Amazing and it Works!!

This is the best cat litter I have used ever. Used a few different brands and it does cost a little bit than the other brands but it's worth it. We have to cats and it last for about a month with just a light top up here and there. Can't smell anything for a very long time. It actually works. Worth the money. Saw some on special and got 3 of them. Strongly recommend to all pet lovers out there!!

Purchased in May 2019 at Woolworths for $16.00.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Odour Absoprtion
Clumping Ability

not sure does anyone know if it causes constipation?

I found this incredibly difficult to clean out of the box as it sticks to it.
Also simulataneously my cat has suffered incredible constipation which necessitated expensive xrays and treatment and is still not resolved. The vet said it looks like she has eaten sand but we don't have any sand anywhere. The only thing different is that I started using this kitty litter.she started drinking heaps and straining and couldn't go. Is it possible she has licked it off her paws causing the bowel obstruction? The vet seems to think this is likely the cause. Now I have to dose her up with laxative in the hope that it will move but it isn't really helping a lot. Also she stopped using the kitty litter tray and not just goes on the floor even though I changed back to her old litter. I am really worried. She is quite old and won't stand an operation.

Purchased in December 2018.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Odour Absoprtion
Clumping Ability

love it!

Absolutely love it - it clumps so well and so easy to remove, but the packaging is such a waste and expensive - come on Purina, you can do better for the environment.

Purchased in January 2019 at IGA for $19.00.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Odour Absoprtion
Clumping Ability

Great product but needs to have refill option

I have been very happy (and so have my cats) with the quality and odour control of this litter and have been using it for quite a few months. But why oh why can't we have refills made available in our local supermarkets as the solid plastic containers must add considerably to the very high price which averages $20 per unit.

On reading a reply by a Purina staff member to a similar customer query last year it was stated that your company would definitely look into providing a solution with cheaper refill packets. It is now 2019 and still nothing has eventuated! I believe that different sizes and refills are available in the USA, so why can't we have the same in Australia? I would like to add my voice to a call for Purina to actually put their words into actions and am most disappointed that your company makes no attempt to help Australia's efforts in reducing the huge amount of waste these sort of containers make.

You have a very good product so why don't you make it easier and much more affordable for your customers in Australia? If you can do it in the USA, surely it can't be that hard to have the same products available here?!!

Come on Purina, do the right thing!

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $20.00.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Clumping Ability

Horrible smelling litter that does not last

This litter has an unpleasant overly sweet smell, that mixed with the cat's droppings is quite sickly. I have three cats, so I need a litter that will stand the extra usage, while I am after a good litter. After removing the soiled/clumps this litter lasted less than three days. I did find the litter had low dust and tracking.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths for $20.00.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Odour Absoprtion
Clumping Ability

Amazing Amazing Amazing

The best litter I have tried!!! A very long lasting and very low maintenance litter- I am so impressed, Purina! Keep it up!

Brilliant odour control for litter trays

Have been using this since I acquired my 4 kittens almost 12 months ago. I just sprinkle a little (maybe 1 tablespoon) over the top of the litter in the trays each time after I clean out the waste (I use 60 litre containers with about 4-5 inches of litter) to contain the mess from their scratching in the litter. The smell is very pleasant and not overpowering. One container lasts several weeks. My cats then think they have new litter. Don't have to replace the entire litter as often - just top it up every 3 or 4 days.

Brilliant. No more litter problems!

We had been using OzPet litter which is a non clumping litter (and our breeder said we should use), but one of our Tonkinese cats hated it. He ended up weeing on the spare bed, in the kitchen sink and in my sons gym bag.
So I changed to TidyCats and our problems disappeared just about straight away.
It forms nice solid chunks you can scoop out, it smells fresh (not that revolting lavender some companies use). And it lasts a good month if you scoop every 2 days or so. I top it up after scooping and add a shake of TidyCats litter deodoriser.
The only problem is that our 2 Tonkinese do track litter because it is fine grain. Our litter trays are in our laundry so it doesn't tend to get in other rooms. I use a Dyson handheld vacuum to quickly vacuum the tracked litter when I clean the litter every 2nd day. Takes about a minute, if that.
I just hate the smell of dirty kitty litter, but I have to say that this is the best product I have ever used. Totally recommended.

Fantastic litter but price :(

I love this litter & my cats love this litter. It clumps really well, the odour control is better than anything else available, and it lasts for ages. It's quite simply one of the best on the market, but it's price which is not just a little more expensive than it's competitors but outrageously so, negates all of that considerably.

It's worth noting that this litter is available in the USA where there is actually a range of sizes available to choose from which means less packaging and therefore less plastic waste, rather than the tiny 6.35kg jug which is all we can buy here in Australia. Incidentally that same 6.35kg jug which we pay approx $20 for costs Americans less than $10 USD ($13 AUD). But even better, if they buy the bulk sizes they get it even cheaper:

9kg Jug = $7.88 USD/$10.65 AUD
12.3kg pail = $15.86/$21.40 (double the product volume for similar to what we pay for 6.35kg)
15.9kg pail = $12.98/$17.52

With that kind of price gouging it seems like this is just another case of a wealthy multinational ripping off the little guys again and I'm sick of it. So as much as I love this product I won't be buying it or anything else by Purina.

