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Honda CB125E

Honda CB125E

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Really enjoy this bike - great for learners!

I'm just a Learner so I wanted a bike rather small, light and easy to ride and it has been perfect so far. Very easy to ride. Of course, it doesn't have a lot of power and you can mainly go up to 80km/h but it's perfect for the city. And regarding fuel consumption you can get any better than that! I will probably upgrade to something a bit more powerful in a couple of years but for the moment, it's what I need to learn, safely.

Purchased in September 2019 at gumtree for $2,100.00.

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It is so easy to ride and it is very easy to control also its one of my favourite motor bikes. I highly suggest you try it. Very strong condition too

Purchased in April 2018.

Mileage 4,574 km

Great little bike and cheap to maintain

I like small bikes and many of my motorcycling years were done on bikes ranging from 90cc to 125cc, Not covering so many kilometers these days, I wanted a reliable little motorbike that is cheap to run and register. I cannot lie, I wouldn't mind a few more horsepower than the CB125E can provide, but I am very happy with this little bike and plan to keep it for many years.
My home is in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, so the 125 has to cope with a 80km/hr roads, uphill on part of each trip. More power would be useful uphill, but the little bike cruises at 80km/hr most of the time, dropping down to 70km/hr or less up hills. I treat her gently, never having ridden it over 80km/hr, but a more aggressive rider could get some more out her. I have ridden little bikes on the 110km/hr M4, but the little CB125E is not really suited to this type of road.
Roads up to 80km/hr are great on this little bike. It is a very sweet bike; starting easily, running smoothly and with beautiful neutral handling. The exhaust note and mechanical noise are whisper quiet. It does everything right, with my only gripe being the time it takes to warm up on the first start of the morning. Most of my rides are less than 100km, but the low saddle and higher bars than I'm used to, make me think that a day's touring might give my backside a little grief.
A great delight of this bike is the petrol economy which, combined with a moderate sized tank, gives a range of 400km plus. All running costs are very low and with simple mechanicals I have no trouble maintaining it myself - saving lots of money. Even valve adjustments are easy.
Would I recommend it to others? If you aren't a powerhead, or have long runs on motorways, then I can't think of better value than this bike, with cheap running costs as well as initial purchase. I have owned it for a year and it has given no trouble and has the reassuring Honda quality. Its own reputation is building up as the model continues its run.
The only modification to date is that about 600km the 15 teeth sprocket was replaced with a 16 teeth sprocket. This raised gearing 6.67%, not so that I could ride the bike any faster but so that on downhills and flat roads the motor was a little more relaxed. I would have to change down gears a little earlier on hills, but so what. First gear doesn't run out so quickly - another thing I like. Because it is only one tooth bigger there are no modifications necessary, and the chain did not need to be altered at all (except its adjustment at the back wheel).

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Great little bike!

Totally what I would expect of Honda. "Does what it says on the tin". Have come 'down' from a Fireblade to this after 12 years without a bike. Didn't know whether my ego could handle it, but at this price can't really go wrong. All you need for quick trips around town, when a scooter doesn't really appeal. I am 6ft 3" and 100kg, seat feels a bit low, but fine. Bike feels solid on the road. Nimble and keeps up with city traffic. Love the almost agricultural build simplicity, practicality and frugality. Nothing superfluous. Generally high quality build and components, except super thin vinyl on saddle which creases and I expect a tear in the future. I will use it for shopping for my next 'blade or even 600RR! Even then I think I'll keep her for the odd quick commute, when its going to be left on a carpark and to keep the miles off the RR. Loving my new little Honda - it's great to be back in the saddle again!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

rock solid bike

I use mine for around town and a few trips out of town, if your a learner or on p plates it goes as fast as u can legally go.

it starts first time every time and you get a brand new reliable little bike for a low cost.
Honda wont make anything bad, its great, i love the look and the handling and the fact that i got a new machine with 0km for the cost of a second hand with 30,000 -40,000 km on the clock.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Cheap transport - you get what you pay for

This is about as small as you can go, engine wise, and still be able to get around urban roads safely. This is competing with postie bikes, chinese bikes, and scooters. They all cost around the same price so do your research and pick what attributes you want carefully. This bike is NOT recommended if you have to travel outside an urban area. You can only assume that this bike will top out at 80 km/h. Depending on wind, load, your size, and gradient, sometimes you will see higher on the speedo, up to 105 km/h on the flat. So it's perfectly able to keep up with traffic in 80-100 zones. But forget being overtaken in 110 km/h zones if you are doing 80 into a headwind. No thanks. Onto the review anyway:

