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Ego Elucent

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This great for my skin

I have used alpha-hydroxy acids on my face for 20 years or more... always Neostrata brand. My skin is toned and clear and wrinkle-free and in very condition for my age ( assisted by good genes,diet and exercise). My Skin Specialist told me about Elucent. I use the 12% body moisturiser on my face 3 times a week after shaving. A slight tingle is all I feel. It's good value for money and made in Australia.

Waste of money

My face got rashes after using the elucent anti aging gentle cleanser and it was very itchy i had to take claratyne. Will never buy this product again. Its really a waste of money as its quite expensive.

Surprise result

Was having laser treatment for actinic keratoses and dermatologist policy was to treat my skin with 16% AHA serum for 10days prior! Excellent results and I started using it regularly plus their other products. Inexpensive, effective, what more do you need?

Ended up with red red angry looking skin

Just bought this product today and it was not cheap. I put it on one side of my face to see the difference and next thing I saw was red angry looking skin under my eye. I am really scared it looks like I have burned my skin.

Horrible I got a rash and burns

Do not get this product the might cream will burn under your eyes like nothing else just use a cetaphil will not purchase again. I think you should not waste ur money it’s not worth it.

Love, love love it! They last 6 months!

I have tried so many skin care ranges and none deliver as promised. I use the anti ageing cleanser, anti ageing eye cream, day moisturiser (SPF 50+ people!), night moisturiser and anti ageing serum and find the mix of AHA's, and vitamins B3, E, C and provitamin B5 works wonders. I can't see another product out there with this range of ingredients, that the experts tell us are what we need to look for, at this price. I purchased these as a Christmas present for myself last December and they are only just now running out. I bought a new lot for Mother's Day and fully expect them to last another 6 months. That is amazing!

Addicted to Elucent.

I work in chemist warehouse and that's how I discovered the elucent range, the range that changed my skin forever. I decided to give it a try when I saw that it contains AHAs, as I heard they are good for anti-ageing. I brought the night cream, cleanser and the day cream first. After 2 weeks of use I noticed a change in my skin. My pores were smaller and my skin tone looked bright and also my skin felt very smooth when I touched it. I then brought the serum, the anti ageing body moisturiser and the eye cream so I have the whole set. I have used the eye cream for 2 weeks now and my lines appear less visible. I got my sister and my mum onto it. My sisters skin is looking better already after a week. Her pores are smaller. My mum hasn't used any AHAs in her life and her skin reacted slightly to the night cream, turning it a bit red. I think it takes a while for the skin to adjust. I highly recommend this range. I'm going to continue to use it. Thank you ego.

Best moisturiser ever!

(Sorry my review is so long i just love this product haha)

I was curious to see other reviews on this product and saw some people say they were writing in to make sure this product is never discontinued so i am doing the same! I've never reviewed a product before but this moisturiser deserves it! Originally recommended to me by my dermatologist when i was suffering with acne prone skin my skin is now clear and even and whilst i am in my mid twenties no fine wrinkles.

Some people may be concerned with how active this product is i was actually suggested by my dermatologist to start with a brand Neostrata that is a little more gentle and work up to elucent and whilst i did see results from this range Neostrata and still use some things from the brand, vitamin c serum, i am hooked on elucent, if you are worried maybe start with the neostrata spf. i just found that i prefered the texture and glowy finish of the elucent moisturiser. I use both the cleanser and the day moisturiser. To be fair i have quite combination to dry skin and often layer it with a rich serum or another active lotion beneath during the winter but you cant beat the spf50 with elucent. In Australia you just have to be so careful theres no point mucking around with your spf.

Please never stop making this you saved my skin! I always get comments on how fresh and glowy and beautiful my skin is when im wearing this moisturiser

Note to anyone currently using this moisturiser when the product is almost finished you can take the base off and push the internal section up pushing the last of the product to the top. Save every drop haha

Only downside: some primers or make ups do ball with the moisturiser so just make sure you let it sink in first

Oh and one more thing i wish the plastic lids on both the cleanser and moisturiser stayed on a bit better if i could improve the packaging at all i would just make these a little more secure for travel purposes in saying that ive never had one leak just worry something will press against the pump if the lid falls off.

Please do yourself a favour and at least try this moisturser suitable for all skin types dont go too close to the eyes and do a patch test if you are really really worried.

Cant say how much my skin loves it if i go a few days without the cleanser and moisturiser my skin is fine but i can tell its not at peace and when i return to using it i basically can hear my skin sing with joy haha

Not that great

As a paying customer the products was not cheap as a anti wrinkle cream i expected better . I will be trying another product and do more research into so called anti aging creams

Excellent results after 2 weeks!

