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CUCKOO Rice Cooker

CUCKOO Rice Cooker

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This is the best rice cooker.

I bought this early this year. This is the best rice cooker. I'm cooking rice everyday and never disappointed. I tried to use many rice cooker which is Kmart brand. Most of them not bad but not happy either.

Purchased in January 2019 for $350.00.

Meant to be a reliable brand, broke down in less than 6 months

Purchased this Cuckoo Commercial Rice Cooker 35 Cup CR-3511 about 6 months ago, the hinge that connects the lid and the base is made from plastic. With regular opening and closing of the lid, the plastic made hinge is bound to be broken in no time. Considering the rice cooker was never dropped and slammed shut with any ruthless force, the inevitable happen in 5 to 6 months with the hinge cracked and gave in exposing the wires. I ended up putting the wires back into place and sit the rice cooker against the wall for extra support.
Upon calling Cuckoo Service centers in Sydney and Melbourne, both sites were taking no responsibility and warranty do not cover for such damage.

Cuckoo IH 10 Cup Cooker is awesome

Just bought the Cuckoo IH 10 Cup.
Fantastic machine. It’s super quiet (only venting steam at the end when it needs to depressurise), it cooks whole grains and glutinous rice perfect. Believe me it’s noise free!! It does talk a little when starting, ending and while making selections or to remind you if you haven’t locked the lid. I appreciate that. I make gelatinous stocks in my Cuckoo within 1-2 hours max for what would take me 6-12 in a normal pot. Best thing is you just set and forget. The Cuckoo keeps your food warm after cooking. I’ve come back the next day and it is still perfect and the machine tells you how many hours it has been keeping it warm. I wouldn’t do that with meat meals but grains and vegetables alone is fine. It’s easy to recook grains by using multicook, add some extras like vegetable and seasoning and recook for 10 minutes. I couldn’t do without this machine now. Before I used to miss breakfasts and other meals as I leave for work so early and I work for 12 hour shifts which can be very exhausting but now I can cook it anytime and know that it’s ready whenever I am ready. Set and forget magic!! Love it.

Purchased in March 2019 for $649.00.

The rice is too sticky

Very noisy.
it sound like a steam train in my house.
Keep hearing chu chu chu sound, then it play a rock tune. Then it expulse all the steam in one loud CHU.
when finish it play cuckoo tune. CUCKOO!!!
My old tiger give me less sticky rice and better tase than this cuckooo !!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Expected More

First things first. As an induction pressure rice cooker a Cuckoo appliance makes fantastic rice, is built very sturdy and is obviously quality. What you have to be aware of when buying the version sold in Australia is that the version you see on youtube is NOT what you are getting. Even though my CRP-HN1054F is the same model number shown it does NOT have English spoken menus even if it suggests that on the box. Korean only. It does not have Fry, Roast, Steam options on the menu system, instead it has more rice options (including Nu Rung Ji). The manual is very basic, a mediocre translation, and some things that are flat out wrong (such as in the recipes asking you to choose the Universal Steam button which doesn't exist). None of these things would be a problem if there was anywhere you could find this information out. Its not on Australian Cuckoo site nor anywhere else. Instead researching the product before buying sends you to US/UK Cuckoo information which is flat out not applicable in most cases. Buy this if you want a really great rice cooker, don't buy it if you want the multi-cooker pressure cooker with the options shown on youtube.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Love the cooker

The cocker arrived quickly but I found that a small part (the "over flow tube inside") was broken. I contacted Cuckoo Australia, but they said they only replace the part at their service centre in Clayton, which is far away from my home. I think they should have done better than that by sending the part to me. I love the cooker though, it's fast and the rice tastes better.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

My first Cuckoo and I love it. Great for brown rice and multi cook.

Very good product purchased this 10 cup Electric Rice Pressure cooker after owning a smaller Cuckoo one for several years. The first few times that I made the rice, it came out a little sticky, but after adjusting the heat setting (as was recommended), the rice came out perfectly! I now make both brown and white rice it several times a week and have not had any problems with the quality. The Cuckoo rice pressure cookers give the rice a shiny texture and even if the rice is left in the unit overnight, in the warming mode, the rice remains fluffy and tastes as if you've just made it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to purchase another rice cooker. If you eat rice every day, this is the one yo want to buy!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

The best rice cookers ever!