-Extremely easy for anyone to ride
-Tight turning circle
-Low seat height
-Low weight
-Forgiving controls
-Fuel economy ranges around 2.7-3.0 l/100km in real world use
-Extremely simple design makes it easy to work on
-Handy practical features like a comfy seat, centerstand, luggage rack, gear position indicator etc

-Stock tyres are dangerously bad and difficult/expensive to replace (they run a weird size)
-Stock chain is rubbish and needs constant lube/adjustment
-A postie bike is even simpler and easier to work on
-Made in china, nuff said
-1000km oil change intervals
-4000 km general service intervals

Overall they're decent bikes, great price, you won't be dissatisfied with it if you purchase one. But unless you need the manual endorsement on your licence, does it really make a case for itself over say a 125 scooter?

If I was buying again, I would be looking at the honda cbf250. Basically the same design philosophy but you can comfortably cruise over 100 km/h. Due to the way rego is calculated in WA, and tyres being more readily available for the 250, and the engine isn't working as hard all the time, the running costs for the 250 are almost unnoticeably higher than the 125.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Just an update for those interested: Bike was purchased with 5000km, it is now at 22000km. It has still been totally reliable and user friendly, but there have been some non-maintenance parts required. -Stock kenda tyres had 'baked out' by 12000km. Had tread and no visible dry rot, but were absolutely lethal in the wet. Pirelli city demons and metzeler me22s both fit this bike, both are mediocre but an improvement over the stock kendas. Easy to find in 2.75x18 front and 3.00x18 rear. -Stock chain was utterly trashed by 15000km, and that's with careful cleaning and maintenance. Sprockets were okay. Replaced with O ring chain for about $60. -Noticed an oil leak from the front of the engine around 15000km. Upon dismantling, there was a tiny chip in the sealing surface of the barrel. I replaced the headgasket with a genuine one ($30ish) and the leak went away. I have noticed a similar oil leak on another cb125e of the same year and mileage. -Steering head bearings are noticeably notchy at only 22000km. This is not the case on my 'control' cb125e of same year and mileage. -Paint is lifting from the underside of the fuel tank where the fuel tap is brazed on. There is also light corrosion around the frame and on the tops of the forks, but it's nothing major or unfixable during a routine service. It sounds like a lot, but this bike does have a fairly hard life. The repairs are extremely simple, even replacing the head gasket is easier than a minor service on most modern multi cylinder bikes. The frequent servicing becomes a bit of a ritual you can do with eyes closed after a while.

Cheap and reliable

I purchased my 2016 cb125e for $1500 used with 5000kms on the clock you can find these on the road for 2400 new worth every cent fuel is 400kms to a tank around 12litres never had an issue starts 1st time every time 1 thing i was told do not use kill switch as it sometimes goes faulty and can get costly to diagnose otherwise perfect ride

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Good entry level bike

This was my first bike and it's still going strong after 15 years. Never have any issue with it, good price, solid building and have plenty of power for new learner. Great fuel consumption a littl go a long way, easy to fix and after market part r plenty to choose when u want to custom ur bike
Over all great bike

Date PurchasedJun 2001

Simple and easy LAMS Rider

Honda has created in the CB125E a simple and affordable learner approved bike, perfect for someone first bike as a lot of learner courses use the same bike in their courses so the transition from course to road is an easy one. Comes in three colours red blue and white . Over all a great early bike to get to terms with riding on the open road.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

perfect run around

I live in a small town and I use it just like a scooter, due to its incredible handling and ease of riding.

Mechanical features are as simple as it gets and I expect that it would run forever even if one did not bother service it. Fuel consumption is hard to believe and the rego in NSW is so cheap for such a small engine.

I would suggest it to anyone that wants to avoid traffic, fall in love with motorbikes or just even to experienced riders after a very relaxed ride.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Perfect Learner bike

I got my learners last year and i wasn't sure what to buy, having read around i can happily confirm this bike was exactly what i was looking for, costs less than 10 bucks to fill the tank and it has no problems reaching highway speeds. would recommend it to anyone looking for an entry level motorbike

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

best in my life

Handa CB125 is the best motor cycle l drive for one year is the best ,l enjoy it during that time ,l like it better than a car easy to park less potrol and easy to control.lam still want to drive it here in Australia.lam happy to do that .

