DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air

4.3 from 6 reviews

Great drone. Takes stunning photos and videos

Bought the Mavic Air FlyMore kit back in January. Drone takes superb 4K videos and photos. Flying it is easy and the build feels solid and "weighty". Would certainly recommend.

My only gripe is the length of time taken to update firmware and the frequency of which it needs to update. Also, I find that I have to re-calibrate it a bit too often. Great drone nonetheless

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Appalling customer service management.

It seems the higher you go, the worse they get.

Crashed sideways into a tree. Had DJI Care and got replaced. Took 5 weeks. Left my SD card in there. Explained repeatedly to move the SD card to the new drone. On receiving new drone, realised it is sealed package. Tape around box but holding nothing. Explain there is no SD card. They said was taped around box. I said there is no SD card on box, only tape.

Investigation. I send pics of how I receive unit, They send pics of SD card and other stuff ready for packaging. I say this shows nothing.

I get a call from [name removed] in Shenzhen to be rest assured they are looking into this and will be escalated. I'm pretty impressed I get called from China. Very nice. Other people up to this point have been fine, too. Doing what needs to be done and cross referencing, Fair enough.

Then it gets to [name removed] in upper management. She says: 'SD in packaging. Thanks'. Wow ... I say it wasn't there and this is abysmal after all the detail others have offered up to this point. Then she says she will give me 15% discount to buy a new SD card from DJI. I said card is worth $100. You want me to pay $600 to get my $100 as a discount? Or just $15 for a $100 card? Not to mention totally neglecting the fact I said I already bought a new one anyway, and that this is totally not responsible.

I am so disgusted, I say not to be contacted by [name removed] again, that she needs to be fired in comparison to the others that have been doing their best to get something resolved.

So far, they are trying to get someone else to look at it. I say just get to [name removed] attention. He is a billionaire, right? He wants to care about $100 and reputation over stalling?

So they are stalling. I email once a week. It's been about 2-3 months since getting the drone back. I have hardly flown since then. I don't feel good flying it. The energy of respect has gone.

How long does this have to take? Why wait so long? Where is their honour?

After reading reviews of new Pros, I won't be buying from them again. Waiting for competitors to raise their game. DJI want to be the Apple of the drone space. They won't get there if this is their way of handling things.

Beyond unimpressed. Appalling way of handling it. I think they want me to give up. I've dealt with Chinese before. It's all about the money. Sad.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

So easy to fly and record

I've got a few drones. I started buying cheap $30 quadcopters to learn to fly, and moved up to more expensive and bigger aircraft. I wasted a heap of money on some $300 drones to learn on. The Mavic Air is simple to fly. Takeoff and landing are taken care of with the app control. Obstacles are avoided by the drone itself.
While I recomend buying a cheap toy to start with, you can step up to the Mavic from there.
It is not cheap, but build quality and usability is worth it.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

This the best and most fun flying camera which you can take anywhere with you

This done is easy to learn how to fly even for beginner's like me and also teachers you how to use a cameras Manuel settings much better
And easier.
Just fun drone which you can take anywhere
With you and get great shots and video that you would never get on a normal photo or video camera

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Wow This Drone Is Unbeatable

I have owned this drone for a couple of months and totally love it, my wife and I go out every chance we can flying and taking photo's and video's where ever we can, the quality of images and video is top quality for such a small machine, I bought the Fly More Pack which gives you extra batteries, carry bag, case for drone, charger for 4 batteries and extra propellors, I highly recommend purchasing the Fly More pack as it is great value, after your first flight with this magnificent drone you will find you want more batteries to get the ultimate enjoyment from the Mavic Air so spend a little extra with your initial purchase and you will save in the long run.
The Mavic Air has too many features to list here so head to their website and check it out or check out the many Video Reviews online about the Mavic Air, I did a lot of research before settling for the Mavic Air and couldn't find 1 genuine bad review, DJI have the best name in drones and have a drone to suit most budgets so save your time and check them out, Mavic Air is relatively easy to fly and has many safety features like forward, rear and bottom sensors to help avoid crashes and bad landings, return to home feature where you just press a button and it comes back to the point it took off from automatically or even returns to home automatically when signal is lost or battery is low, the Mavic Air also has a beginners setting that restricts flying height and distance so is an excellent place to start if you're new to drones.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

An amazing 'Flying Camera'

I would never have thought that in my mid 60's I would have bought a drone, especially one which cost nearly $1600 but this one is different. It is the Mavic Air...a machine which takes up no more space than a large mobile phone yet something I can ( without special training) send up in the skies to make amazing cinematic footage. The Mavic air is so small and unobtrusive but is capable of up to 4K video and beautiful still shots from a perspective that no photographer can take without the services of a helicopter, qualified pilot and a clever cameraman. DJI have packed so much into this little flying computer that it has taken me weeks to find out by researching the Internet what it is capable of. It was released at the start of the year and already there are beautiful videos on Youtube of scenic locations around the world.
Don't get me wrong, you must do your homework. It is not a toy and many safety regulations must be learnt and adhered to but once learnt can provide fantastic experiences which can be shared with so many people.
Just a word of warning...don't mistake the 'Return to Home' button which brings the machine back right to your feet, with the 'Land immediately' command. Not good if it's out over the Pacific Ocean and starts to descend quickly!

Date PurchasedApr 2018

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