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Been using on and off for quite some time to maintain a healthy waite. But you keep taking away my favourites so it makes it harder and harder to or order. Please bring back some original bars and banana shakes. I have always been a fussy eater and I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs variety to stick to a eating plan.

Please can we have original bars back!

Just restarting this after a long hiatus. A good programme but I'm annoyed that they've replaced the 'original' bars as they're the only ones I really like. Some of the other new ones are OK but I don't like them nearly as much as the original bars. Can we have the 'original' bars back please Dr. Tim's?

I lost 20KG but it takes discipline!

Over the course of 6 - 7 months I lost 20KG. The program works but you have to stick with it to the letter as it's very finely balanced so no freestlying.
However, as opposed to just "doing keto" there are a lot of things you can do on Dr Tims e.g. unlimited salad, which didn't seem to knock me out of ketosis (I thought too much tomato, especially small sweet ones would but it wasn't the case).
The cost of the mandatory meal replacement items is average but I feel the result made it really worth what I spent. The variety of shakes and bars is good but savoury items are few and far between and in the case of the soups, quite terrible even if you can get the things to dissolve.
If you are planning to try this, definitely get the programme manual, keep your main meal choice to 10g of carbs (thousands of options on the Internet), drink plenty of water and most importantly try to do 30 mins of excercise / 10,000 steps etc a day.
I am just starting up again after a fortnight break and would like to lose an additional 5KG. I've also bought the maintenance programme to try once I'm there based on the great result so far.

Best programme

Dr Timms is easy to use with no weighing or counting involved with your food. Follow the diet and you will loose weight. For those who miss bread use the cauliflower pizza base and make several very thin ones like a wrap.. I use this for a bread / pizza base sub. Steam cauliflower in milk and blend.. Use instead of cream or add cheese as a white sauce.. I have many options, just look on Internet. It doesn't have to be dull.

Please can we have original bars back!

The only diet that has ever worked for me. However, I am distressed by the withdrawal of original bars. Can we please have the original bars back!!!! I can't bear chocolate as a meal! Nor muesli bars.

Excellent so far--Will update month by month.

I have done this diet once before so I know how to do it. I gained back all the weight that I lost, mainly because after 3 months on Dr. Tim's and losing 15kgs, I went on Xndo where it took 2 years to lose another 15 kgs. Dr. Tim's is great because the weight loss is quick and you don't get so sick of dieting. You don't have to be so restrictive for a long time. I know how to do a maintenance program, but I believe the reason I gained weight last time is I went to far and lost 30kgs down to a size 8. I didn't like it much, honestly. Boobs disappeared, bones sticking out, freezing all the time. So... this time, I'm going for a comfortable size 12. Like I said, I know how to do this diet, and the book helps, but it's the experience I have with a previous consultant that I remember and helps me the most. If you can go to a consultant that's close, I'd recommend it, if not, just buy the shakes online and read the book thoroughly. If you have any questions, just ask me.

Anyway, details, details... body weights starts at 111.4kgs. Crazy, I know. I'm going to detail the loss to all who are interested.

Starting Weight = 111.4kgs.
Week 1 - lost 800g. New weight = 110.6kgs.
Week 2 - lost 1.2kgs. New weight = 109.4kgs.
Week 3 - lost 1.7kgs. New weight = 107.7kgs.


Week 4 - lost 900g. New weight = 106.8kgs

I will continue to update my progress and I realise that this will take a while, but I'm pleased by my progress. I'm only doing light stretches as I hurt my back (seeing a physio for it) but without doing exercise, only light stretches, my weight loss has been good.

