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Cox LawnBOSS
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Not a massive fan

The lawn mower is fine on flat suburban lawns on a fine day. If however, there is the slightest slope and the grass is wet, the wheels just spin and the mower gets stuck.

Purchased in September 2018.

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Very Good Lawn Mower

This mower is very well built.
As you can see from the photo, I slashed grass over a meter high with it.

Couple of short comings:
1) The tyres are small for this mower. If Cox designers and engineers are reading this, then please install larger tyres for better grip. It is a shame that you build a good ride on but small tyres. I am not the only one that is complaining about the size of it tyres.
2) The Briggs & Stratton Engine is very capable but it is a mess trying to change the engine oil. An Oil Drain Valve extension should be installed as ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT... My 15 years old Yardman with Kholer Engine had it as original Equipment.

Because of the above issues, I gave it 4 stars.
Once the above 2 issues are resolved, then you would be much better than the American imports.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Just needs more grip

Bought this because it is Australian and seemed to have more metal rather than plastic parts. I am happy with it but it has a limitation when it comes to fairly slight inclines - where the tires slip. The agent who sold it suggested that I buy tractor pattern tires - from him for $200 - so I guess I will have to try this...but after $4,400 for the mower I didn't expect to have to pay for anything else. I think that this traction issue is the major problem and if Cox could get it solved they would potentially have the best mid priced mower out there.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Diamond anniversary lawnboss 17.5hp

Had a rover ranger that was past due being upgraded.

Got the diamond anniversary Lawnboss, 17.5hp, 32" single cutter deck from a local dealer sept 2017.

Cut a hectare of rough turf around the house then raised the cutter deck to its highest and moved onto stuff that hadn't been cut in seven years.

Performance was excellent on the "lawn" and really, really good on the paspalum that hadn't been touched for almost a decade. Sometimes needed a run up to get onto the pazzy and it sure loaded up but cut well.

Hit a stump that was half an inch too high in the heavy grass which made it stop and bent one of the swing back blades vertical. Took them both off and hammered the bent one back to the same shape as the other, quick sharpen and back into it.

Very happy with its performance, hits and spits sticks from the gumtrees no problems and cuts the "lawn" around the farm house really well.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Great Machine

Easy to operate. Engine noise levels dictate hearing protection is a must. Only used it a few times and it has been easy to start and easy to control with a decent turning circle. Wheel spin occurs when on a slight incline when pulling plastic cart containing wood. Purchased because it is made in Australia. I hope I don't regret my decision. First ride on mower and I love it..
Had the mower for a few months now and have just fitted a set of mulch blades and side cover. Great as a mulcher as long as revs are increased to cope with the extra load. Always starts first time. Still enjoy mowing lawns. Always a fun ride... I'm still Loving it.!,!

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Definitely no complaints at all

This mower has done a lot of heavy and light work, pull through with flying colours.
Its now 11 years old , I'm ready to purchase a new COX, made in aussie, never had
an ounce of troubles, I would recommend to anyone, (just so long as its looked after)

Date PurchasedJun 2005

Bullet proof ride on.

400+ hrs and not a single problem. Have mowed grass way higher than should have but it just keeps working. Chose honda engine opt that cost $600 extra but thoroughly worth it, starts first time always. Replacement blades bought on ebay a lot cheaper than original parts and last well. Very happy.

Fantastic as always

I have a lawnboss and a 1974 Cox Rideon. The lawnboss is 8 years old and is an excellent unit. I have owned MTD's, Huskys, Rovers etc and they don't even come close in quality. Solid Chassis design, fabricated deck, and hand built . Except for a Greenfield, give me a Cox anyday!!!!!

Only good to mow golf course or pool table!

Absolute rubbish if mowing on any incline or wanting to cut when turning as back wheel breaks traction even on the driest grass. At times this was dangerous and had to get off and stand beside and use the accelerator otherwise couldn't get out of corner facing slightly downhill.

Lawn Boss Cox 13 hp Rubbish BAD engineering

Positive - Good heal/toe operation. Economical blades.
Negatives - Hard to change oil without huge mess, fuel tap mounted on tank/breaks, tyres have no grip, blows head gaskets, awkward blade engage lever.
May have been better designed if made in RUSSIA !
I could have bought a cheap ride on to have similar experience.
Avoid any mower with powerbuilt or intek Briggs engines is also my advice.

Over 10 years of usage

Had the lawn boss for over 10 years now. Initially had problems because the mower repair person I used didn't know what they were doing. He kept telling me I was burning out my starter all the time. 6 years ago, took it to where I bought it and the mower has been great. Tyre grip and punctures is a negative but just keeps going and mows what is in front of it.

13.5hp lawnboss

Have had mower 18months has done a good job,trouble is that the tyres get hard and brittle causing them to roll which breaks the seal on the rims which means they go flat,tubes have to be placed inside,inconvenience when living away from town and have to take wheels off to get tubes put in by tyre company,both extra added costs which I have not endure with greenfields rideon prior to this one.

can't get it to go forward or reverse,have lookedunderwith motor going with my wife operating accelerator,cable does not move ,would something have slipped causing this.Can wheel it freely with motor off.

