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Dr Brown’s Standard Narrow Neck

Dr Brown’s Standard Narrow Neck

3.9 from 49 reviews

Switched from Avent Bottles

I switched to Dr Brown's after a recommendation. My daughter had been having frequent spit-ups and problems burping. I would also need to stop several times throughout feeding with a bottle to burp her to help minimise the spit-ups.

These Dr Brown's bottles are great. They are a bit expensive, but I am able to feed the bottle (100ml) all the way. The vent really seems to help and instead of skulling the whole thing, she is pausing every few seconds before continuing. She still has occasional minor spit-ups but nothing like before.

Only downside, the bottles are very tall and don't fit upright in my Avent steriliser. I can lean them over to fit them in though and it isn't the bottle's fault. There is a bit more to do to clean them as there are 5 parts to the bottle.

Purchased in April 2019 at Baby Bunting for $27.96.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Breastfed Child No
Bottle LeakageNo

Waste of money they leak!

To begin with great but after about 2mths they leak! Was a horrible experience as I had to express then feed my EBM to my baby and the bottle would leak and I would loose my 3hours hard work expresses milk! She was premi and I had very little milk so this was a nightmare for me!

Purchased in January 2017 for $40.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Breastfed Child Yes
Bottle LeakageYes

Good for a 3 months then leaking

1. I purchased the small 60mL bottle 2 pack with premmie teats, excellent, my baby stopped choking and significantly reduced the need to burp him. As I initially was breastfeeding and only topping up with formula I slowly purchased more smaller bottles, over time 2 bottles started to leak, then two more etc. I could see that after approx. 3 months of use they started to leak, I suspected constant microwave sterilisation meant the rubber part of the vent system is vulcanised and no longer creates a seal. As I had started moving onto larger sized bottles it was not such a problem however it meant that I couldn't give the smaller bottles to a friend or sell them. I stopped sterilising the rubber vent.
2. On one occasion I also purchased a set of bottles with a slightly new design. The rubber vent had an added triangle, I couldn't see any improvement and eventually they leaked. The problem was the lids, they were really hard to get on and off and milk leaked from the teat into the lid. I could tell what lids they were as they had a triangle imprint in the lid. From then onwards I only purchased bottles that had the older style of lid. This was possible as many stores had mixed stock. Once all stock is the new bottles I wouldn't bother purchasing them.
I contacted the online support email but never received a response.
3.Early on I purchased some bottles at a baby expo, they were significantly cheaper than at a shop such as baby bunting.
4. The product says it can be used with the venting system but then there is no airhole so baby has to suck alot harder, not practical.
5. The bottles have a Max. Volume of 60mL, 120mL and 240mL. Given most baby formula is 60mL water plus powder, it then goes above the "do not fill above line". I then have to pour some off. Very annoying.

Terrible bottles. Leaks and more leaks

I had heard so many people talk about how these bottles were perfect for babies with wind problems and so I got them for my son. Well all I can say is I have almost lost my patience with them. My son is almost 6m old and I long for the time when he no longer needs bottles. I personally feel they did nothing to help with any wind issues he had and they leaked!! some night feeds when I would keep the room as dark as possible i wouldn’t notice the bottle leaking until it was too late and both he & I would be soaked from the leaking milk. If it didn’t leak whilst he was feeding when I would set the bottle down to wind my son the milk would be running out from the rim. I thought this was possibly a result of continuously been steamed in the electric steriliser but I have heard a lot of reports from others about their bottles leaking also. Not impressed with these bottles whatever for how expensive they are! Do not buy!!

Excellent, easy to use and clean - long lasting

I have been using the Dr Browns bottle for approx 5 months for my 7 month old who had severe colic. These bottle restricted the amount of air and bubbles my son was taking in and making. If you have a baby that likes the gulp I also recommend these.
Although the bottle are on the higher end of cost as are the teets as me son grows, it is worth it.
With my daughter I, who is now 4, i would have spent more money on cheaper bottles by the same age.
I read the reviews before purchasing and found a few said about leakage- they only leak if the green stem isn’t sitting properly or the lid isn’t on properly.
Highly recommend!
Only downfall is I hadn’t to buy a new bottle bag

Life saver

Been using narrow neck bottles for few weeks now. Have been so fantastic. My 3 month old baby was only drinking 30-40 mls before crying in pain, she started refusing bottles. I tried 4 different bottles before finding this one. No more tears or stress at feeding time, she drinks all her milk and doesn’t get much wind at all. Fantastic bottles. I’m not sure about the leaking others mention, mine don’t leak at all. Well worth the money.

Leak, Leak, Leak

i'm using Dr. Brown's Natural Flow bottles for couple of month and no doubt this product help my baby. since its time to change for new bottle so i bought the new type "green vent" but the bottles leaks all over my hand and everywhere/terribly either while baby sucking or finish milk and leave it aside.

Not right for our baby

I'm dissatisfied with this product, unfortunately these bottles have done nothing to help my baby with wind/colic problems using the options/ vent system attached and may be the cause of her problems as she has had these bottles from week one. The teats can become blocked quite regularly and if there is no vent system attached the bottles do leak.

Not impressed

The bottles leak terribly and our little one got so upset because it was sooooo hard to suck the milk out. He is having expressed breast milk. After a frustrating hour we got more milk and put it in the Avent and he was frantic and gulped away. Unfortunately neither helped his colic. I then cleaned the bottle and put warm water in it and tried it. It was really difficult to get anything out of it - I'm not sure how a baby is supposed to manage this??

Read the instructions and they work as stated.

