No Pong
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Actually works

BO has always been a struggle for me, ALWAYS embarrassed.
I have used all types of deodorants, "wasted money".
I have been using "no pong" now for about 4-5 months and I love it. I won't go without it.
I recommend it to everyone.
It's the only deodorant that has ever worked for me. Also the fact that it doesn't irritate my skin is fabulous. Just wish it came in a bigger size.

Purchased for $9.95.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Instant Rash

I wanted to like this deodorant. The concept, ingredients, packaging.. all seemed like a great idea. I've used deodorants with the same ingredients and have never had issues.
After using No Pong, my skin immediately started burning and a rash started to form. I took a break and went back to it, hoping this wasn't the cause. But it was.
It also causes me to sweat.
Sensitive skin- DO NOT USE

Purchased for $8.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes

Gave me a fungal infection

I used this deodorant for two weeks. Shortly after I got a itchy, stinging rash which the doctor confirmed was a fungal infection from sweat and moisture from paste deodorant

Purchased at The CPAP Clinic Physical store for $8.00.

Causes Irritation Yes

Life Changer!

I have struggled with smelly underarms my whole life, I have tried so many different products both chemical & natural but boy am I glad to have found this! I absolutely love love love this product. I can go all day without having to reapply & I don’t smell, even after being out all day! It has seriously saved my life because I would feel so embarrassed knowing I smell but not being able to help it. I love that it’s cruelty free & completely natural.
It’s smooth & just glides on really easily & smells citrusy.
I can not recommend this product enough! Just wish it came in a bigger tin.

Complete convert

I got my first No along original and bicarbonate-free last week. I am a complete convert!! It smells great, lasts better than “commercial” deodorants, even when I was painting in 36 degree heat.
Bicarbonate free doesn’t smell as nice, but still does the trick.
Only down side is that the formula is a little gritty, but it’s a very small price to pay for how excellent it is.

Skin rash and burn, please be careful.

My husband and I tried this product after reading the reviews on facebook. We were still searching for a natural deodorant that actually works. We bought 4 tins, and they were delivered promptly. We both loved it for the first 2 weeks, and really thought we had found a winner. Alas, I began to get a nasty and large rash, and skin burn as well. I stopped using it for a few days, just in case it was something else. I tried it again, and immediately got the rash and burn again. This was also when my husband got the rash. I'm the 'sensitive' one in our home, so for my husband to get it also is concerning. We used it as suggested, small pea size amount under each arm. I emailed the company to ask for a refund, and have been told that they would do a refund if I sent the unopened tins back to them. I have asked them to pay for the return postage, and am awaiting an email back from them. They did offer us 1 tin of their 'Bi-carb free' product as another option to choose, but after considering the severity of the rash and burns, we thought it best to ask for a refund. I had not researched any other platform to see what other people had experienced. I do wish I had, as there are more than a few people here that have experienced similar/same. Happy for those of you whom it has/is working well for. But I would definitely suggest people take note and try an even smaller amount first, to see if it is safe for them to use. Oh, and it did also stain our clothes.
UPDATE: 'No Pong' refunded us in Full, which we are very happy about. However, the actual customer service part was not pleasant.

So far so good

I usually have major issues with BO for no good reason and have a graveyard of natural deodorants.

So far I am on day 3 and its going well. Lasts a lot longer during the day than anything I have tried.

We will see if it lasts at least a week. Usually my pits start getting wonky and extreme smelly after 7 days, ugh.

I do wish itcame with a little spatula to spread on the pit. Finger method os a bit meh. And it would be pleasany to have either fragrance free or choices of odors, I severely despise lemongrass and there is some in the deodorant. Obviously can't please everyone, but a larger selection could be beneficial :)

Best deodorant ever

I have always suffered from bad BO. I would shower at night, apply supermarket deodorant and wake up smelly and needing to shower again.
Since using no pong the morning shower is a choice not necessary. I pop on a small amount following my night shower and smell and feel good until my next shower. I'm just finishing my first tin which has lasted 2 months. I have struggled through an extremely long hot summer without once having smelly pits. I've even binned the can of deodorant I had in my car for touch ups.
I highly recommend giving this product a go, if you are thinking of trying it. It worked so well for me. 100% happy. It is also very cost effective

Tin is difficult to open

Dear no pong manufacturers .Our whole family have now switched to this product which is very effective and pleasant to use. My mother in-law loves it too but can’t open the tin because of arthritis in her fingers. Others family members report same issue with the container lid especially if your hands are wet or oily .The tin is handy as a purse pack . Can you please produce a screw top jar please ? Also this would provide a more reasonable amount than the smaller tin. Thanks .

