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Dri Bots Baby Wipes

Dri Bots Baby Wipes

3.0 from 25 reviews

Perfect for painting and decorating

I bought a carton of these wipes from Target on a deal whilst working in Aged Care as the facility decided to stop buying wipes. Having moved on from there, I still had a few packs left in the cupboard. Currently I’m decorating my house and as an enthusiastic and experienced DIYer, over the years, I have tried many different ways to wipe up paint spills, clean walls and trim pre-painting and to get any paint splats off bathroom cabinets etc. These wipes are fantastic, even on dried paint. Forget sugar soap and get these wipes instead. I’m not sure what it is in the product that is so good at cleaning the paint and I’m not sure that I’d use them on a baby either, due to their fantastic paint cleaning ability but if you want something to ease the pain when decorating, get these. They are even better than multi-surface wipes for paint clean-up. I haven’t used them for kitchen cleaning as they aren’t anti-bacterial but I do get a lovely polish on taps and door handles with them as well.

Updated packaging - thick and effective

Received these as part of a baby shower gift. The updated packaging is much more attractive. Found the wipes themselves nice and thick, effective in cleaning up baby. Better than other wipes that we received from the hospital (Linear Medical brand), which I found were quite dry. The wipes come in a pack of 80.

Don't bother

Brought these because they were on sale. A waste of money, there thin, dry and after a few days of using this brand they had made the bum raw. Will use the rest for sticky fingers only and clean ups. I have been they are a alright brand, but do not recommend them.
The price was good.
Thin, dry and after a few days of using this brand they had made the bum raw

Cheap, dry n thin

Bought these on sale - bargain at 50% off
However they are thin and dry so you end up using more than other brands like Huggies.
These are good for sticky fingers or mopin up messes

My wife used these one day to wipe her eye makeup off and said it stung her eye ! So I really don't think they are good for your baby's skin - as she's has used other brands like nuk, Johnson's and Huggies and her eyes were fine
Thin, dry, irritates

Bad reaction with my baby's skin

I started using these wipes from when my little one was about one month old, they were good and cheap. However when my daughter got to 17 months the packaging changed and while all the ingredients seem to be the same. My daughter has started having a bad reaction to the wipes. When I used them her skin broke out in blisters and would bleed. I stopped using the wipes and changed to another brand untill her bottom was cleared up (thinking maybe it was something she had eaten) then tried these wipes again, within 30 minutes of the wipes touching her skin she had a rash.
bad reaction to my daughters skin

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wow this is the same as my grandson, my daughter has used them the whole time, just the last few weeks when wiping hands and mouth, legs and arms of 19 month old he immediately gets welts and red rashes.what has changed in them


I used these for my 4 month old son. Satisfactory but nothing special. I would not buy again because more convenient alternatives exist, but I would consider these again for a cheap emergency stash in the car.

Resealable pack lasted well but it was a chore to scrape out the bottom as as they did not cling to one another to allow non-stop pulling out.

I personally found them a bit dry, especially the ones at the start of the pack.

No fragrance to speak of, and no reactions on little bottoms.
Cheap, resealable pack handy for an emergency.
A bit dry, did not cling to each other to allow seamless pulling


We started using these Dri Bots wipes as soon as we brought our baby home and while we have tried other wipes, I find these are definitely the most affordable and do a good job. They are moist and do a good clean and while they do tend to clump together a bit, I do not find that to be too much of a hassle. We only ever buy them when they are on special at Target which happens quite regularly so we always tend to have a good stock in the house.
A very affordable wipe if you stock up when they are on special.
They do clump together but that is not a big problem.


I like these wipes and we do tend to stock up on them when Target have them on special. Even though they do clump -I prepair them ready before I undo the nappy -because when you have a wriggling bub there is nothing worse than not being able to get them quickly -that being said -even the brands that offer the dispensing canisers -I would still pre pull them out -coz come times you end up with the whole container comming with you -its much easier and less smelly to have them ready to go. Great product for the price.
They are a great buy when they are on special. Not too thick -so you dont feel like you are trying to fold them a certain way to get every little bit of gunk off bubs.
They do come out in clumps as other people have mentioned -see below for more detail

Don't stick

They do the job but are terribly annoying because when placed in a container you need to select each wipe individually.
They wipe.
They did not hold together.

