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David Jones Storecard

David Jones Storecard

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Old World Loyalty

Today, my wife and I shopped at both Myer and DJ’s. Myer has a simple loyalty system. A number that gets you benefits. DJ’s requires you to sign up to an Old World credit card linkage with Amex. No thanks. Thankfully most retailers now have a simple App based loyalty programme. DJ’s - look at Woolies.

Store Card Activation - keep trying!!

Well done Maxine!!

I am also sitting here trying to 'activate' my store card, and having great difficulty. Not that I am unable to find my way around a computer, I just find their website very difficult to navigate.

I have also had my store card for around 30 years.

I too believe they have also lost their customer service to those who have stood by them, and 'shopped no where else' for many years.

No accolade for activation

The electronic activation site provided with a new card does not exist as a directly accessible domain. Why is it that this process is not made SIMPLE?

David Jones Card.

Not Satisfied. Have tried twice to have my address changed on my DJ card and cannot believe that it would be so difficult. Still not changed so will cancel. American Express no wonder and I have had my card for over 35 years.

No more

Disgusted with the $ 3.00 charge for paying my account at the PO. I had been sick rather than not pay on time and get a huge charge paid kt at PO. When did this start?I am sure it is another way for Amex to get more money. Never again. Istopped all our personal Amex cards hears ago because of similar tactics. This may be my las caccount with so called Daviv Jones ruled by Amex .


I totally agree with Lizard. After spending huge amount of money at David Jones and paying my Amex card completely before I went shopping again. A simple purchase of $13.50 was declined with my Heritage (over 50 years) card and Amex David Jones card. I had some shoes on order and when the salesperson rang several days later for details of card, I advised that both cards had been declined. She said we will try cards again. Guess what, the sale of $200.00 was accepted!! What happened? This was about 8th November, 2018.

MY BEST CHOICE WHEN SHOPPING...especially having to attend birthday celebrations right through the y

I am really pleased to have my David Jones Store card which I have had for the past 20 years. For an example..it is not possible to give a cheep gift to a loved one, when you were invited for a celebration. Having a David Jones Storecard has been very helpful for me at such occasions.

David Jones has no responsibility on its issued storecard

I was charged over the counter fee due to a misleading statement at the store card account statement. I called the contact number and my claim was rejected. I emailed my complaint to DJ but was asked to refer back to the number that I had called ( apparently it was AMEX). It appears to me that DJ has no accountability to the payment charged to the customer. If there’s an issue talk to AMEX. I’m very disappointed on David Jones Customer Service.

ERROR messages to every request

This card is the most user unfriendly card I have ever had the misfortune to own. Not only are you embarrassed and confused when your card is declined at the counter but Amex card services dont know what is going on either (after spending nearly an hour on the phone to them instore) Not only this, but I can't get any information online without coming up with ERROR messages. What the hell went wrong??

Card renewal frustration.

A new DJs storecard arrived in the post. I followed the guidelines to activate it but like others have written, there was no option to activate a storecard. I already have an AMEX, I don't want one from DJs. Such a waste of time.

D J Store Card

as long as it is DJ Store card and not Amex, it's great.
Service at DJ is unsurpassed, as always.

No way to activate a new David Jones Storecard

I tired to help my wife to activate her new David Jones Storecard, and found it always gives an error wheh submitting the activation request on its activation website. Thought it was a temporarily issue, and tried it again and again in different time of the day and on different days, but to no avail. Did a research about this card and found this discussion in Product Review. Realized it has been a problem for a long time. Wondering why a sales assistant still recommended this card to my wife while she was shopping in David Jones, if this card can't be activated.

They need to be contactable

Last year I rang to get a pay out figure for my washing machine which I purchased on a interest free plan. Now I have been hit. with a statement saying I owe $232.20. I did previously receive a letter from American Express saying I had accredit for that amount they said they would pay into my bank account. I do not have a direct debit set up on my account. Today I found that they have deducted the amount from my savings. They did this without any authorisation from myself. I have been with DJ,s for 48 years and have cancelled my card.

