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Doogie's Litter Kwitter

Doogie's Litter Kwitter

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Feeling positive!

Ok so my friends and family have been treating me like I'm on the verge of complete insanity since i bought this product - three months ago now. For a 4 month old kitten i had just adopted. I have never owned a cat so that's all new too - but the breeder actually recommended i buy this product. It took a while to even get him on the toilet and then a lot of time on stage one as stage two (amber) left me cross eyed as he kept putting his head through the hole, it became really frustrating for both of us. So I ended up buying the training disks - it took a while in the post coming from overseas. HOWEVER - once i got him on amber training disk something clicked. He's been on them about 2 weeks now but this weekend we graduated to amber ... and this evening he poo-ed directly into the hole! He looks very comfortable and happy with the process now and I feel confident that we will actually get there. I've read lots of reviews saying that it does take a while and you have to spend time with your cat - understanding their toileting habits and 'being there for them' so to speak. Really good advice. But most importantly - really and truly - Keep it clean always. Like every day you need to clean it out - as in wash it thoroughly and remove all smell. Good product tho - it really is actually working - definitely give it a go!

Didn't send product

Same problem as Lynn below, paid and didn't receive products, after waiting a month i contacted paypal and reversed the charges. Pretty annoying experience all round. Don't recommend.


I have a 2 1/2 year old Burmese male. I trained him when he was about 1 and he took to the Litter Kwitter really well and was trained in about 4 weeks. He had the occasional accident after that but by about 6 months in he was fantastic and all we have to do is flush. While training I watched him closely and when he headed to the loo I got him a tiny treat and when he had finished gave it too him with loads of petting and praise. Any accidents I cleaned up and just ignored him. Good luck to all.

The product worked for me, but too longer than expected.

I have been able to train both my cats to use the toilet using this system. I found that there were big gaps between the levels, but I would just go back to the stage before and do it again.
Both my cats use the toilet thanks to this system.

Paid and not recieved

I paid and have not recieved. There is no phone number. They will not return my emails asking where my goods are.
Is this a dodgy company?

Grateful every day for my toilet trained cat

Took 5wks to train my cat & 4yrs later she's still going strong. I have far too many photo's & video's of her doing it all by herself it's so cool I just can't resist getting the camera out from time to time still. I still love watching my cat toilet on the toilet now it's so weird, & still feel grateful every time I lean over the toilet to flush for her & get a whiff of her strong urine knowing it's gone instantly, cleaned up. I spent about an hour shut in the bathroom with her after each meal while training till she had confidently gone twice, then gave her a few opportunities on her own, then upgraded her each time. I felt strong fear with each change & she resisted every time but me being there to make her go with the change each first time then it was like I'd won & she'd continue without resistance. I was training my cat on toilets in two separate properties on different days but during the same 5wks & I've had her use two other toilets since she's been fully trained one without any extra training. My tip to others, don't google for advice from people on the web who haven't succeeded, just use your common sense, this system works as is & you just need to invest some time after each feed, it's not easy but it does work
I was impressed the groves moved my cat naturally to correct position meaning I didn't have to touch her & interfere physically with her learning process & I love that all I have to do is flush for her now.
It was expensive when I brought it years ago it cost $120 however I sold it for at least half that & i've saved over 4 years in kitty litter & cleaning supply costs

Takes longer than box suggests.

The 8 weeks or less is an exaggeration, most cats take a lot longer, if you look at their site most reviews say it takes months for each stage. My cat was fine with stage two, put the litter tray on the toilet. when the hole appeared she rebelled held on for days and went elsewhere, after stalking her and moving her onto the toilet while going, 2 weeks later all was good, several months at this stage moved to the larger hole, now back to rebelling. For the price they should include two more hole sizes instead of selling separately, if you can even find them. It is expensive and will not work for all. It is very messy with litter everywhere and a lot of cats will choose to toilet elsewhere at least for a while.
Good idea
Needs to state how long it takes should include additional hole sizes.

Worth the attempt. Got half way there. Good concept.

You have to have a sense of humour and be willing to clean up the messes with this item. Our two indoor Burmese kittens adapted well to going up on the toilet but would not use the holes. They would do their business around the edges. So my partner drilled holes in the inserts which helped with draining the pee but I was still cleaning up messes. After months of trying the cats would wee in the toilet - Yeah but then poo on the floor - Drat.

Make sure you use flushable litter or you could block you pipes.
Half way there. Tryed at least 3 times now but going back to litter and going to try again soon as hate the litter tray
Should have slope and drainage to save mess

Unless you're home 24/7 don't waste your money or your sanity with this product!!