I've had acne most of my life. It suddenly got really bad last year (37 years of age). A lot of tiny pimples (bumps) without pus on my T-zone. My skin felt rough and thick, like there was a layer of dead skin all over. My doctor put me on Yaz (it worked, but I got other side effects) and Dalacin cream (was ok, but my skin's texture was still terrible).
I wondered if my skin was actually ageing and decided to try eLucent. It has been amazing! Within 2 weeks, the little pimples/bumps have all gone and my skin feels renewed and refined! The results are excellent. Definitely worth trying.

The Best Skin Care Range...Ever!

My mid 70s mother has terribly sun damaged skin and needs ongoing removal of sun spots; she has never used any skin care. About 2 years ago her dermatologist gave her a sample of Elucent and she passed it on to me. I tried it and had terrific results from it and will never stop using it. I'm 48, I've tried everything, had different beauty regimes, been loyal to my favourite big name (expensive) brands. Most have been good and effective, but Elucent is the best.

There are two ranges - Anti Ageing and Whitening. I have used the Anti Ageing line but am about to give the Whitening cleanser a try.

It does all it says it will - moisturises, smooths, firms, rejuvenates, minimises. It's inexpensive and lasts forever. I absolutely love it. The cleanser is very effective. I use the serum when I remember (it can sting very slightly sometimes, particularly after I've used an exfoliator, or I have a small spot on my face, but it should, it's full of AHAs). I think it's magic. The day moisturiser is great, I use it daily alone or under makeup. I have the body lotion that I forget to use, but is also very nice to apply and it results in lovely smooth skin.

Tip: I actually do my own little microdermabrasion facial sometimes. I purchased some microdermabrasion crystals (online, in a jar, about twenty bucks), decanted some into a little cosmetic travel bottle and keep it in the shower. I squeeze about 1/4 of a teaspoon into my Elucent cleanser, lather it up and give my face a lovely long scrub. I use the Elucent serum after (stings a tiny bit - this is good), slather on my night moisturiser and my skin is glowing! It works better than an beauty salon facial. Without fail, if I go out after doing this regime, I get a comment on how 'fresh' or 'glowing' or 'smooth' my skin is.

It's made by an Australian company, which is another bonus. Like another reviewer (Mulan) I'm terrified of it going out of production. Please don't stop manufacturing this product!!

good product.

I have been using the sunscreen and am very pleased with it. The texture is fine and it spreads very easily. It doesn't clog my pores. I have never used any form of makeup cover on my face. I believe this is one of the reasons I have good wrinkle free skin. I'm 73 and a bit. Some people don't believe my age! The Elucent moisturiser with SPF 50 is the best I've ever used and I will continue to do so!

Tried so many anti aging lotions, creams, moisturizer serums, finally this one works

I am 48 years old and have purchased alot of different creams, serums, lotions, moisturizers in my time... very expensive clinic products, myer and chemist products etc....I'd hate to add up what I've spent over the years.
I have been using the anti aging serum now for a year and will continue for years to come. The only effective treatment for me in the past was microdermabrasion & a peel. I believe this serum also achieves similar results. Minimizing pores, smoothing the surface, appearance is dewy & shiny, great hydration, definitely anti aging for the wrinkles, seems to smooth everything out.
Finally found something that shows anti aging results and is cost effective.
Best of all its made in Australia.

Use the Ego Elucent Whitening Day Moisturiser (the white and blue box)! Not the white/red box if you

I'm actually going out of my way to review this because I'm terrified of it ever being discontinued! I will need this product forever! Please note Ego Elucent has a product range in white/blue packaging and a product range in white/red (shown in the picture). The white/red is "anti-ageing" and contains AHAs - do not use this if you are not used to AHAs as it will irritate your skin. I only use the Whitening Day Moisturiser in the white/blue box (no AHAs). This is possibly the most underrated daily face sunscreen ever. If you google the actual active sunscreen ingredients, Bemotrizinol (also known as Tinosorb S) and butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane (also known as avobenzone) and methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbutyphenol (Tinosorb M) these are the best ingredients you can get for a chemical sunscreen. Tinisorb is photo-stable (won't degrade with exposure to sunlight, unlike most chemical sunscreens which need to be reapplied every couple of hours to be effective) and Tinosorb and avobenzone provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. (Most sunscreens only provide good UVB protection, but it's actually UVA that causes the most premature ageing). You might look at SPF 30 and think "meh", but an SPF 30 product that is photo-stable and has broad spectrum protection is better for dailyuse/anti-ageing purposes than an SPF 50+ product that only has UVB protection and needs to be reapplied every 2 hours. Another reason I love this product is that not only does it have top quality active sunscreen ingredients, it also feels lovely on my skin and not oily at all. AND it contains vitamin B3 which is a really fantastic vitamin for your skin. So I highly recommend the Whitening Day Moisturiser in the white/blue box. (I haven't tried the white/red packaged range because I don't feel I need AHAs in my skin products but that's more of a personal thing).

