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Dove Go Fresh Scent Deodorant

Dove Go Fresh Scent Deodorant

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SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 675 reviews

A good deodorant to try


I have bought and used this several times when it's been on sale. This deodorant smells nice and fresh, and is semi easy to use. It's a cream deodorant, so it comes on white onto my underarms, and sometimes the cream goes onto the outside of the container when I close it after use. I don't mind using this deodorant, it's okay and fine enough to use, nothing too special about it or wrong with it.

Purchased in December 2018.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Problematic deodorant


I was so excited to try this product especially since the deodorant smelt good and was made by Dove. When I switched to this deodorant I begun to get painful big boils under my arms repeatedly between the both of my pits. I didn’t have this problem with secret, so I will be switching back.

Smells bad after a few months


Would not recommend. I bought two, both of which smelt like chemicals after a few months the smell is nice at first but it is unusable now :/ Very disappointed!!





I had this in a stick form and I loved it. It smells good like you just got out of the shower. I did not have any stains when I used this. It kept my underarm dry and fresh all day long. I did not feel any sweat. I apply this once, in the morning, before I go to school and I don't reapply anymore before I have soccer training and I still don't feel any sweat throughout my training.

I’ve tried the lot!


Yes I have tried the lot... every new deodorant that comes on the market and up until now I have been a hard woman to please because I’ve always had an ‘if only’ with every one... the price, the smell, the consistency or ‘the performance let me down’... At last I have found a deodorant that has no ‘ if only’s’ because it hits the bullseye for me in every way ...it’s affordable, pleasant-to -usable and earns the ticks on all scores. A great product I’m happy to stick with.

Pleasant to Use


Deodorants sometimes feel too sticky when they are roll-ons, or the powder goes everywhere if they are the powder spray type. I find your Go Fresh product pleasant to use and effective in keeping me dry and nice to be near right around the clock and comfortable too. Thank you for putting a very nice product on the market.

No Sting No Stink


I don’t know which one is the most important, because both those things are too horrible to contemplate if you are unfortunate enough to buy a deodorant that either stings your tender underarm area or is so heavily scented, it can be smelled a mile off as it overpowers your favourite perfume. Not so with the subtle Dove fragrance and its no- sting performance on your skin. I like the fact I used it after hair removal and it still did not sting me. Good product , good price and now has another happy user .
Its no- sting performance on your skin

Brook Lavell




My daughter left hers behind in my bathroom and by accident I picked it up and used it when I got out of the shower .. I’d always been faithful to another brand before, but it turned out to be ‘a blessing in disguise’ kind of mistake because I found it to be much better than the one I was faithful to, so from that day on I switched to your Dove Go Fresh Deodorant because I found it to be the better product in every way and cheaper than the one I was using before .
better product in every way

No Sting


I hate deodorants that sting... ouch. I hate deodorants that feel like glue too. It’s usually one or the other .How happy was I to find this one that smells heavenly and is comfortable to wear as well because it is non- sticky , but most of all I like, no, I love the fact that it keeps on working, so for twenty four hours until I hit the shower again , I smell sweet, feel comfortable and don’t have to worry that I am not as fresh as I could be. Thanks for a great product .
I love the fact that it keeps on working

Tarah Garney

Tarah GarneyBurnsville



I like this product very much indeed because I don’t like the worry that my deodorant might have let me down. It has happened in the past because I do manual work and I perspire profusely, but I never ever need to give that a second thought since I’ve been wearing this deodorant. I go to work fresh and stay fresh all day with this one. Since I’ve been using it I feel total confidence that I am always nice to be near, a pleasure I never had before finding Dove . Just thought I’d write to say thank you for making this product available
Stays fresh all day

It's a must for me


I believe this is a new scent in the deodorant collection Go fresh from Dove.
This new one is just as long lasting and I like the fresh lemon-y scent. It contains 0% Alcohol. All the deodorants in the Go fresh-series I've tried do not leave those nasty white marks on garments. It's a roll-on deodorant (a liquid cream), I think the roll-on sticks are more long-lasting than the non-roll-ons (the "dry" deodorants). I'll definitely repurchase this Go fresh deodorant.
Love the scent

My next best friend


I was always hoping that one day I would find a deodorant that lived up to it's claims. How happy was I, when a few months ago I tried Dove Go Fresh Scent Deodorant? I use it every day now and I just love the fact that it doesn't feel sticky or dry and powdery. I feel fresh all day long and I love the fragrances. It's a definate must to keep in my bag.
reliable, inexpensive

Val Egleton

Val EgletonGold Coast

This is a winner for me



jazlovestoskateVictoria, 3938

  • 17 reviews



Great product, compact size and it leaves your underarms feeling smooth and smelling incredibly fresh, a great all-rounder for everyone in the family!
Cheap, works


Sounds great! Would it softens the armpits skin??? Would it softening and whitening e armpits which is rough and black cos of shaving and applies of deodorant ???? pls advise!!!


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 675 reviews



This is a wonderfully scented roll on which makes me feel like I am using a quality product. It is easy to use and doesnt get stuck. If you want a nice clean feeling roll on, this one is good to try.
I bought this one to try because of the name, I mean, Go Fresh- it sounds so nice and clean, plus it was a Dove product, so I expected it to be good. And it was. I like the really soft feminine fragrance and the size of the deodrant is cute too.
I bought this one on sale, and don't mind using it again. It is a bit expensive, but can be found on sale often. I don't use it for a work day, I don't know how well it will last compared to the spray deodrants.


LuckyLadySouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 6 reviews

Perfect for the handbag


Feels very refreshing to the skin and has a lasting fragrance! Not too bad on the wallet either, If I say so myself.
smells great, works great!

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I can only agree ;)



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I love this product


The ball in the roll on never gets stuck!! This is a conveniently sized deodorant you can put in your bag and take it with you every where! It smells so good and the smell does linger! it is a nice pick me up when you do feel tired!


gcutriVictoria, 3032

  • 26 reviews



I really like this deodorant - as they claim, it does leave you feeling fresh for the whole day. It cares for your skin and smells lovely.
The scent is really nice and, of course, fresh. It really does smell lovely. It's not heavy - it's so light and soft. It does last all day, like they advertise. It also moisturises your skin - which I thought was a great idea, beacuase that area rarely gets much care or attention.
Even though it smells really nice, it's a strong scent, and may interfere with any perfume you may want to wear for the day. This isn't a major issue though.



  • 58 reviews



A lovely fresh scented deodorant that is gentle on skin and effective enough to keep me feeling fresh all day. I love the packaging and it is a good price to pay for such a good product.
I love this particular Dove deodorant because it smells so fresh and clean. It works pretty well as a deodorant and anti-perspirant I find and the packaging is very nice. I like how there is moisturising cream in it too, keeps my underarms soft. It lasts quite a while and because it stays upside down its easy to use every last bit of it.
Nothing at all!



  • 78 reviews



I stumbled across the cucumber and green tea deodorant and I am now hooked. It is not particularly any more effective as an antiperspirant as most other deodorants but I just love the smell. I can only comment on the cucumber and green tea version but I find its scent to be very refreshing and gentle on my skin. it doesn't leave any white marks on my clothing and it is priced similarly to all over mainstream deodorants.
Effective antiperspirant, refreshing scent, no aerosols to damage the environment. The upsidedown packaging helps you get maximum use out of each deodorant.

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