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DJI Phantom Pro

DJI Phantom Pro

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Mavic Pro went rogue

I bought my drone 2 weeks ago and liked it until one night it developed a mind of its own and flew off. Never to be seen again. I sent the flight records to DJI along with the video “ which could clearly hear me panicking that I couldn’t control it” and they emailed me back telling me it was my fault. Apparently it went into an ATTI mode and wouldn’t respond to my commands on the remote to come back. Needless to say I can’t find it now.
I’m very disappointed as I purchased the Mavic Pro for $1000.00 in hopes that I could record my wedding with it.
In my opinion the warranty on these are a sham. I will never buy another DJI product again as I was treated like it was my fault that the drone wouldn’t respond to my remote commands and flew off never to be seen again.
I’m a real reviewer. If you want to verify let me know and I will provide contact info so we can chat.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Amazing drone - Crap batteries

At work we bought two phantom 4 pro's, in addition, we bought four spare batteries, giving the drones three batteries each. Out of the six batteries four were faulty! As we had the drones sitting in a store room for over six months until everyone receive training on them, all the battery warranties are now null and void. They have never been used. Over $1000 worth of batteries! I'm gobsmacked to be honest. We wrote to the corporate section of DJI and never received a response. Buyer beware...my advice DO NOT buy over the internet. Go into a store and have them demonstrate that the batteries turn on while fitted to the drone. That way you won't waste time trying to redeem warranty through the mail. Also if you do feel the need to buy them over the internet, check them upon arrival. DO NOT assume they will be working, the quality control is shocking at DJI, four out of six batteries is not a coincidence.

On the good side, with the remaining batteries we were able to do firmware updates, and fly the drones, both work flawlessly, but the startup time is significant. They are easy and safe to fly with effective GPS hold and navigation abilities. The camera is amazing, the footage is incredible, they hold well in wind with the gimble providing a steady camera shot.

It's just so disappointing that such an amazing drone is let down by the battery, in researching forums this appears to be a VERY common issue, quite frankly I was contemplating buying one for myself, but I am now reconsidering. As a very expensive private purchase I don't have the ability to absorb the cost the same way my company can, I'll be looking elsewhere.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

DJI Phantom 4 Pro (Obsidian Edition)

The P4Pro (Obsidian) is an awesome edition to the Phantom 4 range of quad copter drones. This is the same specs as the P4Pro but the colour is matt black boarding on charcoal. This is one sleek unit and flys as solidly as all other DJI Products.

This is up there as a consumer drone in the sub 2kg weight category of CASA regulations (anything over 2kg and you need to be licensed). This is not a cheap toy at around 2k!

Use your iPhone or Android smart device to connect to the controller and you're pretty much right to go after some firmware updates that usually accompany an advanced piece of flying photography kit. After all this is cutting edge technology here at your finger tips and DJI are proactive in keeping your investment flying.

Controls are easy to master and your device displays all manner of important flight information needed for really getting the most from your photography or videos, as well as safe flight, flight telemetry and flight records.

Battery life is excellent with a fully charged battery lasting 30mins in calm weather. When it is windy or you have an aggressive flying style battery life can drop to about 25mins. Still ample time to get your perfect shot in frame.

Change from normal flight mode into sport mode and get this drone flying up to 70+kph allowing you to get to the shot fast or tackle that headwind.

With the advanced "Light Bridge" connection (others use WIFI connection) you have fantastic range - but remember to always fly safe and under the CASA regulations. For instance you must be able to visually orientate the drone without binoculars, or goggles. Channel selection is done automatically (or can be done manually) and you can choose between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz to gain clearer signal stability in areas with high radio interference.

Video and photos are crisp, vibrant and can be edited in your favourite editing packages. Images are stored on the SD card that comes with the drone but you will be purchasing a larger capacity card sooner rather than later.

While you're in a buying mood also purchase an additional battery or two so you can spend more time in the air and less on the ground waiting for the battery to charge. Batteries take around an hour to charge to full capacity with the included charger.

I upgraded from my Phantom 3 Standard drone (also reviewed here). The upgrade price is steep but then this is the top of the line in the Phantom Range. Buy with confidence, learn to fly in control safely and view your world from above. The view is amazing.

Date PurchasedDec 2017


I've had the new P4P for a week now, when you start it up first time you are forced into a firmware upgrade. Since my first flight the drone shakes and wobbles badly, so photos are blurred and video is useless. I've re-calibrated IMU and Compass dozens of times without success. I've now been told I need to wait for the next firmware update for a POSSIBLE fix!!! I've checked online forums and there are hundreds of people experiencing the same problem. Meanwhile I need the drone for my photography work, so I'm losing money. I upgraded from the older P3P and that was an awesome drone and I'm really sorry to have sold it. The P4P is a lemon. Dont buy it!!!

Date PurchasedAug 2017

DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO Firmware Issues Cause Drone To Malfunction & Hit Water - Now Dead!!

DJI Support is nonexistent and they use consumers as guinea pigs to test their upgrades and bug fixes. So many issues don't know where to start. Very poor business ethics considering the cost of these top of the range drones.
Treat consumers like trash and will not take responsibility for their products and firmware failing. Have a read of their manuals and other documents and they will tell you where you shouldn't fly. Why own a drone if you're limited to flying in a large open field! Had nothing but erratic behaviour from this drone and DJI couldn't care less. Good luck with trying to speak to someone in Australia, as even though the number is in Melbourne, you're actually calling overseas. Support email responses very vague and often contradictory and misleading. Support emails also have spelling mistakes and poor English is used.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Long term Phantom user

Have recently sold a couple of phantom 2 drones with GoPro cams after a few years of trouble free use and recently purchased a phantom 4 about a week before the P4 Pro was released. No issues (except the High wind warning that pops up on the Go 4 app regardless of wind speed. Not a big issue, sure it will be fixed in a firmware upgrade. So impressed with video (and Image) quality with these 2 models. As a pilot I am meticulous with pre-flight checks and use the same principle. of "This aircraft is un-airworthy until proven otherwise" with UAV's.
One tip, put something red ( strip of cloth or similar )and prominent on the P4 camera protector ensuring you remove it before flight.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Reliability and Quality have no place in a sentence with DJI

DJI are really over priced pieces of garbage
Certainly not worth $3099 AUD.
The customer service is a complete joke and their quality control is non existent.
Try to get a refund out of these people...it's the blood from a stone story.
i have had 4 replacement drones sent to me.
The first was a recycled drone...that was still damaged and dji tried to pass it off as 100% brand new for the drone that had a 3 in 1 board issue.
The replacement was cracked and dirty and the screen had a dirty big scratch.

The replacement for that came with major firmware issues and 3 months later i still don't have a fully functioning drone.

They would not refund my money so i cut them a deal to send a phantom 4 pro plus after i had reported them to fair trading Australia.
Atleast they were brand new and i would not receive a broken and used drone .
They agreed and yet i still don't have a flying drone.
You would have to be kidding me???

The replacement for the replacements replacement arrived today and yep.. you guessed it ... i have firmware issues and the dji go 4 app keeps crashing right out of the box.



Date PurchasedOct 2016

Money well spent

So far only minor hiccups - overall a wonderful experience.
Flying for fun - so far amazing results.

Only point of note- I had a sticky gimbal on opening the box. Turned out to be some adhesive from a cable was sticking to the back of the camera. This was removed by rubbing with my finger allowing the camera to correctly calibrate on setup.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

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Phantom Pro
Included CameraYes
Max Speed20m/s
Price (RRP)$2600
Flight Time30mins
Max Range7000m
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