Tuff as nails

I have been using my Lawn Boss for about 5 years now and it hasn't stopped once! I have treated it with care but have made it pay for itself by doing things mowers aren't supposed to do and it has not let me down even mowing 2 foot high thick grass.
Reliable, midpriced, easy to use

works well

I have had my Cox Lawn Boss for about 4 years,and use it once every couple of weeks.It has performed well over the years.I have a fairly flat 1/2 acre to mow.
I have recently had trouble with the park brake which makes it difficult to start,but once its going it's fine.I have been told the deck will need to get removed to have it fixed.It still starts OK you just need a strong leg to apply the brake so it will start.Overall I am happy with its performance.
reliable,easy to use

I love my lawnboss

The 16.5hp Briggs is Reliable and tuff little machine, turning circle is great got this one as a upgrade from my old cox and can not fault it. Take the front strip off the front of the deck and it ploughs through the toughest of grass.
Solid and built tough for Aussie conditions and grass. Fully welded fabricated deck and swing back blades
Plastic bonnett but other than that nothing

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Cox Lawn Boss. I have had 2 Greenfields, 2 Rovers, and my new 70th birthday present, a new Cox lawn boss so far has proved to be crapp. 1. It cannot handle rises. " the wheels just spin" no problems with others that I have had. 2.Within the first 3 Hrs, I had 4 flat tires. The rubber is so thin that they cannot stand the normal areas that were no problem for my previous mowers.I thought thia was an Australian made mower for Australian conditions.


You only pay for what you get. dont be flattered by the salesman who promised to take care of it for you. contact company with any or all faults, go over the dealerships head
Truthfully, the man that sold it to me!
The biggest heap of [censored word removed] i have ever purchased in my life!!!! i am a single mother who was living on our farm for 10 years before separating. i do know what im talking about even tho im female. biggest fault is the bonnet, keeps breaking loose (snapping latch) thus makes using the machine almost impossible to use. i have a very ruff and undulating 1.5 acre back yard. even used gaffa tape once just so i could finish off yard. brearing seized after 3 months. blades broke within first week and punctured threw top of cutter deck, thus needed welding split closed. electric start stuffed up. tyres always puncturing. chain forever breaking off. last of all, unit unable to actually cut the grass, deck seemed to flatten off longer grass and unit justs drives over it, grass standing back up once driven over. have taken front cowl off to help with this problem.

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If your blades broke within a week, sorry, but you are hitting stuff. Your whole review sounds like mower abuse to me. If your mowing area is very ruff and undulating you might need a small tractor with a slasher and not a ride on mower.


i would never buy this unit over the red cox with the legendary frictiondrive systerm. these mowers share the same sub frame as all coxes and its fairly good quality-compared to mtd or huskvana to name a few. if i had to chose between the friction-drive systerm and this hydrostatic rubbish i would got frictiondrive anyday! if you have the extra mony then go the intec/ic engine over the powerbuilt engin.
BOTTOM LINE: the drive systerm is no where near as good as that on red coxes, if you have the mony then get the red cox with the honda, or the 17 hp briggs stratton.
fairly robust design
it has a turf torq hydrostatic drive

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Friction drives are OK when new.....horrible when old, noisy, lots of vibration and expensive to fix. I would take the hydrostatic drive any day, silent and oh so smooth. I have both so feel able to make informed judgement.


This Manchine beats any cox with friction drv Friction drv has costly repairs low speed very unreliable, and makes awfull sounds Most poeple dont buy the correct mahine for there application, this is not a slasher machine, this is made for clean cut smooth lawns, not rocks,twiggs and sand. Ive never had a problem with this machine as i ahve purchase the right machine for my application. only down side is it is a bit over priced compared to the John Deere or husky. and its not a erganomic machine more of a square box. all that said i rate this machine 4 outta 5


I bought this mower about 18 months ago and overall it has done the job. I have nearly an acre of land mostly turfed so I want a good result from my mower as I love my turf. This does an ok job but could be better at catching the grass. It is fairly noisy but that isn't a major problem. It gets a good flogging most weekends and is holding up, however I probably should have got the Greenfield as they seem tougher.
Australian made; cutting blade system similar to a push mower so the blades are cheaper to buy; solid construction and has enough power to do the job.
The coil needed replacing (under warranty). I have also got the grass catcher which seems to loose as much grass as it catches plus there are only 4 cutting heights. Turning circle is on average for a relatively small mower.


I have 3 acres and this unit has been worked hard for over 2 years without a problem. Its solid and whilst it doesnt have the fancy stuff like lights and such which you dont really need, the price reflects this. I cant fault it.
Solid, reliable, no frills just does the job
Tyre quality not flash; had some punctures and grip not flash

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where is the spark plug located
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Price (RRP) $3,865$4,240
Zero Turn NoNo
Power SourcePetrolPetrol
FeaturesMulching Capability and Side Discharge
Catcher Type NoneNone
Cutting Deck MaterialSteelSteel
Cutting Width805 mm960 mm
Weight187 kg187 kg
Transmission TypeHydrostaticHydrostatic
Horsepower15 hp15 hp
Dimensions 970 x 1040 x 1590 mm970 x 1240 x 1590 mm
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)5 year(s)
Engine / Motor
Engine Displacement500 cc500 cc
BrandBriggs & StrattonBriggs & Stratton
Engine TypeOHV (Overhead Valve)OHV (Overhead Valve)
Engine NameBriggs & Stratton Intek OHVBriggs & Stratton 15 HP OHV 500cc Engine
Release dateSep 2006Sep 2006

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