Brought the litter kwitter because I loved the idea of not having to clean a litter tray all the time and for hygiene reasons. The product advertises that you can train your cat/s to use the human toilet in 8 weeks (give or take).
It's a 3 stage training system designed to train your cat to use a humn toilet (brilliant idea!). Stage 1 is a red insert, stage 2 an amber insert and stage 3 a green insert - all with different sized holes in them so your cat can get used to peeing in the (human) toilet over time.
I have been using it (well, the cat has!) for at least 8 weeks and we can't get past stage 1! Our cat just pees and poos where she likes as soon as I attach the 'amber' (second) stage. As I work full time, I can't be there to supervise her so she does what she likes during the week days (and if I'm not there following her around, on the weekends too!).
I have been careful to introduce the stages at the start of a weekend so I can coach her to use it. I've tried all sorts of techniques suggested on the products website and forum but to no avail.
There seems to be too much of a learning curve going from red stage 1 to amber stage 2 - our cat was petrified of the hole in the centre of the amber insert and couldn't get used to it. Perhaps if the hole was smaller at first she wouldn't have had such difficulty. Our cat is only 10 months old too so it's not as if she is too 'set in her ways' to learn...

I really suggest that unless you are able and prepared to be at home with your cat/s all day every day (at least until they are fully trained) you DON'T waste your time, money and sanity buying this product. I've just spent the past 8 weeks cleaning up their messes around the house and dreading the mess & frustration - not to mention the stress it's probably caused to my cat.
Nice idea
Didn't work for us, you need to be with your cat 24/7 for it to work, hole in stage 2 amber insert is too big and scared our cat

Questions & Answers

I haven't got my baby yet but like any good mother I'm preparing for his arrival and have built his enclosed outdoor area, installed his door and bought the biggest indoor tree house I could find. Bought the Litter Kwitter after watching "Meet the Fockers", decided to watch the DVD tonight and try it all out. Unfortunately the disk won't fit my slim line toilet and I was wondering if you do them with different shapes or have any ideas about making the disk fit my smaller pan to keep it steady. If not I will have to cut some of the edges away and use double sided tape to fit it to the bowl. If anyone else has had this problem, I would like to know how they went? I'm getting a Traditional Thai Siamese and they are highly intelligent so I have no fears at all of him learning this wonderful method and it will give me immense pleasure to break him in. It's such a clever idea. Well done.
2 answers
Hi, I am not the designer or the manufacturer so I'm the wrong person to answer your question, if you ph them they might have a solution. I do believe there is a bowl in toilet system you would be able to self make (Google for instructions) or if it was me I would be taking a photo & measurements & the seat to Bunnings as they can often give good advice with plumbing & building things & they might be able to come up with a solution! Keep in mind it would have to be easily removable if you are using same toilet & it'd have to be thoroughly cleanable so the cat doesn't reject it. I personally wouldn't use double sided tape for this reason. Good luck, my cat has been using the toilet with no problems at all for 6yrs now, the 5wks I spent training her have paid off massively for me!Thanks Carol but according to the instructions on the DVD the Litter Disk goes under the seat which means you would have to clean the seat anyway. I think it only holds the disks until they are no longer needed and then cat just sits on the same seat as we do anyway. No big deal because by then his paws will be much cleaner than when in the learning stage. I have pondered over it and have decided to cut out part of the disk to fit the "bowl" better and then the seat will be steady over the top of it. Thanks for the advice and I'm so proud of your cat. Can hardly wait to get mine. He's a special breed and I'm on a waiting list. :)

Our cats litter tray has always been in the bathroom, we have now removed it & placed the litter kwitter on the bathroom floor as per step one on the video. Problem is that our 12 year old cat is now with-holding & then emptying his bowels in the bath & pee-ing in a corner when we are out of sight. How do I stop this - has anyone got any practical suggestions or a solution?
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Wow, your trying to train a 12yr old, your brave, I would be worried it might be too old for such a big change but if you want to keep trying then who knows, it might work :-) I wish I had the answers you need but I don't, sorry. Does the litter kwitter fit inside it's old tray, if so, maybe put it inside the other one, if not, maybe get a big enough litter tray, change to the other one first then put the kwitter inside it? I'd have to suggest if it can't handle such a small change tho it might not be suitable for toilet training. Best of luckOur problems started when the first 'hole' appeared, our cat took to peeing in the sink, so we put a small amount of water in the sink to stop the peeing in the sink this might work. We had problems with 'holding' too. Are you using the same type of litter as before? Some cats do not take well to change in litter, start by slowing adding the 'new' litter to the old litter, about 25% then 50% and so on. Is the tray in the same place it was before? Another poster said they got their cat use to using the Kwitter in the old place before moving it beside the toilet. When we started having problems we resorted to stalking our cat, any sign of getting ready to 'go' and after eating we put her on the Kwitter.Thank you Spiderweb, I fear you may be right considering our cats age - he's a clever cat & I have managed to teach him simple things in the past, but he was younger then. Still nothing ventured nothing gained. I also wonder if he is too large a cat at 6kilos to fit comfortably, as I have put the red tray in the bath & he will perch, but seems to most of it ends up in the bath.

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