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Previously submitted a review on David Jones,now they are sending accounts with interest on it.Can anyone advise me what to do next,as I cant get through to them.

Frustrating in every perspective

After finding my David Jones store card had expired months ago without me noticing or being informed, I finally after two previous requests, received a new card. Next came the difficulty of activating. Not only is the lack of details in the accompanying letter unhelpful, when I finally managed to find the correct page, every time I filled in the details required for the first step, the page froze. American Express get your act together. David Jones what about finding a better operator for your credit cards : it reflects poorly on you.

Trying to Activate David Jones Heritage Store Card

After been ing a DJ's card holder for over 30 years and been extremely happy with it I am so disappointed in the card service now.
I didn't get a replacement card when mine expired in 2017 but was still able to use it until I was in SSydney in March.
Tried to shop but card declined so then waisted 2 hrs in office on phone to American Express and they where going to replace my card. No luck.
Was again able to use old card on return to Perth until I went to pay last bill.
Another long call and have now received new Heritage Card.
But try activating it!!!!!
Have tried online and by phone.still no luck.
Where do I go to now????

David Jones and American express rip off customers

After having a David Jones Amex card for several years earning points, my goal was to get to $2000. When I finally got to this limit I purchased a washing machine thinking I could pay for it with my points which would still leave me $1000 or close to. When I went to claim the points which should have been 133,000 for each $1000 they had changed the points system so you needed 200,000 points to actually redeem the $1000. I was very angry as it has taken years to achieve this goal. Now they have changed the posts. I can understand if the points increased from a certain date but it should not affect what you have already accrued. This is just not ethical at all. I will be fighting this as I remember calling the phone line and speaking with a team member and they assured me that the points would not be taken if I did not use by a certain time, they neglected to tell me that the rules had changed.
I will be fighting this and as soon as I get my points I will be cancelling this card and warn anyone thinking of taking an Amex card with DJ's not to. It is a rip off!

David Jones is making it very hard to be a customer

I rated card as terrible as it was near impossible to activate, some people may give up altogether.
There were technical problems when i tried to purchase online this morning as a result i wasted a lot of time and eventually had to make purchase over phone.
This afternoon I tried to activate store credit card following all directions with no success, another waste of my time
Eventually activated over phone.
What is happening to our once service driven David Jones?

renewing on line is impossible

get your act together or loose me . I can not believe a company of this size is so slack in renewing store cards

DJs Heritage Card - activation - (its confusing - but still straight forward)

Follow the sticker. Type into your web browser, davidjones.com.au/activate , remember type the whole address, including the forward slash, do not just type david jones and think you will find the "activate" address...this will take you to a screen that displays an AMERICAN EXPRESS card...as opposed to a DJs card, continue, fill in the blanks of the American Express card with the numbers as displayed on your DJs card, and keep going.
You will complete your activation.
At no time through this process will DJs or DJs logos appear.
Please note: This means there is no such thing as a true DJs card. We now have an American Express card dressed up in DJs Heritage Card clothing, with the attendant AMEX late payment charges and fees...buyer beware.

they dont want your storecard

After getting a humiliating letter from David Jones about being overdue when I thought I was in credit I then tried to activate my storecard but could not find where to do it on the website. However when I rang to talk to them there was a button to push to CANCEL my storecard. I immediately pushed the button and my account was closed and I was ecstatic. They want you to cancel your store card account because they want you to have an American Express card with a high interest rate!!

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How do I activate my card
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can i log in to my DJ'S store card A/c online ??
3 answers
you can try weather it works or not is another thingI don’t understand why you have not tried already.yes but what you can do online is limited. your outstanding amount is also misleading if you have interest free purchases so beware.

Have tried to talk to DJsregarding credit owing to me[from paying off interest free account]now I have been told they are putting it the debt over to collection agency i cannot get any sense out of their staff if I am lucky enough to get the call answered.Then I explain for half an hour my situation.tThen I am told they will get it sorted hold on while we transfer you.After waiting 45 mins I hung up.The call came from Manilla.So what is the next step????
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I would try Consumer Affairs


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