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GAIA Natural Baby Bath & Body Wash

GAIA Natural Baby Bath & Body Wash

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I want my money back GAIA! Terrible products

purchased this thinking it would help relieve dry skin and eczema. i thought how could it not help , especially considering the price! All it did was make my skin even more dry and make my eczema about ten times worse, within less than a week! Did the same for my 15 month old son as well! extremely disappointed. I want my money back GAIA!!!

Purchased in July 2019 at Coles for $20.00.

Adult use for sensitive skin.

I struggle with shower and bath products, due to my sensitive skin. I bought this to use, to try and avoid dry skin especially in winter. I love the feel of it, love the scent and the ease of using it. No sooner was I dry and the itching started. Today My legs are itchy and I have scratched myself raw!I used it 3 times, each time getting worse as I aggravate the last shower's damage. I am very disappointed, as I believed the all natural hype!

Purchased in June 2019.


I bought this when my baby was born and it was really good. There were no chemicals in it that’s why I bought this product. Most of the mothers in the mothers group also was using this product and they also had good comments about it. I would recommend this and would buy again.

Unfortunately not for my baby

I was given this product from my best friend in a baby hamper she made up. From her own experience, she said it was the best product for her daughter when she was a baby. Unfortunately this was not the case for me. After using it 3 times, my daughter started to get flakey/dry/irritated skin which I figured it couldn’t be from these products (also using body lotion and shampoo) but then after reading the ingredients, I couldn’t believe that it has lactic acid in it considering that it is an exfoliator ingredient! What newborn baby requires lactic acid on their skin? I immediately stopped using it (along with other Gaia products) and it has taken a while to go back to normal. Now using another product WITHOUT lactic acid which has helped improve it. For a baby that had extremely good newborn skin, this product assisted in making it the complete opposite very quickly.

Can't expect more than this product

No nasty chemicals and no cost to Environment. I have used this product for more than six months. It is gentle on my son's skin and no irritation in his eyes. It smells amazing, not overpowering just nice and soft. We use GAIA moisturizer as well after the bath. I wish it comes in Bulk buy or Value pack. Will continue to buy it.

This company are liars

Gaia has just been fined nearly $40,000 because they're products aren't as natural or organic as they claim. They have dangerous ingredients in their baby products and i will never use their items again or recommend them to anyone. So many of their ingredients are linked back to cancer. never again. Shame on them!

Perfect for my newborn

Gaia bath and body wash is perfect for my baby.. It is moisturising and soothing... It doesn't dry out my baby's soft skin at all.. It doesn't irritate my bub's eyes. It has a very mild fragrance and is not overpowering.. Definitely will buy it again.. I use the Gaia moisturiser as well..

So lovely

I love this product it smells amazing, not overpowering just nice and soft. It is also gentle on the kids skin and helps them sleep through. it is by far my first choice to put in their bath. My only fault is the price but we still keep buying it regardless

Perfect for my baby girl

A calming Levander calming gel that feels so soft and gentle on my baby's skin they will look forward to bath time with GAIA every night.

A nourishing cleanser that not only keeps my little one clean but also nurtures and cares for delicate skin without irritation. smell amazing !!!!!!!
There's no soap or sulphates that can cause dryness so it's great for sensitive skin and eczema-prone skin.

Perfect for sensitive skin

Eczema and dermatitis runs throughout my family so when it came to bathing my daughter I was determined to do anything to avoid the itchiness we have all had to suffer. Not once has she had any reaction to Gaia bath/body wash. We even use their baby massage oil and moisturiser and her skin has been nourished and unaffected. Highly highly recommend this product. It can be expensive but worth every cent if your child suffers or could suffer with dry/itchy skin.

Ideal for sensitive skin

My baby had sensitive and dry skin. I tried using mustela earlier and did not find any improvements. Switched to Gaia since baby was 5 months old and have loved the results. The body wash doesnt dry out babys skin and leaves the skin moist and supple. It doesnt irritate babys eyes as well.

Gaia Baby wipes and moisturising lotion

natural,pure and organic ...how can you use such words when your products are loaded with carcinogenic chemicals ? is false advertising...just bought some wipes to keep in the car and wipe my hands and after I read the ingredients list they went in the bin at the petrol station where i was parked...never will I consider ,on the contrary I'll let everyone that I know, not to touch any of your products....

Excellent product for grownups too

Have never used any bath or body wash so lovely. Smell is gorgous, leaves skin silky soft. My partner is mad for it, says I'm so soft afterward and smell is divine. No rashes or irritants. Dont need to moisturizer afterward. use this in the shower as a shower gel on a sponge.

caused irritation and eczema

I was given this product as a gift, i used it for a few days on my then 2 month old son. Within a few days he developed irritation and then eczema from top to bottom. I stopped using product immediately and went to plain bath water and neutral baby moisturiser. 3 Months later my son still has coarse skin on back of elbows, thighs and calves.

Stocked up

Like any new mum I have been cautious with what I use on my bubs skin and I've found this very gentle on his skin. You don't have to use a lot of it and it doesn't have any sickly sweet odor to it. As soon as I found this I stocked up. Very happy.

Great product

I found this great i have used the shampoo and hair and body wash on my 6month old who suffers from dry skin dermatitis but this is fantastic as it is organic with no soap and no sulphates! Its hard to find! I rate this 4 stars compared to johnson and johnson i wouldnt even bath my dog in! Just as good as dishwashing liquid!

Great Natural Product

What else can you say - when they made this range of products they definitely made sure they got it right.
Nice scent and love all the natural ingredients - why oh why would you put sythentic chemicals on your babies skin.

I'm not a fan of phenoxyethanol as an ingredient or I would have given this product a 5 star rating.

Great natural bath wash.

Not for sensitive skin

This caused my bub to itch terribly and gave her eczema. The scent/ essential oils give it a beautiful smell but it's quite overpowering. I suffer from eczema too so I should have tried this product on myself before using it on bub. I can't use any essential oils and I tried this product and it drove me crazy with itchiness. Now we both use dermaveen and Bub hasn't itched once. I even tried to use this just occasionally to wash Bub when she dirties her nappy (I only use water normally as Bub reacts terribly to any baby wipes and her doctor always told me don't use them as they are so bad for babies). And her skin went red raw each time.
will always stick to anything without essential oils now.
Would not recommend if Bub is sensitive (which pretty much every Bub is!). But it's such a beautiful smell!!!!

Great amount of suds, yet gentle on skin

I have used this product for more than two years. I like that it suds up well, as the children like some bubbles in their baths, yet is gentle on their skin. I use the separate shampoo for hair. It has a nice smell (a little bit of lavender,but not too much).
Suds well

Hate it

Woolworths substituted this in for us when we used their online shopping. The product is ok but we hated it because it left really sticky residue in the bath. The residue was so bad we literally had to scour and scrub the bath after each use. It's expensive for what it is too. We've found much better quality options on the market.

Sticky residue, expensive

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Questions & Answers

Did i need to rinse my baby after the bath n body wash? Can I mix with water n bath my bb without rinse?
1 answer
hi there I used to mix the wash in the bath water then wash my baby in it I never rinsed her after washing I hope this helps you Cheers for the question

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