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Ducati Monster 659

Ducati Monster 659

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Looks, Thrills and Soul

This purchase is for the family to get into riding. Given changes to QLD legislation you need a bike you are happy with for two years in the LAMS class. First up the looks - has it in spades. Italian classic stance, standard branding and flashes of the Italian flag screams to others what you own. If not then the exhaust note will remind them. Thrills - this thing handles like a top end machine. Hang off it and push into corners for a confident and exhilarating experience. Even better, this bike lines up the corners for you and waits to see how hard you want to go. Best thing for beginners is a bike that handles and stops when you want it to. Soul - again the note, down shift, engine brake and listen to the popping burble, a reminder that a person built this bike not a mass producer. The sound that lifts and adds to the experience of riding.

Anything negative - why yes there is.... it is the ratio and the selector. Like many Dukes slow changing can lead you into a false neutral and for beginner's this can cause panic. So ensure gear changes are made strongly and with confidence . Gear ratios are for low end torque and while fun getting off to a great start or charging down the road, in commuter traffic this can lead to a lot of shifting.

This bike is well worth the expense, expect to pay a premium for red. For the price and these are all second hand prices now, you get a lot of bike. They are holding value due to the limited release and for a LAMS restricted period should see reasonable resale when you step up for the 889....because you know you will.

If you are thinking of this for learning go for it, I think it is the best on market. If you want it because you are getting back into riding don't bother, the limited speed and gear ratios will have you sick of it in 3 months. Grab a Panigale instead.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Sweet bike. Great handling, lovely engine, and that Ducati note and presence.

The bike was purchased for my wife who is a LAMS rider. She stepped up from a KTM 390 Duke. After riding a number of other bikes in the LAMS class it became obvious that this bike is the king. This bike is easier to ride than the KTM and is both more forgiving and more rewarding. It is a keeper.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Bike that everyone have to drive once in his/her life (Ducati monster 659)

I should say the bike is something that makes you alive and to have such experience, I should say Ducati is one such brand makes bikes, which feels so balanced and a well balanced will not make you feel the weight of the bike. i have done a test drive with this bike and it is more of between pro and learner bike. so i should recommend to the first time buyers.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Italian pocket rocket

I've had my 659 Plus (with Termis and semi Race ECU) for just over two years now, after being off bikes for 24 years I thought it was about time to get my leg over again, and what better way than to go for a two wheeled Ferrari.
Sure the 659 is "only" a LAMS, but the performance is equal to my last bike, a VF400F except the Monster handles even better, the level of grip in the corners is breath taking when pushed. The brakes are great and remember these brakes have been eased back from the 696 Monster, the ABS is an added bonus for that piece of mind, and is not intrusive, yes I've found the ABS a couple of times.
A note for some, you cannot remove the restricter, the attachment nuts are security types, AND removing the restricter also removes the LAMS certification, you don't want to get pulled over by Mr Plod and have him find your bike is not Road Worthy. I've checked with Queensland Police and Bike Dealer, both are adamant that this is NOT a thing you want to do.
I've read some of the reviews here that moan about the price, but look at what you are getting, there is not much in the way of iron and steel in the frame that you get on a Rice Burner, consider the weight of this bike to other LAMS and you'll see why you pay a bit more. also consider the fact that EVERY engine in a Ducati can be tracked back to the builder in the factory, yes that's every one.
I'll stay with Ducati for my next ride, maybe a 899 Pani, it's the same weight as the 659 so that's about 20 to 40 kgs LESS than almost all others in the 899's range.

Great Experience

I purchased my 659 monster in December 2014.
Great bike to learn on, and once restrictor is easily gone even better! :D. I have termi exhaust and new ecu, bar end mirrors and got rid of that screen love the sound!!

It's only a LAMS bike and I always get people asking about it when I stop. For me riding is all about the experience and I always get a smile when I ride it.

If commuting I would not recommend, ducati's are definitely Sunday not Monday bikes.

Only downside is the rear brake lever and stand scrape the road sometimes on track days.
Anyways that's my experience, hopefully it helps in someone's decision making process.

