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DJI Phantom Advanced

DJI Phantom Advanced

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Dji phantom 4 advanced product and warranty fail!

I ordered a Phantom 4 advanced off Amazon. After some good product research I decided the Phantom would be a good addition, considering my other equipment is older and does not have the features the Phantom claims to bring to the table.

I received it on August 16th 2017. I had a few minor issues, but nothing that I didn't expect.

On Aug 28th 7.5 mins into a flight it flipped up side down and fell out of the air. Perfectly upside down into a dirt field, breaking the shell, gimbal, and forcing dirt into the motors. Upon research I have discovered this is refered to as the flip of death in the DJI world and as it turns out not uncommon. At the time it happened I wasn't too upset, drones are a complex device and stuff happens. I had never seen anything like this so a bit shocked but was thankful I didn't fall on something of value. I was confident DJI would just replace it considering it's age and the circumstance.

I received a case number that came with a packing slip, great didn't have to pay shipping. When DJI received it, the repair team assested it and decided I should pay for the repair. Saying it was operator error. I was quick to contest that decision considering there is nothing for miles that is as tall as the height it fell from. I was told it would be reassed. I was also told it would take 48 hours. 1 week passed by with nothing so I called in and spoke to a manager who stated that they would try to deal with it promptly.

Today, 1 day short of 2 weeks I call in again and I am told I need to sync my flight logs for a proper evaluation. Which I was under the impression the logs were accessible from the unit it self.

This is where I start to get aggravated, and here's why:

- It's fairly obvious the first decision was made without the flight logs, which you would think would play a major role from a warranty perspective especially when accusing one of OPERATOR ERROR. All this technology and they base their decision on a hunch?

- They have proven they have the ability to send an invoice at the speed of light, but if they need something from me to help resolve my case they choose to wait for me to call in to inform me.

In the end regardless of the out come I can not have drones that routinely fall out of the sky working for me. If DJI would have demonstrated any need to do right by me I would be a bit more tolerable, but clearly not the case. I just want my money back. Product and service fail!

Date PurchasedAug 2017

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Phantom Advanced
Price (RRP)$2399
Included CameraYes
Flight Time28mins
Max Speed20m/s
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