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MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant

Latest review: So thankful to find Moogoo deodorant. Have tried every brand you can think of, supermarket and natural from online and health stores. Most are ineffective or make me itchy. I am sensitive to perfume

No Pong

Latest review: I wanted to like this product as my sister loves it. She gave me some to try, but within 3 days my armpits were bright red and burning. I heard some people with sensitive skin had this reaction but I

Dove Go Fresh Scent Deodorant

Latest review: I was so excited to try this product especially since the deodorant smelt good and was made by Dove. When I switched to this deodorant I begun to get painful big boils under my arms repeatedly

Dove Original Deodorant

Latest review: dove roll on deodorant because it stands on the lid the lid is filling up with deodorant this is happening with the last few dove roll ons i have bought i end up with a lid full on

Nivea Deodorant Pearl & Beauty

Latest review: I'm using the pearl and beauty now. 48hr I took my dog for a brisk morning walk in 29degrees heat for about a hour. When I got back I was smelly and had to

Fresca Natural Deodorant

Latest review: It's extremely expensive and the product does not work. I could smell the body odour on myself and I had to reapply twice daily. Make up your own deodorant with fractionated coconut oil and

Rexona Women Clinical Protection

Latest review: This is by far the best deodorant I've ever used. It lasts all day and it never lets me down. I've used rexona for years but this one is definitely my favourite. I'll never use anything else. I would

Rexona Men Clinical Protection

Latest review: I know sweating is normal. But i would love to find a product that stops most of the sweating, under arm pits. Rexona, did not do much, just made me smell

Nivea Deodorant Pure Invisible

Latest review: I bought this "Invisible" product hoping that its main claim might be true. However I was very disappointed. My white tee shirts were stained and stiffened after a few washes. I found deposits

Lynx Body Spray

Latest review: The smell is perfect lightly scented not too strong. Works really well. Love using this product, I’ve tried other brands and lyxn simply works the best. The price for a can is a bit overpriced in my o

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Deodorant / Anti-Perspirant

Latest review: Love this product; excellent value for money compared to similar aluminium free options! Would highly recommend & not sure why others here don't like it. Much better than the more expensive brands

Redwin Aluminium Free Deodorant

Latest review: I have been regularly using Redwin Aluminium Free deodorant for 20 years now, and have never been dissatisfied... It is the most effective one on the market, easiest to use with a pleasant fragrance

Impulse Body Spray

Latest review: Used it from the begining until it was no more. But recently purchased Be Surprised from the Reject Shop love it to But cant get it anywhere now..except

Rexona For Women Deodorant

Latest review: This has been my go to deodorant for years but they've just changed the scent and I can't stand it! So bummed. The new smell actually makes me feel a bit unwell. Why change a good

Sukin Deodorant

Latest review: Worst product I've ever used. Had rashes on my underarms and was really itchy for a long time. Never had such a bad reaction from any product in my entire life. Had to chucked it out. What a

Orion (Aldi) Anti-perspirant Deodorant

Latest review: I too have sensitive skin and Aldi Orion Body Sync is the only deodorant I have had no adverse reaction to. Unfortunately, this product is no longer on Aldi shelves. I wonder what others are using

Mitchum Clinical

Latest review: I have tried so many anti-perspiration and this is the most effective one. Smells good. Lasts more than 48 hours. It finishes up to the last swipe of the

Myaura Organics All Natural Deodorant Stick

Latest review: I have been using this product for a couple of months, at first I didn't particularly like it, but I realized I was using too much of it, and a small amount, spread thinly over the armpit Is best.

Ego QV Naked Deodorant

Latest review: I bought QV deodorant because I thought it was the safer alternative to other deodorants, unfortunately l had a bad reaction as soon as l sprayed it on, it really stung and left me with a rash for a

Nivea Deodorant Double Effect

Latest review: I'm trying the men's version of Nivea spray deodorant. Both my son and I were wondering why our noses have been runny, stinging eyes etc.....didn't take us long to realise it is the Nivea deodorant

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