An FYI on the restrictor, it CAN be easily and temporarily removed and returned to normal with two sockets, 10 minutes of your time and any level of cognitive ability.

Ducati Monster 659 LAMS Electrical problems. NOT HAPPY.

I bought this bike new. It has traveled 5300kms, it is seven months old. The starting problems began when the bike was approx four months old. The bike has an electrical Gremlin. The bike fails to start as the digital dash does not recognise neutral causing it not to start. It has been towed twice back to dealer under warranty and they can not find the issue. NOT HAPPY.
Update on Ducati 659. Had bike towed back to shop.They have fixed the issue, they were very aloof about what the problem was. The main thing is that it is fixed and has not missed a beat since. Loving my Ducati again.

I would like to purchase one!

I have been down to Ducati in noosa which is now Euro Bikes, I was dropping dads 999 off so I thought I would stop in and have a look, what I liked as soon as I walked in the door, 1 customer service: absolutely amazing people, point you in the right direction. 2 the presentation of the showroom: nice, organised, clean, everything you would expect from I high class dealership. So anyway, they had two 659's on the showroom floor and the manager noticed I was hanging around looking at them, he came up and said I prefer the matt black with termignoni pipes, before I said a word, its 14500 ride away, but I can do you a deal or you could finance it. And I was like this guys good just read my mind! And we talked about it for 15 minutes and he has me convinced that I need to get one! So this is my choice! If you ever go past noosa on the sunshine coast highly recommend stopping in there. And so after reading your reviews, its set in stone! 659 here I come!

It really is a culture

This is my wifes second bike and is an upgrade from a cb250.
What an upgrade it is! It isnt called a MONSTER for no reason. It loud, aggressive and the styling is nice.
We have the full Termi kit, carbon fibre kits, rizolla bar end mirrors...

Really nice bike
Looks good and is loud.

Nice Bike but too expensive

I absolutely love Ducati's and considered buying the 659 Monster (LAMS).

In the end I got a CB400 and really think it's the better bike.

The Monster looks awesome and it's a solid bike with excellent equipment levels.

Honestly, I still think that the bike is very capable, but I assume that the LAMS version is restricted, and that that's the reason for my disappointment.

At $16k, it's nearly 50% more expensive then the CB400 and twice the price of the CBR500.

Personally, I think the CBR500 is the lamest bike around, because it looks business, but then doesn't perform. Unfortunately, I felt that the Monster was similar, although I imagine that it is the restrictor which removes the lifeliness of the bike, as most people say good things about the performance of Ducatis.

If you want a bike that looks awesome, this is a definate option. Otherwise, I feel that the very high price-tag kills the value for money you get out of this bike.
Looks Great, Well Equipped
LAMS version simply lacks passion.

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Mate - with all due respect, you're commenting on a bike you've never ridden or or owned. To be fair, maybe you had a test ride? All LAMS trikes are restricted in power, but learn era get all e other benefits of their unrestricted models, style, size, brakes, handling etc. Sometimes less power is actually liberating because it makes you think before pulling that overtake or going for that gap. Learning to manage less (but adequate) power will make you appreciate and probably respect the full power bike you'll get next.

