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Dove Silk Dry Deodorant

Dove Silk Dry Deodorant

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This used to be my daily deodorant. I brought the unscented roll-on version as the scents of most deodorants generally bother me when I keep smelling them throughout the day (and I don’t want people to think I smell like deodorants). I usually swap brands of deodorants every few months then switch back as my skin gets used to them and they become less effective, but this was always in my rotation. However they have now stopped producing the unscented version (or it is just not available at my local supermarkets) so I have switched to the only other unscented roll on I could find, Mitchum, which I have found is more effective, but more drying on my skin.
Gentle and non drying on skin
Unscented version is no longer available


i would reccommend this deodorant. I have tried many Dove products and i have found they work really well for what they are meant to do. It costs the same as alot of other deodorants but i found this one to be one of the best, it leaves your skin soft and most of all keeps you fresh all day
I love this deodorant, i find it keeps me dry and fresh all day unlike alot of others i have tried. Great size to fit in handbag. I know and trust this brand. It doesnt stain your clothes either
No complaints


I believe Dove Silk Dry deodorant is great as it doesn't stain and the aroma's are quite pleasant. It leaves me dry all day and not only do I use it under my arm but on a very hot day I also use it between my breasts and just around my hair line on my scalp as you can perspire in a lot of places when it gets very hot. The cost to buy is quite reasonable and I will keep on buying it as it works.
That it does not leave a stain on your clothes, that is most important as you do not want to look silly.
Nothing comes to mind.


I have tried many deodorants and Dove is certainly the best. It always leaves your underarms feeling nice and soft and fresh. Unlike some of the others that i have tried (Nivea) this doesn't mark or stain your clothes. I'll keep using Dove. It hasn't let me down so i think it's great.
Smells nice, makes you feel fresh all day long, doesn't stain clothes
Nothing in particular

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Silk Dry Deodorant
Release dateDec 2006