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DJI Phantom Standard

DJI Phantom Standard

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Phantom 4 Drone by DJI

This is a great Drone anyone can fly it, when starting out its a bit daunting, but when you realise you can hover the craft until you figure out what to do then you know that its pretty foolproof, recommend having the Apple mini 4 ipad for the display as I figured out the hard way if you dont have fast enough processor it can lose image mid air I would also recommend a sunshade for the screen. Also the DJI Go 4 software is fairly invasive nowadays they want alot of your data, there are other alternatives such as Litchi to run the Drone on instead. I would recommend this drone works great in strong winds (and I mean really strong unlike smaller drones) has proximity sensors, definately get extra battery as they only last 25mins though they are super expensive at $300 each here in NZ. biggest drawback is not anything to do with the super amazing drone, but more to do with where can you even fly one now??? there are so many limitations and permits required, just something to think about. cheers

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Very bad company,be warned,don't buy off DJI.

It's not until you buy any DJI product that you see they sell you a product that has many flaws or issues,you then spend weeks to find out what's wrong with the drone to try to fix it,I had to send my phantom 4 it get fixed twice now, but when you go to the DJI forum there are thousands of people all saying they have a issue with there drone, many thousands needing help with a very, very expensive product that they sell with many things wrong,they had a bad up date that caused most people to get things wrong with there drones,it will take me to long to say about how bad DJI is,you will regret buying a very,very expensive product,DJI over charge for what the product really is,I can only tell you I've seen so much wrong with DJI the drones are a big rip off,you will see if you buy one,thanks for your time

Date PurchasedMay 2016

As good as the higher models

If you obey all the standard procedures with owning a Phantom You will never run into any major problems. About half way through 2017, DJI introduced a software update on the Phantom 4. This update enabled the Phantom 4 to have all the functionality of the most recent drones, with all the flight modes of the Phantom 4 Pro and the Mavic Pro, Without the extra obstacle avoidance sensors obviously. This drone is no longer sold from DJI but you can pick it up online, refurbished, for $900 that's what i did. Nobody would have thought the drone was refurbished unless they were told. DO NOT TRY TO BRING DRONES ON A CRUISE SHIP, found that out the hard way. I have not run into any issues that require me to contact support services so I have nothing to say about that. Unfortunately Australian UAV laws make it almost impossible to actually use the drone unless you're in a remote location. (unless you are 30 meters away from a road, 30m away from people including the pilot, not able to look upon someone else's property or possessions including cars, you have permission from whoever owns the land and you use none of the intelligent flight functions and you don't look at the FPV screen.) Ensure you land the drone BEFORE the battery reaches critical or it will begin to land itself wherever it is (remember don't panic if this happens.) DO NOT use cheap micro SD cards in the phantom, it will never work. All and all, I will be using this drone as far into the future as I can because I wouldn't ask for any other.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Fantastic drone

Amazing drone, great flight time out of the batterys and range, i have got out to 3.4km before it came home, image quality is not the best but for the price its great.
Sport mode is a lot of fun but dont use it unless you are very use to your drone.
Hope to get the phantom 5 when it comes out.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Good but looses signal much quicker than Mavic

Found the drone to be great however when we've taken both the Phantom 4 and the Mavic out the Phantom 4 drops out well before the Mavic does. Might be just my specific drone buts it's still annoying. That said the footage is brilliant and the it's super easy to control.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

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Phantom Standard
Price (RRP)$2399
Included CameraYes
Flight Time28mins
Max Speed20m/s
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  • MPN: DJI-PH4

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