Tried many anti gas bottles, Philips Advent, Tommy Tippy, and others to no avail, this Dr Brown bottle worked. 7 week old was up most of the time with clenched fists, hard tummy, grunting and grizzling, a day of these bottles and he's much happier, no leaks or other problems people have mentioned, read the instructions, or download easier to read instructions from their website, very important or you will have leaky bottles. The tube inside lets air into the bottle via holes near the neck, you must have the parts connected properly and the bottle tilted at least 45 degrees, don't let the baby finish the milk, keep a small amount in the teat so he/she doesn't suck air in. It is quite simple and certainly worth the little effort to read the instructions.

Made colic worse

Purchased these bottles in an attempt to help my son with his colic and excessive wind problem. They are the worst bottles I’ve come across. After one use, his wind intake from them was the worst I’ve ever seen, to the point where he spent the remainder of the day screaming for an hour at a time with wind pain. We are going back to using Nuk bottles, as they seem to be the right one for my son. I would not recommend Dr Brown’s bottles based on my experience with them.

Love them...But

I have used the wide neck DBB since day 1 with my daughter and love them, never had a problem except occassional leak
However, i bought the narrow neck ones with stage 2 teat and they're shocking! So many bubbles, thought the idea was no bubbles? Also they leak everywhere,Waste of money and really disappointed , just bought stage 2 teats for my wide necks and will continue to just use them

Has a number of problems for the high price you pay

I purchased 6 of the Dr Brown's Natural Flow bottles and have the same problems as everyone else - they leak. This was not the biggest problem however. I have found that the measurements on the side of the bottles are all rubbing off! I contact DBB and they were very helpful and sent x2 replacement bottles but it's now happening to the other 4. No point in re-ordering as the same thing will keep happening.

If you purchase this particular style bottle - be prepared to keep replacing them and we all know that for the price you pay, this should not be happening!


the worse bottles I've used....and I'm a mother for the third time, so I can telll you I've used different of bottles. I would not advise anyone to buy these bottles...leaking everywhere and certainly did not reduce the risk of colic for my son. very disappointment in this product and I certainly would not advise anyone to buy this product.

I love Dr Brown's Bottles !!

My first choice of bottles after i had my baby and the best choice ever! I tell all my family and friends about Dr Brown's bottles im really a huge fan, my baby is 5 months and never had colic. I will be purchasing these bottles for my future kids

Dr Browns narrow neck 2 pack bottles

Pros- less colic pain for babies. Best bottle I have used thus far.
Cons- bottle can't handle very hot water. It leaks. So keep the lid open when you re warming it in hot water for already made feeds.
Clear bottle blue writing fades away eventually after sterilisation. So I bought limited edition pink bottles with volume markings in built with the bottle. However the markings are same colour as bottle and hard to read.

Sometimes that works but doesn't at the same time

My baby happened to be the lucky colic baby. I have tried every bottle brand and so far these are the best when it comes to his cramps and winds.... HOWEVER no matter the wide neck or narrow neck I still sit with the leaking of the bottles which makes sure I have to change my baby after almost every feed due to all the milk running out of the bottle.... I have tried different positions for the filters and still nothing helps.... regarding the amount you pay for these bottles its sad specially when they actually work.


I've owned 4 Dr Brown's bottles, option, wide neck and standard narrow neck. THEY ALL LEAK!!! Standard narrow neck leaks the most, every single time. I know when the milk is hot the pressure inside make the milk goes up in the vent. I always loosen the cap to make share milk inside the vent doesn't go up too high. But it still leaks while DS is drinking, leaks all over my hand and on DS!!! It drives me crazy and it couldn't be any more frustrated when you're feeding your baby during middle of the night. It might help with colic, but the mess it makes definitely outweighs its pros.

Great for my tongue/lip tied baby!

My lactation consultant recommended these bottles for my then 4 week old lip/tongue tied baby as we had to wait over a month for her corrective surgery. She had difficulties feeding from normal bottles and terrible wind/tummy pain.

After the first feed I noticed the difference. Her little mouth fits over the teat very well, her wind/tummy pains have eased significantly too!

Easy to clean. I noticed some people say the bottles leak - if the lid is screwed on quite firmly this doesn't happen.

Very happy with this product!

Seemed to help with colic

My son suffered with colic, after reading reviews we purchased these bottles. I think they definately helped with the colic (in conjunction with Wilby's Colic Mixture - see my review). My son was able to feed easier because the air was released at the bottom of the bottle. As a few other people mentioned, the bottles did leak at times which was a bit painful. Two extra pieces to clean, but worth it.

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Questions & Answers

I have a question. What is the difference between narrow, standard and wide neck bottles? Which one is more suitable for a newborn?
2 answers
Hi Paris The narrow neck is slim bottle. Wide neck bottle is similar size Avent bottle, it's easy to clean and no leaking after use. Both can use for new born baby with low flow teat. Hopes this can help you :)Thanks for your help!

Does anyone know if you can fit the slim Dr Browns bottles into an advent steam steraliser?
1 answer
The 4oz fit more than 6 bottles vertically but the 8oz you need to put them horizontally and can fit up to 5 8oz bottles.

I have a question I will be having my baby at the end of June and I would like some information on the Dr brown bottles are they only for babies with colic or Reflux or could I also use them to prevent?
1 answer
Hello, I've been using them since my oldest daughter was born, I bought them because she was having colic, after I used them with my other 2 daughters and they didn't had any issue with colic and reflux. I recommend this bottles 100% and if you can get some one to buy them for you on USA and bring them will be better as there the difference on price is huge. Sonia

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