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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

4.8 from 22 reviews

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Can't live without it - A Must have

A must have product for anyone. Blend with an AHA product also and you get an ever better cleanse.
Great to keep in the shower, even if you only use once a week. Must have beauty product.
Also great combined with the Gentle Cream Exfoliant - I use both!

Nothing fantastic

This product was great when used as a sample but after buying my own it lost its effect and I told the end it’s spa all to hear that it’s still working even though that warm sensation no longer is

Worth the money!

If you only want to use ONE Dermalogica product that you can use daily and worth every cent, it will be this cleanser. It is gentle enough to be used daily and it cleans like no tomorrow. I was hesitant at first to buy any Dermalogica product since I don't have a problematic skin (thank God) and my main concern has always been to keep my skin hydrated and moisturised. I got a sample from Pure Indulgence (thanks!) to try and I fell in love immediately! It IS expensive but hey, we live only once so make this an investment for our skin with a great return!


It's wonderful, expensive but it lasts for ages.
I use it 2-3 times a week, every day would dry your skin out.
It's my favourite Dermalogica product.
Followed closely by the charcoal mask.

This product is absolutely incredible... seems expensive, but well worth the price!

I was recommended this product and given samples at David Jones when I requested advice on how to fix my horrible skin (oily and gets regular breakouts). The girls were so confident in that I would be back to buy the product, and they weren't wrong. Before the samples I was very hesitant to spend $80 on a beauty product, which as a guy is REALLY not my thing, but even after using it once it was pretty obvious this would really help my skin. After only a few days it is already looking much clearer and healthier, and I am certain that I will be using this product forever. It obviously isn't a cheap product, but it definitely worth every cent. Very impressive product!

The perfect everyday exfoliant

I absolutely adore this exfoliant, it's a amazing everyday exfoliant that keeps the skin hydrated and super smooth without any irritation. I use this as my morning cleanser/ exfoliant daily. They say if you use it more then 2 minutes a day it had a lightening a brightening effect. Which I have really noticed.

Smooth skin without over drying

This product is great. It exfoliates gently which means it does the job and leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and clean but my skin does not feel dry. I only use twice a week on average though and use the special cleansing gel on other days.

An absolute must have!

What a gem! I received a sample pack of this when I purchased some other beauty products online and was absolutely amazed at how brilliant it is. Even if you don't use any other Dermalogica products I would recommend to use this, or if you want to try them, start with this! You will fall in love instantly. It's so gentle on the skin but still feels like it's actually been exfoliated. I used to use one which would leave my skin red raw and I would have to use a harsh cloth to wipe it off for it to actually feel like it was "working". It comes as a powder and you just use wet hands to mix it into a paste to apply. It makes my actual skin feel soooooo incredibly smooth instead of basically leaving a smooth layer of stuff on top of my skin like others i've tried. I've now bought my first full size bottle.

Give this a try

I discovered this little gem about five years ago. I am 59 and nervous about daily product but this is a must-have for all ages. I use a foaming cleanser on skin that has no makeup on and then the Dermalogica microfoliant with that. I think my skin looks good for my age.

Use every day

I've been using Dermalogica for 10+ years on my skin, and the daily microfoliant has been a big addition. My oily skin has reduced in oiliness, and the appearance of my pores and skin has greatly improved. The microfoliant is very gentle, so able to be used every day - I would recommend without hesitation.

Where to find less expensive Dermalogica

I love my Dermalogica, but it was just getting too expensive, then I found marysskincareonline.
You get great advice and free samples before even buying a product. Everything is sent Express post so you arenot waiting for weeks for it to arrive. Also get lots of free gifts. Try them, they are the best.

Love it

I love this product, i use it everyday, it took me a few washes to get used to using it properly as you only need very little water or else it gets too watery.
I had pigmentation on my face and using this product helped replenish moisture and colouring on my face.
Highly reccomend!
Reliable, smells good

I love this stuff, but so expensive.