Now for how I feel... Dr. Tim's kicks your body into ketosis. Ketones are a by product of burning fat and they suppress your appetite, and it's sooo much easier to stick to the diet because you're rarely hungry. You can forget to eat. But... my stomach feels strange, kind of hollow even though I'm not hungry, and my heart beats a little faster on days I lose more weight than normal. I don't know why. It didn't do this last time. I am extremely careful with this, but think it may have to do with the flu that went through my kids. I never got it, but my chest got a little tight. It's only happened twice. There is ketosis breath as well, so for the first two weeks, I had to brush my teeth four times a day to get rid of the metallic taste. It was awful. It's not so bad in the 3rd week, but the first two weeks, even brushing didn't help. Water did a bit. Now for the benefits... I already notice my feet don't hurt as much when I'm walking, clothes fit better, my skin has improved, my face looks better, less headaches, less digestive troubles.

I haven't been measuring my waistline as I can see the weight going. I just weigh myself in once a week, chart it in the book, and keep buying the shakes. For dinner, especially in winter, I use my George Foreman jumbo grill and have a palm sized chicken patty, zucchini, capsicum, onion, green beans, tomato, squash etc and it's really yummy. If you're going for take out most of the time there are salads on offer eg: KFC offers a salad with grilled strips, so you can still partake with your family, but just eat healthier. When you are flooded with those ketones, you don't want to eat more anyway.

For people who are overweight, and have a reason they can't do heaps of exercise yet, or have to move into it slowly, Dr. Tim's is a great solution. You have a shake for breakfast, lunch, and a meal for dinner. You can have a garden salad with the shake for lunch and a coffee with the shake for breakfast. You're allowed up to 1 cup of skim milk daily, you can drink as much tea as you want as long as you stay within the milk limits, you have to drink 2 litres of water (you flush out your body with the water, get rid of the fat with your breath, too). If I get the nibbles, I eat a carrot or two, or have a cup of tea, maybe some slices of capsicum. Very rarely do I get peckish because of the ketones.
I have been trying to get a job for a while, and I'm hoping my weight loss will help with my image. It can't hurt, but I think the trick is not to go too far. Just be healthy, that's my aim. It's easier for me when my back is better to exercise at night 9.30pm with headphones on my treadmill as I get tired, so then I can have a shower and just go to bed.

Okay, so in my comments, I'll update my progress.
Easy, quick, don't get insane hunger pangs at all, great tasting shakes--really creamy, lots of options for dinner meal, able to stick with it when ordering take out.
Taste in mouth. Weird feeling in stomach and chest. No consultants within an hour's drive of my house.

I think it might help to list what's on the back of one shake packet. It contains: 50% RDI of Thiamin (B1), 50% RDI of Riboflavin (B2), 50% RDI of Niacin (B3), 50% RDI of Vit C, 50% RDI of Vit D, 50% RDI of Vit E, 50% RDI of Vit E, 50% RDI of Vit B6, 50% RDI of Vit B12, 50% RDI of Pantothenate (B5), 17% ESADDI of Biotin, 50% RDI of Folate, 40% RDI of Vit A, 50% RDI of Vit K, 50% RDI of Magnesium, Calcium and Iodine, 40% RDI of Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and Zinc, 17% ESADDI of Manganese, Copper, Chromium and Molybdenum, 13% RDI Selenium. No need for a multivitamin with these shakes. And they're so creamy and delicious.Hi Pop-up, Firstly congratulations on your weight loss efforts! We are delighted to hear that you are committed to your weight loss journey and enjoy our products. At Dr Tim's Success we are committed to producing quality products and appreciate it when consumers take the time to provide us with feedback. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email admin@orfam.com.au. Good luck on your weight loss journey, The Dr Tim's Success Team

Dr Tim's is fantastic

Dr Tim's Success is unlike any meal replacement weight loss program, you get great support from the consultants and everything you need is in one little sachet or bar. Dr Tim’s has the right amount of vitamins and minerals you need on a day to day basis, unlike other programs like Tony Ferguson, Kate Morgan & Betty Baxter, I am so full after eating a shake, soup or bar and I LOVE! The chocolate bars, low carb chocolate taste better that normal chocolate, I couldn’t believe it! I've always been half hearted when it came to meal replacement weight loss programs, but Dr Tim's showed me that I can still loose weight and enjoy what I’m eating, and after you have lost the weight, your put onto a maintenance program that teaches you more about, keeping the weight off! What meals to eat and how to enjoy all the yummy foods without the carbs! Thankyou Dr Tim!
Wonderful, Yummy & inexpensive