Works well, but stains clothes

I was very impressed with how well this natural product works to stop odour. (It doesn’t stop wetness). However, I found that I ended up with oily stains on the underarm area of my clothes, even though I put it on well before getting dressed. So I have gone back to chemicals.


I am absolutely IN LOVE with my No Pong deodorant! Chemical free, all natural, plastic-free packaging (Big YES!) and super cheap. Couldn't be any happier with this product. Wooooohoooo! Just be careful if putting the deodorant on when you're dressed as it has coconut oil in it and may stain your clothes :-)

Both Original and Bicarb Free gave me itchy rash

I started with the Original No Pong and loved it for the first week or so but then it gave me a bad itchy rash. So I switched to the bicarb version ... and still got a rash. Now it's just abandoned at the back of my drawer. Disappointed that I couldn't use this as I was very hopeful.

Love it

No long original is the best! It works like no other natural deodorant I have tried before. I was a skeptic at first but so glad I tried it. 100% would recommend it.

Serious burns caused by NO PONG

Sadly, No Pong caused serious burns and scarring on my daughter's armpits. The company would not cover the cost of the doctor's appointment or medicine that had to be purchased. There is nothing to say that a small skin test is required before use and this concerns me for anyone else that may want to use it. Very disappointed. Please take care using it.

It was great until I had a reaction!

I was recommended this product, ordered it online and couldn’t wait to try it! Shipping was fast and reasonably priced.
I used No Pong for about 2-3 days and loved it! But unfortunately I started to get one very itchy armpit so I stopped using it and tried it again and the same thing happened. Unfortunately now I have ended up with swollen and infected lymph nodes under my arm and am on very strong antibiotics. It’s such a shame! I don’t think this product is terrible- it just didn’t agree with me.

Does a better job than supermarket bought deodorant

Have been using for about 3 weeks and I had pretty low expectations for a natural formula, but compared to store bought roll on antiperspirants I was using before -
- I'm not any sweatier
- I smell better & most days don't smell at all
- It feels nicer- I don't get that stickiness and chemical feeling and the coconut oil leaves armpits feeling softer
- packaging is reusable/recyclable
Only issue for me has been a little bit of sensitivity if used after shaving.
All in all it's a win for me and I have just repurchased a few tins.

Love it!

I've been using original No Pong for a week and I love it! It works perfectly on me. I like its creamy texture and gentle scent. The tin is easy to use and to carry around if you need to take it to gym or on a trip. I wish I had tried it half a year ago when I first heard of it.

I doubted. I was proven wrong:)

2 teenage sons. Started to stink. They tried many sprays and rolls. All were ok but masked the smell for a short period. Wife ordered No Pong, I was skeptical. But it's been about 4 weeks now and it's truly amazing. Tiny bit, pea like dab on finger, massage it in for maybe 5 seconds and done. Smells nice but more importantly haven't smelled my kids in 4 weeks. Seriously, before, they smelled like greasy cheeseburgers but now nothing. Worth every penny.

Best natural product out there

I’ve had both the original and Bicarb Free and both work fantastically well, I found the Bicarb Free was best after shaving. Even in 37 degree C this stuff worked. Yes you’ll still get wet in the pits, it’s not an anti-perspirant after all, bit no smell whatsoever. Love it, best natural product I’ve ever used.

Covers smells, but stains my shirts and bras

I am blown away at how awesome this product is at covering the smelliness of sweating. But sadly, after I started using it I noticed stains on my bras and shirts that I had worn whilst using it.

Also I don’t like the tin. I wish it was a screw top. The tin I received, the product shifted out of the container portion and settled into the lid, which now makes it difficult and messy to take off.

I don’t use no pong as often as I’d like because of the stains.

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Has anyone tried this with merino shirts? I've had rexona anti-perspirant that leaves a white stain on the shirt...
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Anyone found an effective way of removing the stains from clothes? I've got a few black dresses that now have white stains around the armpits.
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Is it a wet and sticky substance or is it dry? My boyfriend has been trying natural products but it either doesn't work very welll or gives him a rash as a result of it being wet, encouraging bacteria growth.
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