Love love these products

I started with the day cream and loved it so much I bought the night cream and eye cream. I see a few people have had reactions but I don't have sensitive skin and these products have been wonderful for me.

Serious Skin Damage

I used just one application of elucent night cream. I applied very little as instructed and the next day the skin around my eyes, mouth and cheeks was very red. The skin around my eyes in particular was weeping and I had not applied any there at all. The elucent night cream made its way there. This is extremely distressing and its now been two months and it still won't heal even with cortisone cream prescribed by my doctor. I am so outraged by this and feel there should be a strong warning on the jar regarding the possible skin damage that can occur. I have read many reviews by women who suffered and continue to suffer like me after using this particular cream. It should not be readily available over the counter. I do not regard this as an allergic reaction but the effects of an ingredient that is too potent for some skin types.

Skin Damage

Elucent night cream caused a terrible reaction to my eyes. They became sore, puffy, red and angry looking. It has been a few days now. What a waste of my money, when the so called beauty therapist said it was wonderful and worth every dollar of the 50 I paid. Disappointed to say the least!

Same bad reaction to this cream

My skin specialist gave me a sample tube of Elucent to give to my husband. She said it would help keep down the few skin lesions he gets burnt off from time to time.
Well the reaction, horrific! He used it three times and his skin started to look burnt. He stopped using it and it just got worse. Where he applied the cream now looks blistered.
So, off to the doctor who told him that this can't possibly be caused by Elucent and diagnosed Shingles!!! He asked my extremely relaxed husband if he has been stressed lately.
Good news is that the blisters are starting to go down now. They are only where my husband rubbed the cream.
I won't accept anything like this again. my poor husband. an experiment gone wrong!

Feels oily n sticky

I personally feels it does not absorb in skin n feels oily n sticky. Once I have applied cream its make my skin oily n more darker.

Just brilliant!

I picked up samples at my dermatologist and was so thrilled with the results I bought day, night, eye and serum before the samples ran out.
It must be noted that these are highly concentrated products so a little goes a long way.
Don't be tempted to overuse.
My referring GP cannot believe the difference in my skin!
These are my "cannot live without" products.
Products that really deliver.

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Questions & Answers

I am 60 with relatively good skin. My problem areas are lots of pigmentation, age spots, which I can't find anything on the market that has helped. Fine lines around my mouth. I have sensitive skin. What Elucent products would be suitable for me?
1 answer
I'm very sorry, I haven't used any other Elucent products and so can't answer your question

Hi, is the Elucent anti aging serum good to firm sagging skin/jowls?
4 answers
Hi, glad to know people are discovering these remarkable products. My personal experience after using them for just over a year: the deep folds around nose and mouth have decreased by about 50% which means I look far less "jowly" than I did. Comments from friends and even my doctor confirm this. As I have mentioned before, please do not be tempted to think that "more is better". A little goes a very long way and will avoid overdrying etc. I will continue to use Elucent as the results speak for themselves. Hope this helps Cheers MegI dont think so. It more makes the skin more smooth. i am on my second serum, but i dont think i will buy it again. This is the 2ns time i tried it. You may want to look at Wrinkle Freeze by MD. Its an australian brand. I use this each night to tighten my skin with my moisturiser.I am 48 years old and have purchased alot of different creams, serums, moisturizes in my time... very expensive clinic products, myer and chemist products etc....I'd hate to add up what I've spent over the years. I have been using the anti aging serum now for a year and will continue for years to come. The only effective treatment for me in the past was microdermabrasion & a peel. I believe this serum is also achieving similar results. Minimizing pores, smooth surface, great hydration, definitely anti aging for the wrinkles, seems to smooth everything out. Finally found something that shows anti aging results and cost effective. Best of all its made in Australia, beauty mate!

Hi wanted to know if you apply the night moisturiser over the serum and in relation to the eye cream can you apply to your eyelids or only round bottom of eyes and up around your eyebrow area?
2 answers
Hi Kathy, I use the serum and night cream, however I do not put it near my eyes. I put it on forehead, cheeks, above lips , not on lips and chin and nose. I use a separate eye cream on the eye lids and under eye area.. hope that helps, anything further please ask. It is an amazing cream and has done a great deal for my skin.Hi Kathy, I use the eye cream very sparingly over the entire eye area. The serum I use only on areas of most need i.e. deeper wrinkles around eyes and mouth but VERY sparingly!!!!!, followed a few minutes later by the night cream, also very sparingly. If you are new to the products, I would recommend that you use the introductory regimen on the Elucent website. It helps avoid any unnecessary dryness etc as your skin adjusts to the AHAs. I still, occasionally, give my skin "a day off". These really are fabulous products if used correctly. Cheers Meg


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