Date PurchasedOct 1998

Cheap, confortable and good

40km/L, very good for city, you can run for highways top spead is more than 100km/h.
Is very confortable for long hours on bike.
Is very good for city, no good for highway, is perfect for up and downs, is very silence.
I go to mecanic every 4000km to change the oil

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Good for beginners

Bike is good for beginners, light to handle. Doesn't really go above 80 km/h, so highway driving in traffic can be unpleasant. Very wind affected, but easy to hold in good conditions. Choke takes some getting used to, especially if coming from a bike that doesn't have one. Dirt roads are ok, sandy roads not so much, therefore better suited for town driving.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Best first bike

This is an amazing small motorbike to get started on getting your license with. 125 motor, so not alot of speed but I loved this to learn the basics of riding. Highly recommend this bike with a great price and three colours to choose from. Blue, Red and White. Very economical with a good 300kms out of a $10-15 tank of fuel.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

First bike or commuter

The Honda CB125E is a bullet proof little bike that is well suited to new riders, particularly those in their teens, and as a budget, economical commuter. It is comfortable to ride. Its maximum speed is about 90km/hr although with a little tweaking it reach 100km/hr. It has a good sized rack for carrying or mounting a top box.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Perfect to get your L's on. But that's it.

If you are after a cheap and easy to ride bike to get enough experience to get your license than this is the bike for you.
If you already have your P's and can ride on the road, than do not get this bike. You will grow sick of the lack of power very quickly.
As a naked bike the wiring loom is all neatly tucked away in the headlamp assembly, so if you're not too savvy with auto-electrical work don't open this as it's a birds nest inside.
I weigh around 80Kg's am about 5'6 / 167cm. I got top speed of 87 on a straight and top speed downhill at 105 redline on the tacho.

There's nothing wrong with this bike for a beginner looking to get some urban hours, but don't even think about leaving the suburbs on it.
As for construction, I only had one problem during the 3 months I owned it, that was that sometimes the gear indication light would not illuminate.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015


Was ok, has few issues like failed break and headlamp fall off, otherwise all good...... thanks for great service though and good after sales service.. thanks a lot for your help...

Date PurchasedJan 2016

good for starter

I got my L plate last year and I need some real experience of motorbike riding so I bought this one. Because the RMS use this model to teach starer, so I guess this one will be good to start riding. It is not expensive, and normal student should able to afford it. It is easy to use and park. I have a good experience with it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Low Maintenance best city bike

Bought this bike to outsmart traffic and have a cheap mode of transport.
This bike is amazingly easy to maintain and commute in the city(within 70km/h speed zones).
Strictly don't recommend for freeways as it can hardly reach speed of 100km/h for long distances.
If you are maintaining it by yourself, this is the cheapest possible and effective daily commute.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

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Questions & Answers

Hi daughters first bike cb125e bought it new.she is only 5ft tall and feet dont sit flat on ground. Is there any adjustment to seat height Wayne
3 answers
I hope your daughter enjoys her CB125e, and motorcycling in general. Someone else asked this question some time ago, so the answers may still be there to look at. I don't know if there is a lot you can do to the frame as steering geometries and other things, like prop stand length, change if it is lowered. One thing that could be changed is the seat foam thickness. An upholstery expert may be able to remove the cover, shave the foam and recover it. You could get a little reduction in the front by moving the fork staunchions up in the triple clamps, but be careful of the front wheel and guard fouling the exhaust at full deflection. Personally, I would leave the frame/suspension alone, and just work on the seat. Having said all this, I'm not a tall bloke, and on larger bikes or trail bikes in the past I couldn't touch the ground with both feet flat. It is something you get used to - using tippy toes and then rest on one foot, like a prop stand when stationary.Hi the CB 125 to lower you can : 1. move the tube forks by undoing the clamps and drop until the fork tubes touch the underside of the handle bars. 2. the shockies have adjustments by rotating the top you will see a set of ramps which when rotated click into place lowering the back of the bike 3. you can also adjust the brake pedal which also helps for a small person. hope this helps it did for my wife. regards,PeterThanks peter will give it a go.

why has honda 125e got 2 springs for side stand?
No answers

2016 Honda 125e Hi there. Looking at getting this bike for shortish ride from home to station and back. Does anyone know if this bike would fit in the train station bike lockers you can hire? The station I would park it at is not the most secure. Looking at something like this or a postie to fit in the bike locker. Thanks for any advice.
No answers


Honda CB125E
CategoryNaked Bikes and Learner Approved Bikes
Engine Capacity124.1cc
Release dateJan 2012

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