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Digitech DC1065

Digitech DC1065

2.5 from 11 reviews

Great product

I,ve used this DC-1065 since 2015, almost everyday without a single problem.
The battery quit after 3yrs and the charger was replaced, but the unit still gets good range transmitting and receiving. I mostly use it with a head phone/mike system and have always had clear communication within its range capabilities.
I went on this site out of curiosity and am surprised at all the negative comments.

Purchased in April 2015 at Jaycar Electronics Physical Store.

Need to reset dc 1065 to default settings

I am a novice cb user. Purchased the dc1065 recently. We used it and a 1 watt unit to give directions when parking our van onsite. I played with all the functions and now will not receive but transmits on channel 40. Works ok with other channels. Anybody have a solution?
Stumped ( I still have the manual)

Date PurchasedSep 2016

A bit average

Bought the tradie 5w twin pack for event use, with different staff. The actual radios are OK
But accessories like headsets earpieces etc,which are important.for the way we work.are substandard
There are no other suppliers of earpieces/headsets of quality for these radios as they have a 3.5mm jack So you are stuck with the poor quality Jaycar ones

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Sold these units for years

Good and some bad points
I personally own this very same unit (unit was built in 2012 as spec'd on the PCB) and I have been very happy with it.. Kinda
Now, after selling these for years I have heard most of the problems with them
DON'T tighten the antenna! It will rotate eventually and break off the coal cable inside! a small screw plate hold the SMA connector in place and its not Key'd to the body so its able to rotate if it ever comes loose and snap the fragile wires inside
also, it states 5w but from experience you'd be lucky to see greater than 2.8w (mine is 2.45w)
- Trav
RF Technician

Do not expect MIRACLES!

We have sold this unit for 5 years and had two faulty units in that time, along with VERY GOOD Customer SATISFACTION
New users of Handheld UHF Radios - (even if they have been used to uhf mobile or base station setups) do not know the charecteristics of them.
The UP TO 20KM range is possible in certain conditions - it is a bit like a mobile phone, television , AM or FM Radio - if you are too far from the transmitter it will not work as MOST MIGHT THINK THEY SHOULD!
With a UHF CB and you want to transmit 20 km get a Mobile unit then fit a $200 dollar Antenna and you might!
It is like comparing a Mini Minor to be as good as a Rolls Royce , you only get what you pay for!

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As I have said, how far you can transmit / receive depends on a lot of variables, with any UHF radio. It is like asking how long is a piece of string? This is a very good radio and for the price is up there alongside all the top brands - whether yo have a gme, uniden or whatever, 5 watts is 5 watts!

Decent Radio, not sure what everyone else's problem is.

I bought a Digitech DC1065 handheld radio from Jaycar in june 2015 and have no clue if the one I have is different to the user's above but mine is fine. I can Tx and Rx fine. I am about 15km from the nearest repeater (Central coast, NSW), NOT line of sight, im over a small hill and behind huge trees and have no issue conversing with other cb users as far north as newcastle if they are in a good spot. I pick up conversations fine and the audio quality is better than my GME tx7200 and uniden car mounted unit. It also seems to Rx more often even when the other units are on the same channel and location. The PTT button seems solid although if the force is directed straight to the motherboard as said above i shall remember to press lightly although having used the unit "normally" for 2+months I've had no problem.

$125.00 worth of rubbish

Very weak Rx compared to other UHF 2 and 5 watt units I have, I rate this at 2/5.
Poor Tx, the unit claims 5 watts, my watt meter registers 2.25 watt on a full battery. I rate this at 1/5.
The PTT button collapsed on the second day. Repaired it once. On the second collapse, I gave up.
The PTT is very poorly manufactured and will collapse on all units, its just the way its made.
On a positive note, this unit is easy to disassemble and repair, all smd components are well placed and
servicing is not a hard task. Overall assessment 1/5.

Absolute rubbish!!

The packaging clearly states in large print that the range is up to 20km. We were lucky to get transmission at 1km with a clear line of sight.
Do not buy these.

Digitech DC1065 buyer

Just purchased a Digitech DC1065 unit and so far, so good. It seems to receive OK and I've done some call checks on channel 11, all successful. I'm a novice so may be when I'm on the road, my view will change but playing with the unit for two days hasn't yielded any glaring faults. I hope the two 'terrible' ratings are not as bad for me.
Easy to understand and use
Nothing yet


Purchased the 1065 (a 5 watt handheld unit) from an internet seller in Hunter Valley NSW. Its a dog. The PTT switch collapsed in on itself after one use. The seller was only too happy to replace the radio and pay postage which was great. Took it on a 6 week caravanning trip with 4 other vanners. Everyone complained that my transmissions were fractured (parts of words only audible). While i could hear other 5 watt transmissions i could only hear bits and pieces from those using 2 watt units. I purchased another UHF unit after 3 weeks (Aussie made GME TX 3100 PlugNplay which as the name suggests plugs into the 12 v cigarette lighter) and its great but costs about $270.
When i complained to the seller of the Digitech he did the right thing and refunded the original purchase price. I only wish i had read some reviews before i bought the thing. How a company can allow such an inferior product onto the market place is beyond me. I will not touch another product from them again. But i will definitely buy from the internet guy (KILPATRICK) for sure.
Transmission terrible.

I Have just had the same problem, but no one wants to talk to me, sales rep hung up on me as he has never heard of this problem before I am the first one, tried to contact sydney where it has gone to 2 weeks ago and maybe it will be warranty as he thinks I have done some thing to it yeap got it out of the box and it was crap cant here what any one is saying, lets hope I can get my money back,Having just fixed the tiny PTT toggle switch back onto the motherboard, I can confirm that there's a real risk that pressing too hard on the rubber button on the unit's body will press directly on the motherboard and dislodge the PCB-mounted toggle. Unless you're prepared to wire a separate, external momentary switch to from the PCB to the external body, press on the rubber PTT button only *LIGHTLY* and feel the faint click of the internal toggle. When the contact starts to come apart, the dry solder will certainly make the voice transmission crackle and break up. Don't do what I did and lend the unit to anyone. It's only natural for people to try to increase transmission by pressing too hard.

Very weak range

I have bought a Digitech DC 1065 with very weak reception. Have taken back to Jaycar they said nothing wrong with unit
I have used many UHF radios in my 57 years started working in truck industry in early sevenths so not new to to the use of one
So I recommend don't buy a Digitech DC 1065

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This unit performs well to me, but the manual is scanty. For example, it shows users how to add channels to memory, but not how to retrieve them. It says there's an "Auto" squelch setting, yet the unit shows only numbers. The spelling errors don't help. It's worth the money just for a unit with a real manual.

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