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Double D Aussie Gummy Bears

Double D Aussie Gummy Bears

2.0 from 77 reviews



77 reviews

Cam3000Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Never Again!!!


Bought a pack as i’m trying to limit sugar and 2 hours later after the bloating and pain my neighbours probably think our apartment building has a methane leak....All I can say is I’m glad it was a delayed reaction considering I consumed them at work!

Won’t make this mistake again, I’m sure my body will be thrilled as well as the EPA who are probably getting lots of phone calls

Purchased in June 2020 at Woolworths for A$4.00.

I miss my life before this.


I'm thankful it's a public holiday tomorrow because there's no way in hell I'd be getting any work done permanently glued to the toilet. For the love of God, never buy these.

Purchased in May 2020 at Woolworths.


ChloSoutheast, SA

  • 14 reviews

I love these


Recently had weight loss surgery and these keep me regular

Purchased in May 2020 at Woolworths for A$2.50.


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My Bum Hurts

My Bum HurtsMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

Oh hell no... the worst side effects.


Oh man. The horrible, horrible side effects. So very glad my 3 yr old only ate half of one, after I demolished half a bag, 3 hrs later my stomach had the worst rumbles, and cramps so bad that I had to crouch down for, and that not so sure if it’s a fart or a shart sensation... I’m wondering how long this diarrhea will last! Only feeling a little bit better after my Google search and discovering these reviews. At least I know I don’t have gastro or food poisoning, and that there are other poor victims of these unsuspecting adorable, relatively tasty bears! These should most definitely be removed from the shelves. NOT WORTH IT.

Purchased in May 2020 at Woolworths for A$3.00.

Great taste but not worth the diarrhoea


Pricey but taste great. Unfortunately I thought I had gastro after eating these but it’s just a nasty side effect. I was also told from my doctor to go to hospital as had signs of an appendicitis. Was all from these horrible lollies.

Do not buy them and wish I read the reviews earlier.

Purchased in May 2020 at Woolworths for A$2.60.



  • 9 reviews

Much better than slimmers tea!


These will help your weightloss two fold.
Start with two or three and wait two hours before you have more.
You will be kgs lighter by the end of the day and satisfy your sugar craving!

Purchased in January 2020 at GroceryRun for A$2.24.


kazzaSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 6 reviews

Danger Warning!!!!


Why these are still on the market is beyond me. Never have I experienced stomach pains like it. And I was constantly up and down on the toilet. Wish I had read the reviews first before buying them but then who would of thought you could purchase sugarless lollies that would give you so much grief. They should be BANNED! And to add insult to injury they charge you over the top price for 90g

Purchased in March 2020 at Woolworths Physical store for A$2.50.

Great taste.. terrible side effects.


This product tastes amazing, I have diabetes so was very excited to try sugar free lollies.. amazing! Uh but wow.. the amount of diarrhoea I got from this product is extremely uncool guys.

Purchased in February 2020 at Woolworths.

Appendicitis or gastro?


Purchased in February 2020 for A$3.99.


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Destroyed my butt


These lollies are lethal. I was left peeing out my bum and in constant pain. I have not left the toilet. My poor boyfriend had to listen to what he described a boat bilging out water. I would not recommend. Should be illegal. EAT AT OWN RISK.

Purchased in February 2020 at Woolworths.

Kristy R

Kristy RAU

  • 3 reviews

Lollies from Hell


Dont even try these lollies, you will regret it!!! How are these even still on the shelf is beyond me! And in the lolly isle of supermarkets so that even children can buy these poisonous so called sweets!

Purchased in January 2020 at IGA for A$4.65.

Kylie D.

Kylie D.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC



After eating 5 gummy Bears like anybody can eat one I had excruciating stomach pains, gas and I'm sure it will come to diarrhoea. I cannot believe they're allowed to sell these. They are pure poison, do not consume.

Purchased in January 2020 at Woolworths Physical store for A$3.00.


AnnaPerth, WA

Absolutely Horrifying DO NOT BUY


This product should be banned, i bought them for the first time and i had no idea they had laxatives in them. Which is really bad, i've experienced some awful side affects and they last a long time. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

Purchased in January 2020 at Woolworths for A$2.60.



  • 5 reviews

Do not eat do not give to kids


Taste great but my poor little man 2.5 yo had 4 and has not left the toilet such bad stomach cramps and pain these should not be sold as Lollies these are dangerous and I am just shocked that these can be sold!

Purchased in November 2019 at Woolworths for A$2.60.

Never have I ever...


So guys, I love the double d products. I feel them twirl in my stomach, but I never got diarrhoea.
I ate two packages today. I take everything back, when I cant leave the pot tonight :)

Purchased in November 2019.


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Amber M.

Amber M.Sydney, NSW



These gummy bears have a major laxative effect no matter how many you eat. They taste good, but not worth the after effects!!!!!

Purchased in November 2019 at Woolworths for A$2.99.

Dill Pickle

Dill PicklePerth, WA

Stop Complaining


If you suffer diarrhoea once it should not happen again just do it when you are near a toilet for anywhere between 4-7 day, or when the pooping frenzy stops.

Purchased in November 2018 at Woolworths.


darleen.leeSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Isomalt should be banned!!


I ate a whole packet of the hard fruity lollies. My ring is burning from explosive diarrhoea!! Don’t eat more than 1 a day.

Purchased in September 2019.


Amos.THunter Region, NSW

Doubly Delicious! Gummy bears without all the sugar


Doubly Delicious! Gummy bears without all the sugar.
For a diabetic these are particularly good as i can get a sweet treat without a spike in my blood sugars. Very tasty and moreish. Just eat in moderation

Purchased in June 2019.


RunGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Double D double the Dunn


Double D delivers double defication. The countdown is on the first drop. Pissing pooh like a chocolate fountain, severe gas and bloating. Triple D, I won the trifecta. Product packaging and warnings need revising.

Purchased in May 2019.

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Inclusion S.

Inclusion S.asked

These are hilarious responses. All I can say is... I'm in the middle of DD at the moment and have been buoyed by the fact that all your feedback tells me it will pass...literally rofl lololol I needed a good clean out but this was not what I had in mind. Wish me luck as I enter the DD hell :-{}

No answers
Victoria Marie D.

Victoria Marie D.asked

I feel that these would be great for those of us who suffer from chronic constipation.

1 answer

Ha! Very true



These reviews are hilarious, do they really cause all these effects??

2 answers

In my experience.. 100% yes!

Inclusion S.
Inclusion S.

Totally agree! I survived the night, but boy, I'll never eat again.

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