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Cover-More Global Sim

Cover-More Global Sim

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NevilleSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 4 reviews
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works well for us


We have been using global sim for several years and have had no problems. About to top up the account for our next trip visiting several countries next week. It maybe a little strange operationally the first time you use it but it's very cost effective.



  • 2 reviews

Do not buy this sim!!!


I’ve only been in the UK for 5 days and they have already stuffed up twice and I’ve spent about $120 on it already. Pathetic service. I have 5 weeks left of my trip and now I have to go out and try to find a sim with a different company when I don’t know anything about where I am. Absolute crap.

Rich Talbot

Rich TalbotLaunceston

  • 3 reviews

Way too expensive. Just get a local sim upon arrival


This was our second time using Global Sim. The first time was okay, number workied in UK fine. However, now that we use Data more than texts/calls, it was WAY too expensive. It's much better to just get a 10 pound pay as you go card upon your arrival (they sell them in vending machines at airports). That 10 pound top up would have lasted our WHOLE 4 week trip (4Gb data, 2000 texts, 500 mins) as opposed to the PAYG rates from Global Sim, in which we had to keep topping up $50 every week. We stopped after the second top up and just got a new UK sim. We won't be using GlobalSim any more, and do not recommend it.

It's OK



joseHobart, TAS

  • 8 reviews

This was a disaster.


This was meant to be a GLOBAL SIM, but it proved to be not registered in Indonesia - though many chats with them in Aus. & info on their website said otherwise. Not only that, the Covermore website couldn't be accessed in Indonesia so could only contact by email. So never worked outside of Australia.



Never again


I received a free Cover-More global sim with my NRMA travel insurance to the USA for two weeks. It only worked occasionally. It is also very expensive. The app does not always work. I could not use google earth with it even with data turned on. I do not recommend Cover-More global SIM.



  • 18 reviews

No problems in North America


I have used this SIM card in Canada and USA and it worked flawlessly. I have only used it for calls and had no problem at all in connecting. I don't use data at all because you are better off using free WiFi when you can (abundant in USA). Customer service is good and now there is an app that keeps you up to date with your balance and recharging. Perfect!

Terrible, don't waste your money!!


Bought data and phone plan. Was told I could use it in India but was not able to even make 1 phone call or access the internet. On return to Australia I tried to get a refund which I was told would be honoured due to the inability to use it overseas. That was 2 years ago!! Yep, NO REFUND still. Don't waste your time and energy with this.

Poor access


Worked within reason in UK, but nil in Isle of Man.
Although around 5 supposed providers were indicated in Tasmania, could not find one that would connect - a very frustrating and time-wasting exercise trying them one by one.
Overall I would rate this a very poor deal - little useability in practice and charges for non-use plus a timeout after 90 days if not used regardless of remaining funds.


EmilyGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 10 reviews

They 'overlooked' my order - I didn't even get to use it!


Free SIM card to make using phone overseas easy? Job done I thought. What a nice bonus!
But the ordering process/website was clunky, not intuitive at all.
And although I allowed 7-10 days for processing as suggested, the SIM cards did not arrive before I went overseas.
In fact, the letter was postmarked 2 days after my departure date!
An email to customer service has had no reply.
I just spoke with someone on the phone only to be told "sorry, it was overlooked" and it's not their policy to offer any compensation, so....
And that was that.
Not sure how the SIM card works, but I certainly can't recommend the service!


SusanSydney NSW

  • 3 reviews

Has only worked twice


Got the sim "free" with the travel insurance. Then you load it up, of course. Beware of putting lots of $$$ on it! It may not work. I have tried it in 3 countries - Indonesia, Myanmar & China. Only 2 texts have worked; in Bali & Beijing. I have followed all instructions, from Covermore, my service provider/s and techies. Extremely frustrating and now they have my $46 credit. Their customer service and chat line have been good though, and they did reinstate my credit when I contacted them after problems with the sim card.

Sorry that I didn't look a previous reviews


This sim card is worse than terrible. I wasted my time and money to not get messages from my family or be able to make/receive phone calls. To make things worse, every time I attempted to send a message or make a phone call, I would get an SMS from Cover-More Global Sim telling me what my balance was. I received a total of 30 texts from them from the 5th to the 7th of March, 2017. I made several phone calls to them to resolve the issue on my holidays when I should have been enjoying my holidays!! After 3 days I simply took the Sim card out of my phone and refused to use it.



Barely ever worked, do not buy it is 90% useless. Travelled through the USA and Mexico. My partner and I both had one, it was very difficult to get a call to connect and the data barely ever worked.

One star is too kind


Despite setting this up correctly, I can only use it to call or text. No data. Further, calls and texts don't work in Costa Rica and now Christchurch, NZ. I also don't like it how you have to use it every 3 months or your credit will expire. I'm finally giving up on this sim.

Useless waste of time


Should get no stars! Tried due to free offer with insurance. Previously used a local sim with no issues, this sim never worked. Like other reviews, set up worked fine in Australia but useless in US and Canada. Just glad I only put $10 credit on it. Feel for others who forked out heaps of money.

  • Verified purchase

Bad Sim Does Not Work Customer Service Shocking


Received my free sim and set it up did a test call and all was great. Arrived at our holiday destination and the card will not work. Am dialing all the international codes as advised to but still can not dial out just won't connect. Connected customer service through my computer and they were useless. Definitely do not recommend this.



  • 4 reviews

RUBBISH Didn't work. 10 weeks on still trying to get a refund for the credit I put on it


I took advantage of the free sim for a recent trip. Somehow they sent me 2 (very quickly which was good). I put $100 credit on the sim and was set for my trip. Followed all of the instructions however the SIM would not work. As I was setting it up to take effect the day I left I went without a SIM which was incredibly annoying.
Roughly 10 weeks later and I am still trying to get my money refunded. Appauling customer service.
No surprise as they were horrible to deal with on my travel insurance and tried to rip me off with that also.

Avoid it. Not worth the hassle.



  • 3 reviews

Huge rip off


This product is absolute garbage. Bought a couple for our trip to Japan. Could not use it even once. Although I followed the useless instruction supplied with the sims, they would not function while we were overseas and one of them did not even have bars. Don't get ripped off. I would've been better off paying for the roaming. At least I could have been sure they would work! It is a shame that they continue business.



  • Verified purchase

Terrible, Terrible


Had this because I choose there insurance. Never had problem when I claimed on the insurance but could not get this sim to text from UK to Australia. The cost also went up three weeks into six week stay. Many phone calls but no satisfactory outcome. In future will buy UK sim like I have previously.

Rubbish Don't Buy One!!


This Global Sim never connected overseas no matter what I did--- when arrived home to Australia contacted them by email-no reply-surprise surprise! In future when overseas I will buy a Sim locally and not trust online!

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Does the Cover.more sim work in Russia?
thanks Phillip

1 answer
LL Lou
LL Lou

I do not know personally as I have not been lucky enough to get to Russia as yet, but, I checked their website www.covermoreglobalsim.com and yes they do list Russian Federation as one of the countries. Once you are able to log in it will also give you the rates for each country.
At the time of writing this it costs 0.20 AUD per minute to call from Russia to Australia. Same price for text and 0.25 AUD to receive calls. As with any sim some countries cost more than others but it is often changing so check before leaving.
Even though this may cost more than other brands for me I prefer to know that something works, rather than getting there and having to find something on the spot.
On my last trip to America on the tour I was with there were at least 6 people from Australia who got there and they couldn't get their phones to work.
I hope that this is of some help to you.

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