I have moved to Ormeau Qld. can you tell me where to buy Dr Tims. As I can not find the product here. ThanksHi Matese :) You can buy Dr Tim's online now, just go to their website. www.drtims.com.au. They also have a pharmacy locator on their website you can check if they have any pharmacies near you.Does this really work? I love me food and don't want to starve :)


If you stick to the diet, you WILL lose weight. I lost 13kg and am back on it again to lose a bit more (it does go back on). The cappucino shake is great in the morning.
Easy to follow with the supplements and strict meal plan (I'm better off without choices!)
I miss pasta and rice. Price is a bit high ($3.25 per supplement)


I lost 6.5 kilos in the first month and EVERYBODY has noticed my change in energy and self confidence...I weighed in at 144.8 kg and have set small goals of losses of 5 kilos with my pharmacy assistant and have asked her to call me each Monday to keep me on track...It's too daunting to think of having to lose half my body weight so the small manageable goals seem a little more achievable...FINGERS CROSSED! Good luck to everyone else on the weightloss journey!!!
My skin looks amazing...I feel alive and happy with lots of energy
I sometimes find it hard to think of meals to have - wish I could have 3 shakes a day but you need to eat one meal so I think I might buy the recipe book!!!


Great product, easy to follow, great weight loss results. The consultants were really heloful and I found the whole program really easy to fit into my life. Even my family like the recipe book meals!
I lost 14kg in 8 weeks, it was so easy to follow and the shakes tasted great. I like the fact that the shakes had all the vitamins and minerals you need and that a doctor developed it.
I missed bread, but I'd rather lose weight!


It does work if you work the program. I lost 4kgs in 3 weeks, which I was pleased about and it made giving up fruit for 2 weeks worth it. Overall though, it is exactly the same price and content as Tony Ferguson with less flavour and more rules. They do keep you full, but then I've found all three of the shake companies I've tried do as long as you are consuming the required amount of water (2lt/day) and eating at designated intervals (6 times a day - funnily enough, I'm not a dessert eater). I have a slow metabolism, so the shake route is good for someone like me to kick start things. However, I've switched to (and will stick with) the Aldi's shakes (Slim & Trim), because they are $1.99/sachet vs $3.25/sachet (Dr Tim and Tony Ferguson) and have relatively the same contents. Nothing that a multivitamin can't cover. (P.S. Neither Tim nor Tony have gotten the soups quite right yet either.)
Shakes and bars are convenient. If you follow it you can lose weight and the price isn't outrageous. Those without a huge sweet tooth could do well on this one, but it does take motivation. I loved the weekly visits to my consultant. She kept me motivated through the tough spots, however, she couldn't actually give me much in the way of tips that I didn't already know. Mind you, I've been down the weight loss track before.
They tasted like a diet shake and the bars were like chewing on a cow's cud! The shakes actually have EXACTLY the same ingredients as Tony Ferguson, with the exception of being higher in calories and lower in sugar. For those, like me, with more of a sweet tooth than savoury, this stuff is akin to drinking gritty, liquidised chalk.

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I have studied these shake diets extensively and can tell you that they are NOT all the same. They are as similar as a Mercedes Benz is to a push bike. The Dr Tims diet is a fully nutritionally complete package. The quality of the ingredients are far superior to any of the other rubbish on the market. It is also the only product that has been developed by a doctor that has over 20 years experience in obesity management. This doctor- Dr Tim still continues to be involved and develop the products. The dr tims program is based on the physiological process of ketosis. That means reducing calories and carbohydrates to get your body to burn your fat for energy. That is why there are many rules. but they are worth following for the good result of weightloss.

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where can I buy Dr Tim's diet products NSW or QLD?
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Is there a proper program to follow or do you just take the shakes and have one meal a day...?
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Can you have dr Tim’s while pregnant
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I can’t imagine any reason why you couldn’t. Just check with your doctor first.


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