We have been buying Cuckoo rice cookers for the past 10 years and are now buying our third one. They do cook wonderful tasting rice cooked to perfection (alot better than my non-Korean made multi-cooker). Until now the language was in Korean (even though the speaking voice is cute but hard for those of us who do not speak Korean). The build is sturdy and strong. They do last a long time. However, we throw them away when the coating starts to peel off since these are carcinogenic. it would be great if cuckoo made the interior of stainless steel instead of using PFOA type materials. i am excited to get the new model because they include English menus and voiceover. I know I am getting a great product once again! The other drawback is the price but you get what you pay for I guess!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

bad quality

I bought from a Korean shop in Campsie, cost me $400 , after one year the touch screen failed. repaired under warranty , two things very annoying, I cleaned it regularly, it still make a messy when cook rice even only cook small amount and with recommended water level. Had a few times can not open the lid , after pressure is released fully , Last week the lid stuck again , spend 2 hour still failed to open it , I put it in the bin.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

Perfect ! I am using the newest silver CHSS model...

I had different company rice cooker that didn't last long...
rice won't last long enough (after 8 hours or so rice become hard and really hard to eat)
this one. rice is just so delicious and yummy. Especially for brown rice. It becomes just really soft and easier to digest.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Finally in english!

I was looking for a rice cooker and was recommended the cuckoo brand by a korean friend. I bought the heritage model as it was the only model with an english menu and voice function. It looks great, like a little rice cooking terminator! There are various automatic cooking modes for different types of rice - looking forward to trying them all!
great design, cooks other food besides rice, amazing brown rice
it can be a bit heavy to store and take out everytime u want to cook rice, ok if you leave in one place in kitchen

I'm cuckoo for cuckoo.

This amazing rice cooker is my favourite kitchen appliances. The rice tastes fantastic when cooked in this cooker. As it is a pressure cooker too, it is good for stews, Chinese herbal soups, congee etc. The build quality is fantastic and the unit is very beautiful. The voice control is hilarious. I changed the language to English (http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dqM12RqyXAM) and love the cuckoo song it plays lol. English instructions are available here : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B41y-niPE9f8dEcwMkxyZ2Q5VEE/preview

Note that the buttons and display are Korean ( I bought it from Korea ), however this unit is very easy to use and I have no trouble using the Korean buttons even though I know zero Korean.
It has a steam sterilization function for cleaning which works well.
This is a top of the line rice cooker well worth the money.
Design is fantastic. Voice control is fantastic. Rice tastes better. Very high build quality.
English support from factory (Thank God for you tube).

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Full English version here http://www.mylivingstore.com.au/cuckoo/267-cuckoo-rice-cooker-heritage-hw1087f.html

Love it, worth the price tag.

My husband is Korean and we love to use Korean Products as we, well cook a lot of Korean food and eat a lot of rice.

1. This is a Pressure Cooker not just a Rice Cooker ( so the title should change)

It is Induction and cooks just about anything ( focused on asian foods) but i have cooked things like curry (japanese or Korean style) Mixed grain/ceral rices, Korean Stews and Jjims and much more but when cooking rice i recomend you was the rice in a sperate bowl as to prevent sractching, it also has a steamer so u can steam vegies dumplings etc.

Unlike most rice cookers western people have this keeps rice warm for 24 hr and dosent dry out, it has an auto wash function but never used it yet so i dont know how it works.

It speaks, that is right speaks to you in Korean, English and Chinese ( though i never learnt how to set it as my husband and myself can speak Korean)

I really love this item as we have used Cuckoo brand before and very happy with it, it is with Aussie Plug and fits Aussie sockets.

Worth every cent of 400 in my honset opinion, a great investment.

It is really easy to clean, use non straching sponge and dishliquid.
Easy to clean, Tasty rice, Healthy Cooking, It talks to you when ur rice etc is almost done haha

How is the power requirement of this rice cooker? is it work fine with the australian power 240v 50hz? I saw that on the website require for 60hzCathy you can buy ones made for Australia from Korean Markets :D Hi. Can anyone tell me which Korean markets I can buy this rice cooker from please?

Questions & Answers

I just bought cuckoo rice cookers (6cups),but it is quite small for my family, can I change it to take (10 cups)?
1 answer
I think you’ll need to chat with the distributor but I imagine they won’t allow it if it’s been used. I’ve got the 10 cup and is a good size. Maybe you could sell the 6 cup and put the money towards the 10 cup

I asked a question months ago. No answer. Some of these reviews don't say which item they bought so how are we meant to make use of these reviews? Anything worth reading is too old and out of date. Not helpful
No answers

How do you cook fluffy rice? Mine comes out like sushi rice and my husband doesn't like it. I've hardly used mine as I can't get rice that isn't sticky. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
2 answers
Use the cup measure included. Wash the rice first, rinse it well till the water is clear (or close enough). Then use the water settings and rice cooker settings for glutinous rice. I think mine has a two cup minimum.Hi Kellie9, I’ll try that, it’s been a while since I tried it. I gave up cause hubby hated it. Thank you.

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