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Fresca Natural Deodorant

Fresca Natural Deodorant

4.6 from 14 reviews

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Don't waste your money

It's extremely expensive and the product does not work. I could smell the body odour on myself and I had to reapply twice daily. Make up your own deodorant with fractionated coconut oil and essential oils. Look it up. It works great and is economical

Purchased in January 2019 for $16.00.

Value for Money

The only natural deodorant for me

I am so glad I found Fresca Natural Deodorant. I've tried just about all the other natural deodorants I could find, and even made my own for a while, but I've either had a reaction to the others, or they've been ineffective. I love the Jaisara fragrance. This order I'm trying a few new fragrances. Thank you for a great product.

Still loving my Fresca deodorant

I have been using Wooden Spice since 2011 and continue to love this product. The bottle lasts a long time. Customer service is excellent. Thank you Elda for a great product

After many years ... Still love it.

My Husband & I have been using Ocean Deodorant for several years now & both find it wonderful.
Not only are we pleased that its a natural product, BUT its also from the great state of - Western Australia :) lol

Thank you Elda, awesome product & awesome fast service.

Shame it didn't work as well for me..

I am quite an active person and tend to perspire quite a lot so upon a friend recommending this product, I ordered a few for myself and my brother. I was initially so happy with this product, however upon daily use, I kept getting a really inflamed, red rash under my arms. I discontinued use to test if it was the deoderant and tried using it again after the rash had gone away but my skin flared up straight away. The product works really well and it shows in all the reviews I have come across, however it didn't work as well in my favour unfortunately.

I am LOVING my Fresca

I am LOVING my Fresca. I am blown away that it works so well.
I have bought some for my daughter too. She has totally given up on trying to use vegan and natural deos but I know she will be very happy with Fresca so buying it for her I know she will try it. Thank you so much Linda

5 years strong!

I have been wearing Fresca Natural now for 5 years- since I found them in a small Perth farmers market. I have recommended my entire family to this product and they all love it. The flavours are excellent and I am so happy that they are still making the same quality product. I won't use anything else.

The best!

We have been using Fresca deodorant for a couple of years and think it is fantastic. Thank you Fresca for a product that works.

The smell is beautiful and all natural.

I've only been using their deodorant for 1 day but I love them. Aluminium free products that work are hard to come by. I love these and will be using from now on.


Awesome!!! I love my FRESCI OCEAN natural deoderant. Thank you!
I dont feel it's wet at all. I've been using my first bottle for 2 months and it has never faulted. I was told to expect toxins to release and cause small when first starting using fresca but it never happened and its been brilliant. Can't wait to get my next bottle.


I am in the process of getting rid of all of my old beauty products and replacing them with cruelty free products that are environmentally friendly and chemical free. I came across Fresco Natural Ocean Deodorant while researching online and am soo glad that I did!

It goes on a little wet so you just have to give it a bit more time to dry before putting your clothes on. It doesn't stop you from sweating (and while I already knew this), I was a tad paranoid when I began sweating after darting around the Perth CBD and then on a hot, stuffy train ride home. Luckily for me, it kept me feeling and smelling fresh. I am happy to say that I didn't have bad BO at the end of the day!

Weird thing is, the price online is $15 and in a health store I was told it was about $10. After I had paid this, the lady at the counter said it is actually $30.
Natural, not tested on animals, Choose Cruelty Free accredited, smells fresh!
My underarms look as if they have a slight white tinge after use, looks like I wiped baby powder on the area.

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I'd just like to add here for those who want added protection, I have made my own powder deodorant to use in conjunction with this product. Mix equals parts of cornstarch and baking soda with a few drops of tea tree oil and a dried bay leaf. Just brush on with a powder brush and it helps absorb moisture and deodorise. Hope that helps!

Safe and actually works

Just bought 4 of these in different fragrances, including 1 unscented. I was sceptical about whether they would do the job, but I wanted a deodorant that doesn't have any dangerous chemicals so that I wouldn't worry about using it on my child. Well, tried them and they are fantastic! My husband and I have both started using them - and they actually work. My 8 year old uses the unscented (she didn't want anyone to know she was using deodorant) and it is brilliant - no sweaty smell and no dangerous chemicals for her body - it's a win win situation!! Definitely worth the $15 price tag.
It actually works, and has no harmful chemicals so it is safe for children to use as well.
Expensive compared to deodorants that contain aluminium, but still worth it in my opinion.

Fresca Natural Wooden Spice Deodorant

This product is insane. I sweat all day working outdoors and I come home and can hug my wife without her telling me I stink! It doesn't stain my shirts and there is no stickiness once it has dried. I have tried the Citrus Fresh and Ocean now and they all work great. Terrific product and glad it is Australian made.
It dries quickly and there was no stickiness. The bottle lasted me two months. Great value at $15.

Actually works, and I know, I've tried about 10 before!

I bought this in an organic shop in Western Australia on a trip there, however, you can buy this online, which I've since done. I have very sensitive skin so I wanted a natural deodorant, but none have really worked that well or lasted the day. I've tried Natio, Body Shop, QV Naked (which is the best after this one), Dr Hauschka, Biologika, Miessence, Mitchum, etc. So I can highly recommend this deodorant! It is $15 each, however, it is so reliable, it is worth it!

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Incredible. I've been looking for aluminum and alcohol - free deodorants for a while but haven't been able to find one that actually works. This eliminates odour but doesn't leave a pungent smell- it's lightly scented when you apply it, but unlike most deodorants, the scent doesn't stick to you all day. I have used Nivea deodorants and later an organic tea tree one, and both leave your clothes with a permanent fragrance (in the latter's case, it was a fusion of tea tree fragrance and body odour, as the supposed deodorising properties just didn't work). Definitely worth trying.

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Fresca Natural Deodorant
Release dateMay 2012

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