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Daktozin Ointment

Daktozin Ointment

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Best Nappy Rash Cream

This cream is an absolute lifesaver. My boys get horrible nappy rash when they are sick or teething and this clears it up right away. A little bit goes a long way so the tubes last ages. It's quite thick which is much better than bapatham and seems to be much more efficient than sudocream.

Amazing cream

Not long ago my baby had what I thought to be bad nappy rash and after trying several nappy rash creams which weren’t doing the job I took him to the pharmacist and it turned out to be a bad fungal rash. He gave us Daktozin to try and within a couple of days was cleared up! Amazing cream would highly recommend it, we now keep it on standby.

excellent product performance

I bought the daktozin ointment from the towradgi gold cross chemist used for nappy rash cream after the cream being recommendation from the pharmacist and was pleasantly surprised by its softness and it's ease to apply - I'll have to admit that at first I was sceptical as the packaging looks downright drab and boring

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After 1 week of using the cream it wasn't working as fast though - still better than many other creams out there on the market

Amazing product, chemists and doctors alike all tell you to use this.

My relatives Twins had such bad nappy rash they had blisters and were bleeding. Paw paw wasn't working and no other creams. They would scream Everytime they wet themselves.
I got then some Unscented wipes, huggies nappies and a tube of this at about 8 pm at night and by the next morning it was only light pink instead of bright red, had stopped bleeding and they weren't screaming when they wet themselves.

Best nappy rash cream

I purchased this ointment when the chemist recommended it after using sudocream on my 12 mo teething nappy rash. Sudocream didn't seem to be helping. Within 12 hours of first applying it once overnight there is much less redness. Love this stuff

Great. Finally found something that Works!

My son had rash and was going through a traumatic time as these rash bleeds. I have changed ALL nappy rash cream on the market until my GP recommended Daktozin.

within 48 hours, I see major improvements and it was GREAT.

I'd also top up with some pure Vitamin E oils to speed up the skin's recovery.
Actually works when nothing else works.

Love this

I really love this I have been using this cream since birth till now on my daughter , she is now 4 , and she still sometimes gets a bit red and sore ( from not wiping properly sometimes when going to the loo on her own ) this cream clears up her redness and soreness really quickly .

Love it

I have recommended this to all my friends with kids
Because it actually works
Its a bit expensive but it's worth it all the way

Amazing little life saver

My 6 month old has been sure wrong from a rash around her neck for a month now, I've tried paw paw, sudocreme and a couple I other brands, they would work but the moment I stopped applying them the rash would be back. I used daktozin twice and the rash has never appeared. Amazing stuff, was recommended to me by my friend... And will recommend to many others
Everything, available in small tubes

Best cream on the market by far

No other nappy rash cream works like this one. It clears the rash extremely fast as well without having to use much at all. You can notice a difference with each nappy change. I used many other creams for my daughter and the rash would last for days without improving but the Daktozin is effective everytime. I just used it on my second baby who is only just a week old and her rash cleared in 12hours! I highly recommend this product and wouldn't use anything again.
It works and clears up a rash fast.
Nothing with product just wish it was available at supermarkets not just at a pharmacy

Amazing Stuff

My 8 month old suffered a very bad allergy reaction towards celery and as a result his bottom & groin had severe burn like rashes and was bleeding in places. I tried pure coconut oil, zinc and olive oil to no avail. He was very agitated and constantly crying so we decided to take him into emergency in the early hours of the morning. However, I called a doctor first and he suggested this product. I could not believe his whole bottom cleared up within 24 hours. I am still using very small amounts of this cream and have noticed his nappy rash has never returned. Amazing product, wish I knew about it sooner!!!

Tube sizing option is either too small or too big

good product but she still has a bit of a rash.

My 9 month old baby had the worst nappy rash and was cutting 4 teeth at the same time to the point where she was trying to pull her nappy off to scratch her nappy area and drawing blood. It was driving her insane after using about 6 different creams for rash, changing her regularly and drying her bottom with a hairdryer after each change i was at my wits end.
I took her to the Paediatrician for something unrelated to her nappy rash and while I was in there got him to check out her nappy rash. He said if a rash is very "angry looking " and has spread to the groin area it is most likely to be thrush/fungal related and recommended this cream and hydrozole ointment and to use them on consecutive days.
After one day the hydrozole took the redness out of the rash, the Daktozin reduced the weeping and bumps. She still gets the rash, it has not completely dissapeared but as you can use the Daktozin cream as long as you like I use this everyday on her now and she is definitely not as upset and has a clearer bum area. Maybe when she cuts these teeth the rash might clear up completely.
Tube is metal so don't over squeeze the tube or it keeps coming out and won't stop!
best so far for clearing up fungal related nappy rash to the point of making baby more comfortable.
tube would be better off plastic

Great works a treat!