Ducati Style and Quality with LAMS approval

I'm writing this as a biker with 20 years experience and as an owner of a Ducati Diavel Carbon. I bought my wife the Monster 659 in matt black last year (pre ABS model) and I've seen a few learner reviews that have made me smile (one young guy stating the front was unstable - he needs to check his tyre pressures and head bearings or stop writing nonsense!).
My Diavel was in or servicing, so I took the 659 out or the day with some friends who ride at moderate pace (the LAMS power would show if you're out with people on full power sportsbikes) and the 659 really impressed me!
First, the styling. The Monster remains an iconic machine and this LAMS model is no exception; it is simply beautiful to look at. Unlike other manufacturer's LAMS models, the 659 doesn't look at all like a "scaled down version". The fit and finish on Ducatis has improved unbelievably since the days of my first 748 model. A recent survey puts Ducati level with Suzuki for roadside failures: that's pretty impressive! The 659 has all the dashboard features and cool styling of its bigger brothers and you have to look close to see the 659 stickers on the tail unit and tank.
How does it ride? Well. This bike handles exactly as a Ducati should. Fantastic handling and chassis, feel and stability - I have had this bike cranked over at 150km/h and it's a real class setup. Steering is fast and predictable, so it's hard to find fault. Coming from a Diavel, the brakes feel much less powerful, but then ours is the pre ABS model and the Diavel boasts top of the line mono bloc Brembos!
The brakes are perfectly adequate for this bike.
The power delivery is linear, but you can tell it's a LAMS bike (power is restricted by a small tab in the throttle housing that prevents full twist of the throttle and the pistons have been decreased in size for this Australian model). However, there is still that beautiful low down grunt and sound that makes ucati such a cool bike to ride! Once I to used to the LAMS power, I found the bike absolutely perfect for town riding. I also had no problem keeping up with friends on larger bikes, as long as they didn't turn into road racers. the real strength of the 659 is the chassis: I can maintain a higher speed and turn very easily through sweeping bends with more corner speed therefore the lack of power is less of an issue.
if I had to point out anything that could be improved, it would be the clutch. Newer Ducatis are moving to wet clutches, which removes the signature Ducati rattle and grabby nature of the dry plate versions.
I think the dry clutch makes this bike harder to pull away smoothly on, but I guess it'll make a new rider even better with clutch control.

Overall, I can't recommend this bike enough. Gorgeous to look at, quality build, great handling and Ducati presence. I'm sure it will hold its value better than other makes too.
I just fitted Termignoni end pipes to this 659 - WOW! It now sounds like it should!

One tip for new owners: don't be tempted to modify this bike to full power (easily done in practice). You'll invalidate your insurance and be in trouble with the Police after any accident.
Your resale value will be higher if you leave the bike in LAMS tune too.

Buy it, you won't regret it!
Style, handling, quality, sound.
Grabby clutch.

Thank you very much my friend. I will get one as soon as I can (and put Termignoni popes on it ;D). Just wondering whether I should take lessons on a crappier cycle first!I think you should Dan - you'll appreciate the 659 all the more!!awesome wrap to excite a newbie! thanx

Great learner bike!

So far, so good. I own the matte black ABS model, seat height low, but not too low. Great riding position although I have added some clip on bars for a more racing position, and gives you enough power to enjoy when needed.

I often look in the parking lot at my apartment building and toss up wether to take the bike out or the tin box (car) even on those wetter days. I feel comfortable riding in the wet and this has a lot to do with the ABS, which has saved me once or twice from locking up the rear wheel.

I purchased mine from Ducati City in Melbourne, great customer service - these guys love their Ducatis, and why shouldn't they? I'll never ride anything else!
reliable, economical, ergonoms are great, nice sound fron the stock twin cans, and a real head turner.
expensive to service, genuine mods are hard to come by, and the rear wheel would have benefited from a slightly larger girth, 170 or 180 preferrably.

I too own a 659 and so far, I just wish it was a little quicker and a little bigger. But hey, for a LAMS bike, it has everything. It is what it is and yeah, great fun to ride. I find that there is plenty of torque in 3rd and 4th. It just keeps going! However, 1st and 2nd, MMmm, well, a little disappointing. Again, for a LAMS bike, the best you could buy if you can afford one. I'm saying that to be smart, but yeah, they are a little expensive but the build quality is 2nd to none. ShanoGreat review Chris.

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Top speed
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How do i get to the battery on my son's 659 Monster 2014 model i think?
1 answer
Hi Nobby, Have not had the need to access the battery, but I'm guessing it's under the seat somewhere. Just watched a You Tube Video using a 696 (same animal just a bigger heart) hmmm, looks complicated. Once you get it changed, I'd suggest getting a charger and keep the beast plugged in AND switched on. Mine is on the charger 24/7, have never had an issue so far. Cheers Chuck

Engine alarm on immobilizer . I have to push down the key and re rotate to switch it on . Also low beam and tickel charger not working.. Any help?
1 answer
Hmmm, I see a visit to your local dealer in your future sir. Im totally useless with vehicle electrics, always have been, but have built many electronic bits for my hobbies without a problem, go figure.


Monster 659
Engine Capacity659cc
Release dateJan 2012

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