This is a really good product. It's not too harsh on your skin, I think it smells really nice, and it exfoliates well. My only issue is that it is so expensive! I know you can use it daily, but I don't, because of the price I want to make it last.
Works well, smells nice

Love this stuff

This is such a great product.
Its gentle enough to use everyday but rough enough to exfoliate your skin. it helps to keep my skin nice and smooth.
I find it doesnt just help to make my skin feel and look great it even helps to make my foundation go on smoother.
It is expensive but I would not hesitate to buy again and again because it delivers what it after
Easy to use. Makes skin nice and smooth

I will always have a bottle of this in my bathroom.

I started to use this about 1 1/2 years ago and at first i found it a bit difficult to use, especially in the shower. With practice it got easier to use and now i use it a few times a week if i feel i need exfoliating.
It is a fine powder in a plastic bottle. To use it, it needs to be mixed with a little water to make a paste. I use it while in the shower, but away from the stream of water. So i shake about 1/2-1 teaspoon of powder in my cupped palm then with my other hand collect a little water from the running shower and drip it onto the powder to make a loose paste then apply it to my face (wet or dry skin) in dabs and gently massage it around, it will only slightly foam and it is so easy to rinse off. The best thing is that it will not feel scrubby ar scatchy on the skin and i have never had a breakout from this.It has a sort of strong smell but its not offensive and goes away when rinsed off. It sort of smells clean like laundry powder or lemony ... bit hard to describe. it dosn't sting, irritate or leave my skin reddened but it does make it feel really soft and smooth.
It's animal cruelty free! Skin feels soft and smooth and appears better since using this product. I seem to need to use it less often as i feel it actually improves the condition of my skin. Personally i think it's good value as it lasts me a long time and it works so well with my skin.
A bit of a juggle to put the lid back on with wet hands (trying to keep the powder inside dry). Perhaps a flip top lid or twist open and close lid might be useful rather than a screw top.

A must product

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is the perfect product to add to your beauty routine. It is gentle, leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and glowing. I use it couple of times a week for a beautiful skin. It is easy to apply to wet skin, just sprinkle some powder into my palm and rub in circular motion. Very easy to wash off.
Feels great, leaves my skin beautifully refreshed


yes it makes my skin brighter but its time consuming to use everyday and also its hard to mix the right consistancy. Its expensive and doesnt last a long time
I like the fact that you mix water with this powder to use it as a scrub. Its also in a good bottle to help you dispense the right amount. it is very gentle on skin however a great texture to remove all traces of dead skin and brightens skin dramatically. reduces light scarring too.
price. $75 for the container. Lasts not long enough. only 2-3 months. Reduces light scarring after months and months.


Love, love, love this stuff. The large container will last you quite a while if using once daily. I use each morning in the shower & it really does make your skin feel smoother without the harsh abrasion that alot of exfoliants have. Very gentle to use. Strawberrynet is probably the cheapest supplier that I have found. Have usually found that I can get it for around $60 there, rather than the $80 my local beautician charges. It's such a nice little daily luxury though!
Only need half a teaspoonful to completely do your face/neck. Feels fantastic on your skin.
Price, price & price.

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Strawberry net.com do not purchase through dermalogica.


This product is fantastic, gentle enough for daily use and leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

It can be mixed with water, but also can be mixed with cleanser to apply to the face (saves time!).

You only need about half a teaspoon each use so it lasts for ages.
Leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

Fantastic Product

All I can say about this product is wow. It is so gentle yet does a much better job than other exfoliants. The best bit is that it works! It cleans my skin so well and leaves it smooth and glowing. It is different to other exfoliants that I've used. Firstly, it is a powder formula, which comes in a container with holes at the top to pour out the powder - think big salt shaker. Secondly, to use this powder formula, just add water to form a paste which is then applied to your face. This might be a chore if you are tired but it is actually great for controlling the amount of product you want to use. Overall I think it was well worth the $84 that I spent.
Efficient and works!

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Questions & Answers

How many days do results appear from using dermalogica daily microfoliant?
2 answers
I could feel a difference on my skin immediately, but perhaps wait one to two weeks to feel that your skin is getting regularly buffed and smoothed.The results are immediate. The skin feel softer and smoother each and every time you use Daily Microfoliant.


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
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