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Honda CBR500R

Honda CBR500R

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doesn't do much wrong.

cheap bike that doesn't make mistakes but isn't brilliant at anything. your jaw wont drop with excitement and the adjustable forks on the 16+ models are a bit of a joke. over all very meh. I feel as if i'm on a scooter at times (however one that can do well on the highway.) you absolutely need an exhaust for this bike.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Fantastic Learners Bike

This is a fantastic bike for both beginners and intermediate level riders.
It has limited power that provides decent torque but not so much that will kick off a beginner. I have had mine about 9 months and love it.
I have not had any issues with it mechanically and it is cheap on fuel.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Solid learner bike

This bike was un upgrade to my CB125 that I had just after I got my L's, Better for longer rides compared to the CB125 and with that extra power the last one lacked, The handling was quite nice and the weight were perfect to feel balanced. Over all would recommend.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

The best learner bike

Hello I owned one of these for around 3 years , was happy to even ride it on a full licence as I wasn't ready to upgrade yet, was a little bit uprights so great for long rides, cheap on fuel, came in the tri colours, great for short people, had enough power, highly recommended.

Date PurchasedJan 2016


Purchased myself one of these as an upgrade from my hyosung gtr250
Would have to be the best purchase ive ever made!
Bike was incredible had enough power to be fun not enough you were afraid to ride it to its limits.
Handles like a dream, never had any mechanical issues all visits to mechanics were just services


Date PurchasedJul 2015

Best LAMS bike on the market.

Simply the best LAMS approved bike I have been on.

Honda has made the CBR500R an absolute powerhouse for a LAMS bike (250RRs and F4Is excluded) they are incredibly comfortable, the suspension travels great and in contrast to my Ninja it feels like you're riding on a cloud of comfort.

The electronic dash is also another big plus, the tacho is easy to read and provides plenty of information, less than some other manufacturers like KTM etc but still a very nice display.

Acceleration is either buttery smooth or visceral depending on how you feel on your ride, the bike doesn't have any struggle keeping up with any card or other bikes and is comfortable on any highway or hill.

The bike isn't too loud either, even after putting on an aftermarket exhaust which is a benefit for the neighbours as well.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

So good

Walked into Ongmac Lismore one day just browsing and before I could stop myself, I bought a new bike just like that. Couldnt help myself, it fitted beautifully, rides almost effortlessly. Bit touchy on the throttle but I getting used to that. Tyres dont like wet grass but I wont do that again. What can I say, when I wake up, look outside and think "this is a good day for a ride"...thats what I do, what more do I want? 500cc twin cyclinder is perfect!

Date PurchasedMar 2017

awesome bike

I bought this bike after a couple of years with no bike as my previous Honda CBR250 was stolen. This bike is fabulous....great reliability, starts first time every time, economical and plenty powerful for me. Took a bit to get used to the different handling as it doesn't like to go slow round the corners but now I'm used to it. Smoother ride than the CBR250 and better for longer rides.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Best LAMS bike out there

So much power for a LAMS bike. I would highly recommend. I purchased the white colour, it really stands out with its shimmery pearl paint and metallic blue and black stripes. It is a super comfortable ride with the handlebars not too low, thick padded seat and comfortable leg position

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Not as good as the classic

Honda will always be a good company but the current bikes are no where near as good as the classics from the 90's. When you're sitting on a bike it doesn't matter what the dials look like, and the old 250 is beautiful at delivering a strong burst of power and a redline of 19.5k

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Love my new bike!

Great bike! Good on fuel and plenty of power for a beginner. Only negative I can think of is that I do not like the exhaust and it sounds like a scooter haha. Also seemed to be hard to track down after-market parts for the year model I purchased (2016). Would highly recommend to anyone getting their learners as this bike is much better valued than the restricted 650s.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Fantastic learner bike

I have the cbr500ra 2016. I am a learner rider with nill experience. The bike has a lot of torque in lower gears but not so much that I think I'm going to lift the front wheel
The bike is agile, comfortable and a lot of fun to ride. The ride position is upright and comfortable
But I have experienced sore wrists, I would argue that's more me than the bike
The bike has abs which is good
It's Matt black and gets a lot of looks and comments
Definitely recommend having a good look if your looking for a starter bike
It handles highway riding with ease
Great bike

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Butifull an excellent for learners

Very happy with the bike I bought a 2016 and its so cumfy and respsive in all the gears an quite and smooth out on the highway an overtaking no problem a learner would be very happy an very shepe to run better than a ninja for cumfert an haderling

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Just bought it!! Wooohooo

Got my bike 1 month ago and loving it! Great bike smooth ride!! Looks great in black! You will be happy with it! First time on the road and I can't fault it except the horn lol but other than that great first bike and really recommend to any learner rider