Great Odour Control, But Tracks Easily

This is the best cat litter for odour control, nothing else on the market performs better.

A 6.33kg container of Tidy Cats Litter costs $20.00 normally, But Coles have it on special for $16.00 on a periodic basis.

Don't be put off by the price as a 6.33kg container lasts a single cat household for approximately 5 weeks and it still has no detectable urine odour after that time.

I then simply transfer the used litter into a bucket and thoroughly clean and dry the cat litter tray, I pour the used litter back into the tray and top up the level of litter with fresh cat litter and thoroughly mix together, Doing this means there is no unneccesary wastage.

Most other cat litters usually last about a week to 10 days before they start to smell and then the whole litter tray of cat litter is disposed of resulting in more waste going into landfill.

When using Tidy Cats you only need to dispose of the clumps of urine and faeces.

Because this is a clumping cat litter the litter granule size must be small so Tidy Cats Litter can always give firm solid clumps of litter which hold together well and don't crumble easily.

However this also creates an annoying problem, This type of litter is easily tracked by your cat when leaving the cat litter tray.

Top Entry Litter Boxes help to reduce the amount of litter tracking but do NOT eliminate it.

A budget priced version of a top entry cat litter box can be made by purchasing a cheap, sturdy large size plastic storage container, Simply cut out a cat sized hole in one end of the lid.

Litter mats also help but you will need to keep a dustpan and brush handy for quick clean ups.

Purchased in July 2018 for $15.00.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Odour Absoprtion
Clumping Ability

By far the best

This is hands down the best I’ve ever used
Completely clumps and never any odour. I always used the homebrand clumping at about $3 a bag and if I had not received a sample of this product I probably would never fork out the $20 it costs!
But it is worth every cent! With 3 cats and a few trays I was going through around 4 bags every week. The tidy cats bottle far outlasts.
Yes it’s a pain when it’s on the floor and feels like sand under your feet but this happens with every cat litter

Finally a litter that clumps

Finally a litter that will actually clumps!!! Negates some of the smell too. Expensive but worth it. Less mess when they get out of the litter box too.

Tried them all...This is hands down the best litter on the market!

I have literally tried every litter on the market! I thought I was happy with my clay clumping litter until the last bag I purchased just didn’t clump well. So I found Tidy Cats on special and decided to give it a go! Wow!!! You would not know there is a cat in the house. Clumps really well, no falling apart like my last litter. Thank you Purina

Works great!!!

This product works instantly once the cat, or shall I say if your cat covers the litter. The crystals in it give it a pleasant scent & worked well in my apartment in a small space.

only proudct ever seen that truly eliminiates odour

My indoor cat produces nuclear weapon grade pungent poops. I have used every litter products in the market. This is the only product that works. Shame the size is so small. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.


I will not buy any more of this cat litter. Any of the kinds offered. Reason is because I don't like how it gets tracked all over the house. Always having to vacuum and sweep very frustrating.

Horrible Product

Does not clump the urine!! As soon as you go to scoop the "clump" it breaks apart into fine particles that fall through the scooper getting it all mixed in with the clean litter! Terrible - cannot recommend this product at all.

Do not buy

Does not clump oder difficult. Will never buy again. Difficult to scoop, does not have a nice smell only have one cat can't imagine using this litter with more.

OMG, this product is fantastic

OMG, this has changed everything for me. My cats are inside cats and often when I get home with my previous product there would be crystals everywhere and the house stunk. This product I cannot smell a thing and there is very minimal if any, tracking around the house. I looked for it at my local Woolworths and they don't stock it, but i will search in other shops. I am now a convert and will continue to use this product.

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Questions & Answers

Should I use a litter tray liner with the clumping cat litter?
No answers

We have a number of cats in our household, varying from 12 to 16 at any one time. These are all rescue cats that were unwanted, unsocial, deemed to be sick or older cats surrendered because of people either unable or unwilling to care for them anymore. We are looking for a suitable litter that provides good value for money that is also effective. I must admit that we haven't tried Purina litters due to the cost compared to some other brands. As we are aged pensioners value for money is imperative so any advice re a suitable litter would be very gratefully appreciated
2 answers
I've gone back to Catlux (softwood/clumping litter), you can buy it in 24kg bags for about $22 at Petcircle (or less if you can get it on sale). It has great odor control, the cats like it and you can remove soiled litter and top up rather than washing and replacing the litter daily. The tracking (cats getting it in their toes and walking it around) is not great, but I like this litter. The clay litters are of course the cheapest, but are messy, dusty, smelly and need to be replaced often, so I am not sure they end up being so cheap.Thanks Janine, will look into it further. Cheers

I have 4 almost 1 year old indoor cats. I currently use 3 x 60 litre containers which I fill 3-4 inches deep with clumping litter (10-15 litres). Would I need to use the same amount of your product, and if so, is it available in larger quantities than 6.5 kg?
No answers