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Earth Choice All in One Dish Tablets

Earth Choice All in One Dish Tablets

3.4 from 45 reviews

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Aussiebloke34Perth, WA

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These are the best not only for the earth but results!


As the title says, these little things are the best not only for the earth but results! Read it got number 1 in Choice tests so thought we'd try them out, 39c per wash vs Finish which is 94c per wash (and Finish didn't even get in the top 5).

Easy choice for me, I like doing right by the Earth if the product works well and doesn't cost a fortune so this wins in both categories and I'm sold.



  • 6 reviews

Amazing results


Thought I'd give these a try as it was on special. Cleans far better than other popular brands I have tried in my Bosch dishwasher. Will definitely be purchasing again.

Peter J.

Peter J.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Surprised this rates so low?!?


I have been using this product for years. I am not too fussy about rinsing before washing. Works a treat and much cheaper than name brands. Aussie product. I always buy when it’s on special. Wouldn’t even think of changing brands. Not sure why it’s rated so low.

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles for $10.00.



  • 9 reviews

Love these


These dishwasher tablets work really well. Dishes come out clean and shiny. They dont leave a chemical smell on your glasses and dishes. Better for the environment too. Would recommend

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.



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Bought this after recommended by Choice on the Today Show. Might clean but soap suds ALWAYS left no matter what cycle I use. Even when I ran the machine a second time just thru a rinse cycle didn't work.

Discolouring plastic and not cleaning properly


With these tablets my dishes only get clean if I put my machine on the intensive setting. With other tablets I could use the eco setting, but with Earth Choice this is not sufficient.
I found several plastic and metal objects were discoloured after washing with Earth Choice. Never had this experience with other brands.
For dish washing Earth Choice is Bad Choice!

I recommend these over ALL others


I have used all the brands from Aldi to Eco store to Finish to Enjo. These tablets are not only great for the environment, but work perfectly every time. No complaints at all from me! My second choice after these is Finish Quantum Max Apple Lime. They work equally well but I am more focussed on the environmental benefits of Earth Choice.



  • 45 reviews
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I have been using for years even before Choice reviewed them


I switched to these for their environmentally friendly benefits and was impressed by their cleaning abilities. I have used them in 3 different dishwashers now (at work and home) so its not just the dishwasher. Then Choice reviewed them and the secret is out! Now they sell out when on special so a lot of others have found out too.





Purchased this product after reading CHOICE mag - showing as the number one. I was a bit sceptical, but have been totally impressed. As good if not better than, Finish, and would be healthier to use.


warytravellyPerth, WA

  • 16 reviews
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The new formula works


Having been frustrated with the top brands like finish as well as fairy needing us to wash off all good e.g. breakfast cereal before putting them in which defeats the purpose, plus the dishes didnt dry properly I tried the Earth Choice All In 1 tablets. As an experiment i loaded up the dishwasher with bowls over 5 days that were not rinsed at all. The came out perfectly clean, dry and no sticky residue. They are well priced and definitely don't need to have added rinsaid. So an efficient product that does what it says and environmentally friendly.
12 months on and still pleased. Added bonus dishwasher doesn't have that odour that needs rinsing out

Purchased in March 2018 at IGA Ballajura for $16.00.

Leaves my cups as tea stained as they started


Tea cups actually seem to gain dirt.
Often things come out feeling slightly greasy.
Was using an ECo-friendly dishwash tablet in Europe and it was brilliant.
Love the fact that I feel as though I can trust the fact that my dishes aren't coated with some carcinogenic chemical. Hence 2 stars not 1.
Disappointing. Tried it with some bi carb of soda and it was marginally better. Will add more next time.

Tom A

Tom AVictoria, 3227

  • 5 reviews

Used to be better


Have been using these for a couple years now. Initially I was quite happy with them but after the recent changes, not so much. I now cut them out of the supposedly dissolving wrapper, because, well it doesn't seem to dissolve fast enough and was reducing the effectiveness of the tablets.



  • 9 reviews



I usually use the Eco Store tablets, but they were sold out when I needed to buy a new box recently. Consequently, I decided to try these.

They're getting the glasses, cups and plates clean, but that's about all. Every pot needs to be scrubbed by hand when it comes out. The cutlery isn't clean enough, either. Plastic wear is being left with a residue.

Disappointing, because I absolutely love all the other Earth's Choice products I use.

Never again


Thought i'd give these a go as they are better for the environment and cheaper than other brands. Unfortunately they leave a powder residue on all my plastic items and cutlery. On closer inspection some plates as well. Now doing the 3rd wash on the same items. What a waste of money, power and water. I will never buy these again.



These dishwasher tablets are great. Dishes come out sparkling clean .I rarely bother to hand rinse first. Everything goes in together(glasses,crockery,cutlery and pots and pans.) and no issues. Love Earth Choice products. Never any problems with our septic.

Jenni Love this product

Jenni Love this product

  • 5 reviews

great fot the enviroment and works very well


Very impressed I use this in my cheap dishwasher and my mum uses it in an expensive one, it works really well, crystal clear glasses, and removes the coffee stains on cups better than scrubbing love it thanks


JennomeCastlemaine, Vic

  • 7 reviews

No Problems


I find these tablets just fine. I always put it on the bottom of the d/washer as they don't fit in my dispenser, so it always dissolves. I sometimes wonder if people rinse their dishes, specially dinner plates, before putting them in the machine. I'm sure this makes a huge difference to the performance of both the washer and detergent, along with not overloading. I've raised a lot of eyebrows over the years at the way some people stack their machines, so I'm not surprised there's performance issues. I only wash every few days, so in the interim day I do a pre-rinse, which may not be a function of all dishwashers. However, I do agree that the Finish Powerball tablets are probably the best. I buy them on eBay.

Sam Ho

Sam HoAU

  • 2 reviews

Always come back to this


These are really effective in our very old Miele dishwasher. It's a complete bonus that they are half the price of other brands and are also environmentally friendly. A few times I've bought the leading brands because of sales but they have not cleaned as well and I can't stand the strong smell they leave on my dishes.

Double handling


A bit frustrated here, after seeing reviews on sunrise they said these earth choice tablets were the most popular choice across Australia , so I thought I'd give them a go (normally always use finish tablets)
Anyway I brought a box, did my rinsing and stacking and put a load on, to find this morning all my dishes still greasy and half dirty, so I had to take them all out and hand wash them anyway! Talk about double handling
Won't ever buy these again


steveandmaggieSydney, NSW

  • 4 reviews
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tried to be green, but caused massive machine problems???


Our Miele dishwasher threw up an error message necessitating a very expensive service call. The technician said not to use Earth Choice tablets as they had caused all the problems in the machine; only use Finish.
Who knows?

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Questions & Answers

Lisa Cattarin

Lisa Cattarinasked

I currently use Earth Choice tablets for my dishwasher and was wondering if there is an Earth Choice for the rinse aid section. I currently am using the 'Rinse Aid Finish' product but shouldnt be because of my septic tank? Could you pls let me know if Earth Choice make a rinse aid for the dishwasher?

2 answers

I phoned the Earth Choice people this week as we've just bought a dishwasher and as we are on the septic system I asked about a rinse aid - apparently they don't sell one at the moment but are thinking about it! So at the moment we are doing without.....:)


No they don't but the Eco Store one is good!

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