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Solid motorcycle

Purchased a 2016 model as my first bike after doing lots of research. This bike is awesome. It has looks, smooth power delivery and plenty of grunt for the street. It is easy to ride and forgiving for a newbie. Rides well in the suburbs, on the highway, around the mountains and longer distance. Servicing costs are low and it holds its value well.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Listen to me

IM only focusing on the Honda CBR500R 2016 model and let me tell you it is perfect!!! only problem is no gear indicator but it makes you listen to the ride and focus on the bike so plus and minus.

alot of people say beginners bike youll grow out of it but come on who needs the 300kph of the 600s and 1000s?

this bike is comfortable smooth and turns heads...

alot of you people got to stop overthinking stats and comparisons so you get the best bike... this is a smooth, stylish light 190kmph max bike that can easily break the law when it comes to speed just like %90 of other bikes

if speed is your desire get the yamah mt 07 lams it is the fastest lams bike on the market

people say bikes like these are borning.... cause it lacks torque.... thats a plus i own a mt 07 and this one is my pick everytime so i bought it too and are selling the 07




P.s #1 cause of motorbike crashes is the rider taking a corner at a speed theyre not comfortable with not other drivers.... so when riding with others dont try to keep up if they have years of experience let them do them and you do you and ask for tips and stuff all the time and get them to follow you

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Great Mid Sized Bike

I have had my 2015 CBR 500RA for 1 year now and have done 7000km ,I did my second service at 5000km as my preference , I've had about 18 bikes between 250cc to 1200cc ,not ridden regularly for 20 years and aged 50 I wanted a bike under 200kg , this bike has ample power , great balance for the twistie ranges and out performed many others I tried ,,it is beyond good on fuel economy ,,I put a Mussari slip on exhaust for $250 from Screaming Demon Exhaust ,WA ,,Cheapest and sounds the better than 2 brothers a Ixil ,,A louder exhaust is a MUST have for safety as cars just cannot hear the bike and pull in front of you ,, need to be heard as well as seen ,,updated the front suspension with fork pretension adjuster and put a Givi Double Bubble windscreen on ,,makes 100% difference on the Hi Way ,, the bike is wonderful , never had an issue ,looks like a litre bike and always gets nice comments from onlookers ,,the only 2 problems were the soft shocks and too short screen which can be rectified , at $7.500 its money well spent

Fantastic learners bike

I have owned a 2014 CBR500r for 3 months now and ridden 1200km. Ride position is quite upright and feels very comfortable. In that time I have not experienced one problem. It has just enough power to get you excited but not enough to get you in trouble. easy to flick from side to side and uses around 3.5ltr / 100km. you will not find a better learners bike for the price. Just put a slip on exhaust and it will sound awesome.

Only one criticism, the front and rear suspension is basic and quite soft. can be upgraded if required.

A beautiful bike

I'm not the expert some of the gentlemen here are, but my two cents worth is I LOVE this bike. I have the ABS version (CBR500RA) and it was worth every sent for the added safety factor. I have the Yoshimura exhaust and wow what a difference. Love it. Has heaps of torque and is light enough to handle well. Holds up famously in highway winds. The 2014 model has more red than the '13 and looks a lot more classy (sorry '13 owners!).

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Forgot to mention: I put a Yoshimura carbon fibre exhaust on it and what a beautiful difference it made to the sound.

Great bikes to learn on!

My wife and I have bought one of these each. I haven't ridden for over 30 years, she not at all.

We've had them a month now and ridden mostly country roads. The power is smooth, adequate and easy fir new riders to manage. I find that it easily maintains 100 or 110 kph without issue at all. Copes well in windy conditions. Comfortable all round.

I would thoroughly recommend this bike to any new rider. Don't be put off by the 500 cc engine. It's not intimidating at all.

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Questions & Answers

I have a 2015 Honda CBR500R I am thinking of taking my slip on exhaust off (just for sound,THE LOUDER YOU ARE THE SAFER) and putting on a K&N air filter. Will me doing that burn my exhaust valves?
2 answers
No it will not affect it at all.Hi mate, no it wont affect the valves, only might frustrate your neighbors. I would recommend replacing the stock exhaust with a slip on, they are relatively cheap off ebay and will make the bike sound a lot better (much better then without any muffler). Cheers

I am 5'8'' and 132 lbs, is this bike right for me? Would it be too heavy?
2 answers
I suggest you go for a test ride. As soon as I got on my bike I knew it was for me...No..i am 5`4" and weigh 67 kg and i love it

what is the mandatory service interval for cbr500r and approximate service cost?
1 answer
6000 for a minor and 16000 for a major service. Major can be between 400 to 800.


Honda CBR500R
CategorySuper Sport Bikes and Learner Approved Bikes
Engine Capacity471cc
Release dateJun 2013

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