a few months i have been invited to 4 dinner parties and attended 3. It is such a relaxed way to meet people without the usual awkwardness of a one on one with a stranger where you dont feel any attraction. With 6 to 8 persons attending, i have made some great friends both male and female. This is just the best way to look for a potential partner.

Enjoyable dinner, enjoyable conversation

I had a nice time at my very first Table for Six dinner last Saturday night.

The conversation was good and the food was nice. It was not the best Italian meal I've ever had but it was hot, the service time was efficient and the waiter was very polite and professional. There was not a lot of ambience at the restaurant as we were the only table in the restaurant for most of the night. The plus was that we didn't need to worry about laughing loudly. The restaurant was very quiet but I guess that is to be expected as the venue was the restaurant of a motel which I'm sure would be much busier mid-week with corporate travelers as opposed to Saturday nights.

I enjoyed a very sociable evening in a safe and friendly environment. I'll definitely be signing up for another.

Great night on the town

Last Saturday evening I was invited to dine at an exclusive restaurant in the city with some like minded Sydney siders. The group had immediate rapport as we shared great conversation delicious Italian cuisine & a some select wine. The night flew by and while some of our party headed home after dinner a few of us headed out for a night cap & dancing. The company was most enjoyable. We dined and chatted in a relaxed safe environment and I hope to catch up with at least one of our party again the near future. My faith in dinner parties with complete strangers has been restored. Thank you Margaret for a great night on the town. Looking forward to the next table for six outing.

Great night! Great people!

I had a great time. This was my first event, and while I was nervous to attend, the company was brilliant and we chatted easily across so many topics. I sincerely had a wonderful night. Great, interesting people, the food (especially the duck fat potatoes) was really nice. Loved the venue. It was a fun evening, with a great bunch of people who made it very easy to engage with all night. Lots of laughs. Both male and female company were delightful. I think it really was a great bunch of people to meet. Thank you. Looking forward to the next night.

Be positive and you will have a positive experience! Megan Brisbane

I am new to BRISBANE and found A Table for Six excellent for experiencing great restaurants in different suburbs and meeting new people. I have had 2 gentlemen express interest in meeting again and had lunch with one nice gentleman. I have been to at least 6 dinners and had some very pleasant evenings. Get out and be positive and you’ll have a good time !

Very very very ordinary!!!!

After paying for two months and requesting to attend a dinner every week for that time, I was invited to ZERO DINNERS! This experience was terrible. I did request a refund for giving them money for "NOTHING". I have received one response saying they would prioritise me that week, and surprise, surprise - Nothing happened! I sent a further email requesting a refund. No response again! I cancelled my membership today and have lost in total $120 down the drain! after they have taken another $35 out of my account. A SCAM! A waste of money! both I expect.

Waste of time

Before table of six changed its system (dec 2018) I had paid for a full year. Went to one dinner, only after I reminded them that I had requested a few other dinners and was unsuccessful. Than it turned out it was 8 for dinner! Had to remind them re emails. Since new system, I haven’t received any email. No contact. They don’t deliver.
Most expensive dinner I’ve ever been to.

Total Scam

I signed up and registered to attend close Tom 15 events. I did not get any information about any of them so I doubt they actually exist. Their phone number goes through to a voice mail box and they don’t return calls or emails. An absolute, complete waste of money. Don’t sign up unless you feel like throwing money away.

A phantom company!

I paid online for this membership 85 Aud, after reading on their website about all these dinners and events. I tried to book myself for 2 dinners for 2 weeks in advance unsuccessfully.
I emailed them about 3 times , no answer.
I called them and left messages about 3 times, no answer. What a sham!
Now I want and hope for my money back.

Make sure you understand what is on offer

I was a member for approximately three years. The company offers six opportunities/dinners per year but this includes group meetings for example New Years Eve, cocktail nights, Christmas party etc. Therefore if four such functions are offered each year then two dinners make up the contractual six opportunities.

Not everybody enjoys group events for various reasons and feel more comfortable attending dinners. This will then make your yearly membership expensive.

At one stage I booked in for twelve dinners over a six week period and received no dinners. After contacting the company I was told I had meet the diners before. I found this difficult to believe as I had not attended a large number of dinners as they were so difficult to get a seat at. I found a number of men attended the dinners for the social contact with other men and had no intention to request phone numbers of the female diners. A little disappointing as the service is touted as an opportunity for singles to meet other singles.

Would I recommend them - no as I do not believe they deliver what they advertise.

Pay them NOTHING as that is EXACTLY what you will get with this company - nothing

$400 down the drain. I have not even had an invitation on a dinner since I joined up five months ago. Yes, five months and I've got nothing. I have called and called and emailed and written letters stating my dissatisfaction. They say, I'll look into it and call you back. They have never replied to even one of my calls. The whole thing is a sham. Save your money and stay away. I am now going to Fair Trading and/or small claims to get my money back from these people. I've given them one star, only because it wont let me give them minus one star.

It fulfills all my hopes.

Table 6 was the best thing I did as I wanted to meet my new soul mate and make new friends. I didn't want to go on the internet, I preferred face to face. The dinners are fantastic and you meet lots of different people and find out about them, the dinners are in your age group. I always have a big laugh. Just recently Table 6 started some new activities a perfume workshop for ladies and dinner, winery tour in the Hunter Valley, Theatre shows in the city, Sydney Harbour Kayaking and lunch. I attended the perfume workshop and a fantastic time making two bottles of perfume, I also did the winery tour and bought some nice wines and lovely lunch, I am going to do the kayaking next, so I look forward to having a great time paddling in between ferries etc.
All I can say is don't miss your chance of meeting people.

Ripoff stay away

They make promises they can’t deliver on. It’s supposed to be a table for 6 but you often get 4 or 5 which messes everything up. They lie to get people in, take your money and will refuse to refund. Stay away from this operation.

Dreams really do come true

Yes a terrible cliché I know! However after being divorced and single for a number of years I decided to give Table for Six a go. I found the team to be approachable & professional. All the dinners I attended were friendly and the people like minded & genuine. The format is non-threatening and safe, unlike internet dating. I met a wonderful man after only three dinners, and we have just celebrated 12 months together. Yes, dreams really do come true, & I am so glad I made the leap of faith.

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Questions & Answers

I have been to a few events with A Table for Six so far I have enjoyed myself and have met some lovely members. Question (1) What is your selection process for dinner membership? (2) How does everyone avoid the trolls who write such awful reviews? .
2 answers
The trolls wouldn’t write such awful reviews if they got the opportunity to go out for dinner which is what they pay their membership for. Dinner with other diners is lovely, that is not the issue. The issue is paying membership to be included in dinners, which often doesn’t happen.Totally agree with you Lois. I find it impossible to get invites to dinners and it’s frustrating and I feel ripped off. Constantly being overlooked when I know others are successful is soul destroying and it was a lot of money I spent for virtually zilch. The excuses are always the same. If there is a shortage of men stop taking innocent women’s money.

Table for six do you think you have met your monthly contractual obligation if a person applies for two dinners per week and gets invited to no dinners that month which is my experience with you.
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Hi Bel: In general I get into most dinner in my age group, but that seems to be with males as there do not seem to be many males compared with females. Don't know what age group you are in. But I do like the meet ups I have had with Table for six but not like the new web page Ian

When are you going to reply to all my emails and telephone calls, Table for Six? I've paid you hundreds of dollars but you have never, ever bothered to (1) return my phone calls, or (2) book me onto even one dinner. Warning to others, don't pay them a cent!
1 answer
I have had the same issues. I would suggest making a complaint with the ACCC

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