Very Dry

I found these wipes to be on the dry side and very hard to get out of the packet using one hand (which lets face it most parents need to do). When I finally did get one out, it brought with it another three! So one packet didn't last very long, and as already reiterated were very dry in any event, so stopped using them within a day. It was a shame as the price is very reasonable, but you get what you pay for as they say.


I love these wipes, they fit perfectly in a pocket I have in my change bag, and the one in my nappy wallet, and in the stroller basket and also fit in the centre console of the car. These wipes are very absorbent and thick, I have never had one tear on me (unlike some) and I usually only ever need 2 at the one change. The only downside is that you cannot open them one handed and occasionally I have had 2 stick together. Also, there are only 20 wipes per packet, but that is what happens with having such a handy little pack of wipes that fits just about anywhere.
Cheap and nice little packet (unlike other wipes) thick and absorbent
The packet can be hard to open especially one handed, and sometimes they do stick together but only ever a couple at a time


This is a good cheap pack of wipes that I use alot. To solve the packet problem I just take them out of the original packet and put them in an empty wipes box. It's much easier to get it then. Instead of going for the thick baby wipes, if you need them, I'll just use two wipes.
They're a cheap pack of baby wipes that are moist and will do the job. They don't harm my baby's skin and leaves it clean and smooth. If you keep them in a pack or a wipes wallet, they will stay moist.
The pack they come with is a bit tedious to open every time. Sometimes they do stick together, but never more than two.


I think these wipes are brilliant for what they cost, they are REALLY cheap and pretty good quality for that, I stock up when they are on special and can get them for way less than $2 a packet, will not find better quality wipes for that price and for that reason I don't mind putting up with a few coming out at a time.
Cheap and Really cheap when on special (especially if you bulk buy)
They do stick together when getting them out of the packet and the packet can be difficult to open (but as do many other more expensive brands)


The are cheap and when bought a 480 wipe pack we did use them all. However to access wipes you need to hold the pack and peel back a sicker to access the wipe. This is just not possible with one hand. We then tried putting the wipes in a old Huggies wipes container. This was better but as the wipes were not "linked" together like tissues (or Huggies wipes) you have to scrape each wipe of the stack. These wipes just add one more hassle to change time that you do just not need.
Very difficult to open the pack then difficult to extract wipes from the pack.


Not a very good wipe, quite frustrating to try to get out of the pack one handed. Better off to spend a little more to get a better wipe
These wipes are OK but not great. They are often on sale at target.
They do not dispense very well from the pack & the pack does not re-seal very well which allows the product to dry out.


I find the travel size good as you tend to go through the pack fast enough to not worry about them drying out. I think they do better when not transferred to a tub as they stay more moist in their own pack. I do buy them occasionally when they are sale, Target sometimes has them at 50% off. But I can usually find pigeon wipes or even swispers wipes at a good price and these are superior wipes.
These wipes are economical when on sale. The travel sized pack are always cheap.
They do dry out fast and can come out of the box all joined up when transferred to a huggies tub.


Hated this product. The only positive is the price. They are really dry and you have to use 10 of them to do the job of 1. Won't buy these again.
Dry, don't separate well, too thin.


I bought a bulk box before bub came along and won't buy them again as I haven't even made it through one packet. Had to use alot of these before bubs bum was clean. Better to spend a little bit more on better wipes and use less. Will end up costing you the same.
too many come out at a time, don't like the feel of them


I purchased a bulk pack of these wipes when they were on special and the first thing I noticed was how difficult it was to pull one wipe out. I have a plastic wipe container that you pull the wipe up through and these don't work at all in it. I now get the wipes out before I change the nappy. The wipes however do work well (I find I use more though because they are not very thick), have a nice scent and are cheap. Definitely worth a try!
They are cheap and are on special regularly.
Clump together and not very thick


Quite average. they seem a little too soapy i rinse them in hot water first so i noticed that. They are sticky when you pull out one it's never one, you must grab a few at a time. But for that cheap price it's not big problem cause they are really cheap compared to other brands and it's ok to use more than one at a time, but it can be time consuming if you get picky when trying to get just the single one. I would use them around the house but not when in a rush whilst changing a pouped nappy; takes too long to take out of packet.
sticky, and soapy

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