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Difflam Forte Anti-inflammatory Throat Spray

Difflam Forte Anti-inflammatory Throat Spray

3.8 from 12 reviews



12 reviews

maddieGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

best product for sore throats


could not recommend this enough, numbs and ceases pain of discomfort super quick! it will also last you a long time if you use the dosage correctly.
This is a product that works!

Purchased in January 2016.

Side Effects
  • None
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement
Amanda L

Amanda LSouth Australia

  • 6 reviews

This really makes swallowing much easier


Firstly id like to say that I have had my tonsils out, & yes you can still get a sore throat. It was red and inflamed, I was using a pre-mixed gargle also...but that wears off and its annoying having to keep going to the toilets to do it at work. Difflams throat spray is so convenient & easy it numbs the throat area nicely & I can swallow a whole lot easier...highly recommend it!!!

Purchased in June 2019 for A$14.00.

Value for Money
Side Effects
  • None
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement
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HelenePerth, WA

  • 4 reviews
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Did Nothing


Had a sore throat for a few days. Brought this product and found it did absolutely nothing. After a while I have it more sprays than the recommended dose but still nothing.

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Helicopter Cat

Helicopter CatIllawarra, NSW

  • 3 reviews
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Didn't do a thing.


Chemist recommended this product for my extremely sore throat. Alas it had zero effect. Couldn't understand it. Still can't. Used as directed first couple of times and more liberally thereafter. Still didn't help.



  • 8 reviews

Works for me


I am having really bad soar throat and tried all home remedies to reduce pain however nothing worked. I am taking antibiotic, cold and flu and pain killers along with simple home remedies. I tried first time this spray and really liked its effect I dont think it will cure the problem but it gives me temporary relief from pain. I like minty flavour too. I can recommend to anyone who is looking for instant relief from soar throat. it is easy to carry with you too.

Works great


I have a large ulcer at the back of my mouth/throat that makes it painful to swallow. The pharmacist recommend this product and it has worked great. It's a bit hard to aim because of the position of the ulcer, but I have tried lozenges and they are basically impossible to get on the area. Doesn't always last 1 1/2 hours, but I'm pretty sure I'd be in tears trying to eat/drink/swallow without it.
My only problem with it is that because of the frequency of use it hasn't even lasted 72 hours (not quite three days).
But would definitely recommend it for painful and badly placed ulcers, and will be getting more later today.



  • 10 reviews

tonsillectomy wonder spray


After having a tonsillectomy as an adult this spray was given to me by the hospital and it worked wonders allowing me to drink water and take other medications. Also used it just before falling asleep each night. Works perfectly for numbing a very sore throat.

Relieves itchy throat


I had a bad cough which causes sleepless nights and inflamed throat. The spray does not help my cough get better, but it does numb the inflamed throat and somehow lessen the 'throat itch' which is causing the non-stop coughing. However, the spray must be aimed at the right place for it to be effective.
Effect wears off in 2-3 hours but at least during that period I was able to get the much needed sleep/rest for faster healing.



I've used this product as I too was told by my Doctor it will help ease the pain of my very sore throat but it did nothing for me except kept my mouth fresh. After using it for a week ive now put it where it belongs in the bin.
Seriously if it doesnt do whats its advertised to do then its useless!
It didnt decrease the flam or mucous like its suppose to and it didnt do anything for my pain.

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Life saviour !!


I had a very nasty sore throat where swallowing would be so painful it would wake me up when i tried to sleep, after getting this spray it would numb the pain from about 100% pain to 30% which i can say was a lot nicer. This allowed me to sleep properly and recover ! I would recommend this to anyone who has an extremely sore throat pains. Also with the tube spray you can spray it directly where it hurts the most!
The flavour was great and Amazing pain relief.
It was quite expensive but you do pay for what you get.

Love this stuff


This is the best product i have used when treating a sore throat. I had very bad tonsillitis and the swelling was awful with no lozenge or pain tablets relieving it. This product relieved it and relieved so much of the swelling after about a day of 2 hour interval sprays. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
relieved swelling

Worked wonders. Minty taste.


After a week of antibiotics and still having a painful throat I started using this spray and it helped numb my throat without needing to take pain killers for some relief. I'd never heard d this product until my doctor recommended it and I will definitely recommend it to my friends. Reasonably priced too and super easy to use. No nasty taste either - and for someone who doesn't like mint flavours, I didn't mind this.
Inexpensive, easy to use, effective

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Gloria T.

Gloria T.asked

Can Difflam spray help in preventing the Corona virus from entering the throat?

1 answer

No it cannot.

Rachel R

Rachel Rasked

Is it ok for 2 years old?

No answers


Is it any good for oral thrush?

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