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Mamia (Aldi) Baby Wipes

Mamia (Aldi) Baby Wipes

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The mamia baby wipes is very good value for money and good quality baby wipes i use this for my baby even use this to wipe messy face and hand very gentle on skin

Purchased in February 2018 at ALDI for $8.99.

Great fragrance free wipes. Better than expensive brands

I switched from using 2 other expensive brands and have found these to be just as good as one brand and better than the other.

They have the right amount of moisture and dont bresk when you pull them out of the packet like some brands. I use the fragrance free and that's exactly what they are.

They are great value too.

Will continue to use these!

Cheap but as good as brand one

A child will use a lot of wipes through his life. Especially his first couple years. So, one day i was handed wipes from aldi to clean my little one mess and it was absorbant, soft with a sweet smell. It was a real surprise and i m glad i found something so affordable.

Quality went down in the latest batch

I have been using these for the past 6 months and no complaints. Affordable and good quality. Though they seemed to have repackaged it and the latest batch I've got were less moist and the material of the wipe have become thinner. Would like the quality to be back to what it used to be...

fragrant free ones smelt funny

i brought this brand for first time from aldi, the fragrance free variety for a change i wasn't entirely happy with the product the smell wasn't entirely pleasant i don't no how to describe it. i wont be buying it again i have had no problems with other product in this range

Not wet enough

I did use these wipes on my daughter when she was a new born but quickly changed to another brand as I realised that these wipes weren't wet enough for our liking. I would use an excessive amount of wipes for either a number 1 or 2 and figured that it was a waste of money. Since switching to another brand, I only use 1 or 2 wipes per change. Not totally bad if you are short for cash or just need something cheap as you left your wipes somewhere etc.

Great price, Great Wipes (Fragrance-free)

We have been using these for about three and a half years now and we really like them, they're soft and durable and most importantly they're not ridiculously wet like some leading brands.

Over our time using these I've purchased other brands both dearer and cheaper just to compare quality but we keep going back to the Mamia fragrance-free. All I can say is if sandpaper is cheaper from your local hardware, go buy that.

I know all kids/babies are different and in my opinion I found these wipes help prevent nappy rash and were gentle on my Son and Daughter.

The best and cheapest wipes around

My son has eczema and I tried so many different wipes and I found these to be just perfect for him and so cheap compared to the other brand we were using.
I now buy these in bulk.
I Highly recommend them. We use the blue ones for sensitive skin.

Best Baby wipes & I don't even have a baby!

I love shopping at Aldi - I made the move a few years ago to use Aldi as my main supermarket & to use the others as a go to for specialised items that I may not find at Aldi.

I have been using these baby wipes everywhere around my home - in the car, at work, bathroom etc.. I have a packet everywhere & even use the non scented ones on my dog after the doggy park (you know how they get covered in other doggy's slobber when they play

Cheap and effective

I purchased these wipes a month ago, and feel they are decent wipes for every day use.
The packaging is quite decent and the wipes can be pulled out easily without much trouble.
The wipes are not too wet which can be annoying at times as you end up using more at a given time.
The blue packet is fragrance free.

Were Fantastic ....but something has changed in the ingredients

Were fantastic I use these wipes over any other brands ..the orange packet...good price feel nice smell nice never any irritation...I use them as makeup remover etc..always some in a zip lock in my handbag especially traveling... BUT something has changed in the ingredients ...the wipes sting my skin now


My boys both have severe eczema 9months the coconut and vitamin E are unreal and keep them nice and softt they should sell them all the time as I'm running low on stock and would love them to have an email service for when a product is comming back. thankyou

Cheap and do the job

Not as cheap as dymples but definetly one of the best price on the market. It s thick and not to wet so it s perfect for me. We also love how easy it is to grab a wipes with the easy lid and the blue pack is not scented .

Not absorbent.

The Mamia Fragrance Free Baby Wipes (made in USA) that I purchased today is cheaper compared to other leading brands. But the wipes are not absorbent, they are too dry and the texture is not soft - not good for babies.
I am going back to the old wipes I am using, price is a bit higher but the quality is better.

Cheap, effective and great packaging: Our new go-to baby wipes

We have tried quiet a few different wipes and found Mamia best for value, effectiveness, and appearance. I note other reviews commented on USA vs Australian made quality- I have only tried the Australian made and found the packaging to be great - hard-case opening means only one wipe at a time comes out so less is wasted, they stay moist for longer. They don't smell stale or leave an strange odour on the skin like I found other wipes do that are fragrance free. They don't irritate the baby skin. They are soft and work really well to even wipe away nappy rash cream. And - they are the cheapest I have come across!!!!!
Overall - I love these wipes!! I'm so glad we have them accessible to us!

The wipes themselves are great but..

The wipes are fantastic. I had only used curash on my boy up until 5mo when we decided to try aldi wipes as they are much cheaper for the same amount of wipes. The packaging on the other hand needs to be re thought & done witj better care & quality in mind. We ended up buying a hard plastic wipe container to hold our wipes because the plastic open/close tab always came away from the packet after 1 or 2 uses & we just ended up witj dried out wipes. You definitly can't accidently leave the packet open as they dry out very quickly but otherwise they are great on the skin & get everything from paint to poop off

Were the best, now disappointing

We have used Aldi wipes from birth and loved them. I have just noticed an odd smell with the new package and have realised they are now made in USA rather than Australia.
Very poor quality and I am disappointed to say the latest batch will be returned and I won't purchase any more Mamia wipes unless the Australian ones are returned.
I am happy to pay the normal $2-$2.50 for the Australian made ones.

Affordable and good quality

I use these wipes for both my kids. I find them soft and easy on the skin. These wipes clean the skin perfectly. They are soft and damp so the skin is not irritated. I use them for cleaning the nappy area, hand and feet and sometimes face as they are easy on the skin. I haven't had any problem witb these wipes on my children's skin. Good value for money.

Great wipes!

These wipes are great. They work a treat and don't irritate my son's skin. They are very cheap too and you can buy them in a box of 6. I buy the fragrance free ones. I would recommend these to friends & family or anyone who is looking for a cheap brand of baby wipes that do the job.


Great baby wipes, nice and moist which helps to clean, decent sized wipes, and they don't fall apart while using them. Excellent on babies skin, no issues with irritation at all. Easy to use package and flip lid. They also have a great large "refill" pack. But I only wish they sold a container to put the "refill" packs into.

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Questions & Answers

Is Mamia 6 packs package discontinued? Because I could not get any from the stores near my area for few weeks.
2 answers
Hi David, They went out of stock a few months ago and then briefly returned and then disappeared again. Someone told me they are changing the packaging now so will be off the shelves for a little while. Not sure how accurate that is.Thank you so much for the information

Are also wiped and nappies made in Israel?
1 answer
Hi Rihab, I wouldn't have any idea if they are sorry - I've never been to Israel. Aldi is a German company which have stores operating in Australia. Maybe you could look up Aldi and contact them directly.

Do these wipes have any methylisothiszolinone I think it is?
1 answer
Not sure as something's these chemicals are made up of multiple ingredients. Ingredients include aqua, ethyhexlglycerin, potassium sorbate, glycerin, sodium benzoate, sodium gluconate,sodium citrate and citric acid which is a lot of chemicals for a new born baby. Also sent photos of my little one covered in red burn marks on his skin from these wipes and never even got an acknowledgment from Aldi.

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