Recommended by doctor for a fungal nappy rash which wouldn't get better after 4 weeks of other products. it was gone in less then 2 weeks and could see it getting better from day 1! Now everytime baby's bottom looks red I slather it on and no more broken skin or unhappy baby!

Omg I love this stuff

My lil girl had a really bad nappy rash that just wouldn't go away went to the chemist n they recommended this cream it's amazing absolutely amazing after putting it on by the next bum change her bum wasn't as red or ad sensitive to touch n I was able to change her bum without her crying happy baby happy mum
Soothing on her bum
Bit pricey

Fantastic product!

My daughter has been very prone to yeast infections since she was a newborn, so it was essential that I found a product that worked, that didn't cost a fortune and was efficient. Daktozin works perfectly and has been a complete lifesaver. I wouldn't use anything else on her now!
Works perfectly, inexpensive, readily available at pharmacies
Sometimes it oozes out of the tube if I don't get the lid back on quick enough.


When nappy rash turns bad -- not that it's ever good -- but when it stops being a red, sore bottom, and starts bleeding; that's usually thrush. And it happens in the blink of an eye. It's such a heartbreaking thing for new parents to see. Daktozin clears it up really quickly; what a relief!
Works fast on thrush!!!
None -- no side effect, not expensive.


I love this stuff and used it twice on my son when he had such bad nappy rash, I felt like crying when I changed his nappy! I was so upset that his skin was so bad, but after the doctor told us about this cream and we used it, I couldn't actually believe how quickly the rash cleared up. I was amazed! Please do not hesitate to get this product, it's fantastic.
This nappy cream works extremely fast and effectively on very bad nappy rashes. It gives me great comfort to know that there is a product out there that will ease the discomfort my children are experiencing with a very bad rash.
There is nothing to dislike about this product.


I only ever needed this product a couple of times (thank goodness) and the first time she got a really bad fungal rash, I had to use a prescribed cream first. I soon learned however, that at the first sign of raised red lumps and sore bottom, that if I used daktozin, it would clear up nice and quickly.
Works really fast on nasty nappy rashes (usually caused by fungal infections). Good consistency and easy to get from any chemist.

Not too pricey (not that cost is a factor when your baby has a raging red bum)
None that I can think of. I guess the fact that it is chemist only makes it slightly inconvenient but not a con as such


My son had a severe case of nappy rash. I tried almost everything, then I discovered Daktozin, I was amazed how well this product worked. It cleared his Nappy rash literally overnight. My recommendation is to buy the bigger tube, this stuff really is so handy to have around. My mum who use to be a midwife was also amazed with this product, she had never seens results so quickly. I am a big advocate of Daktozin.
This stuff really works


Only available at the chemist it could be worth checking pharmacy outlet stores online to find it cheaper. You only need to use a small amount and works really quickly to combat the rash associated with fungal or thrush, please note even though the symptoms are not visible it is important to continue using the cream for 7 days to make sure it wont reoccur.
This is a medicated cream and works very quickly to reduce the redness associated with thrush.
It can be pricey but worth buying the bigger tube to reduce the cost as the shelf life or expiry is approx 2 years.


When my daughter broke out in the worst nappy rash i had ever seen after being on a strong dose of antibiotics we used everything and had no success and were told to try this and found that in one nappy change the change in her skin was unbelievable. By the next day it was almost all gone and by the third day it had completely cleared up.
clears up really bad nappy rash in next to no time. have used this product many times since first being put onto it by the pharmacist.
Slightly more expensive than other cleans and ointments, but a little goes a very long way

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Questions & Answers

The pharmacist recommended the cream for my skin / does anyone know if this creams helps get rid or at least soothes heat rash?
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Never mind - I ended up buying the daktozin ointment and so far so good

can I use this same cream for a fungal infection on my baby's stomach and back?
5 answers
I would think this would be fine and I cant see why not, however to be sure I advise you to call your local chemist & ask. I know it is not to be taken internally.Yes I don't see the problem either. Currently using it on a fungal rash behind my babies knees. And has made a dramatic differenceIt should be alright / I don't see if there is any harm in trying it.


Daktozin Ointment
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