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De-Longhi Group review

This Group also look after Braun household. We cannot compliment this business, the customer service is undoubtedly the worst ever experienced. Our experience has been so poor that we will refrain from purchasing any brand associated with this Group in future. Purchased a $90 iron advertised as Stock Clearance which they claim very slight box damage and unopened and brand new, however we received a Factory Second item, clearly labelled with bright yellow stickers as such, missing internal packaging and the product shows signs of use including a slightly frayed cord. Upon initial contact they attempted to fob us off, of stating they don't sell factory seconds (their own website states that they do), and we should return the product at our expense and they would refund less the postage we paid. After referring to the Australian Consumer Law their story changed and we were offered to send the iron back at their expense and they would issue a replacement. Their courier will see us sitting around for 4 hours waiting for a pick up of the iron and after expressing our displeasure in these dealings and the process it didn't take long for them to send an email stating the replacement iron is now out of stock and they'll only refund now. No alternative was offered, as this would not follow company policy. Our experience has been a monumental waste of our time and I can honestly say in 42 years that I have never experience a business which does not care about it's customers at all and their Brand reputation. It's been a real shame and an eye opener at the same time.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Excellent product

I purchased the Lattissima Touch and couldn’t be happier with the product. They price matched and beat a competitor's price without any hassles at all. I will certainly shop there again.

Healthy and easy to use

The air fried has bought back my favourite foods but in a slightly healthier method. Air frying chips and using it to roast veggies for the Sunday roast has totally changed the way we cook. Pastries turn out brown and crisp as do the roast potatoes and chips without drowning them in oil or butter. Paella and sponge cakes turn out brilliant.

It's Italian for Poor' Quality

A rubbish product backed up by a rubbish company as any emails go unanswered by their so called manager who is clearly too gutless to contact their customers. Lucky for me I have both your 2 year warranty and the AU consumer law on my side to make you take responsibility for your poorly assembled and repaired product. Delonghi you are nothing more than a weak and spineless company out to take hardworking people's money but offering nothing in return, unfortunately for you I don't take no for an answer, just ask Sony.

Lattissima disgraceful service

We have two EN520PW Lattissima
One works perfectly one has not worked at all since purchase , we have tried everything suggested to us by the less than helpful Australian support team .
Finally after following all recommendations and them stretching every possible thing they could we asked for a replacement machine , we were informed that there is nothing they could do because it was out of warranty . Don't fall for the go home and try to de scale if you have done it once it's crazy to do it again and they won't stand by you . We are trying to spend our money with this company who are doing their best to stop us ????

Bad product, bad service

Well, the machine started to fail one week after the expiration of the warranty. I contacted customer service to see if they knew of the problem I was experiencing and could advise me on what to do, they first answered with a standard copy and paste of some online help documents which had nothing to do with my case, when I pointed that out to them they told me that if I was not satisfied I could take it to get repaired at my cost in any repair shop since out of warranty products were not Delonghi's problem any longer. Lovely to see client service and product quality equally poor, it makes the decision not to but this brand in the future very easy!

Few problems with product but great service

I have always thought De'longhi was one of the best brands of coffee machine you can get, so I thought the same about their portable air conditioners. This being my second in 3 years, my first de'longhi air conditioner within warranty period needed regassing as the gas had leaked out and approching the end of the 1year warranty period, it needed gassing again but ran out of time to get it done. The 2nd air conditioner was purchased as a gift for me, no sooner I get it home set it up, there is a fault with a sensor within. The staff at the Harvey Norman store were very friendly during the selection and purchase period.
The service Hearvey Norman provided, attractive air conditioner model, great features
Faults and problems De'longhi air conditioners have

Terrible experience, my order never got sent to me

Placed an online order for a few simple things for my coffee machine (everything was in stock at the time), payed for them straightaway and started waiting...Three weeks and two phone calls later,my order still didn't arrived. When I called them by the end of the 3rd week, I got told that my order was still sitting in the system unprocessed for a reason they couldn't even explain!! Barely got an apology for that as well! Unacceptable service, their online shop is a disgrace as well. Stay clear, buy your stuff from other retailers!

Great place to pick up supplies for your Delonghi Coffee Machine

I recently ordered some consumables (descaler, milk clean) and a nifty vacuum jar (built in pump to keep the oxygen out) from Delonghi's online shop.

Not only were all the ordered items delivered promptly, but they were security sealed (so you could easily see if your box had been tampered with) and sent registered post, all for a reasonable price.

This is how web purchases should be - easy and reliable.

Definitely recommend getting the Vacuum Canister - nifty idea - and really does keep your coffee beans nice and fresh
Reliable, Safe, Easy to Order
No discounts, but then its hard to find discounts on this stuff elsewhere anyway

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