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Elix'r Health Club

Elix'r Health Club

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I’ve been going to Elixr for a couple of months now and when I joined I was underage so I went with my mum. Now I’m of age and when I told the staff they didn’t believe me nor my mum and told me I wasn’t allowed in. I get that the girls are new but they need to respect and believe customers rather then not let them!!! HOW DISRESPECTFUL I might stop going

Woeful Pilates classes

Having practiced Pilates intensively since 2016, I joined the club with an understanding that my classes would follow the traditions and principles of Pilates. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I was deeply unhappy with the quality of teaching and instruction.

My main concern was the level of development. With no separation between first timers and advanced, I felt as though I was in a perpetual beginner’s class. The repetitive and uninspiring instructions that cover all abilities become tiresome and repetitive.

I do point out that many instructors at Elixir have great ability, but I believe they are handicapped by the above-mentioned situation.

In addition, it is ridiculous that you can’t pre-book. Meaning you have to add 30 minutes to your day just to ensure a place.

Also, the lack of sock use during he Pilates class is unhygienic and just awful. What made it worse is that the sprays provided were generally just water.

EXPENSIVE for value; RUDE staff; go elsewhere

No space to train on your own.
Group Reformer Pilates very popular and hard to get into at busy times.
Some very poor instructors in other disciplines like spin, Zumba, boxing.
Staff are INCREDIBLY rude, unhelpful and poorly trained: didn't get an orientation session, intro, follow-up, no other interaction than a basic swipe in with my pass.
No efforts to ensure you are getting the most from your membership like benefits of trainer, check-in on their services etc.
You will not be a valued customer and it is AN EXPENSIVE service.

Complete scam

They do not tell you if something will be additional money. Be very careful before signing up, as it is very difficult to get out of your membership without having to pay a large sum.

Not much equipment or variety. Little space for you to do your own workout.

Employees not very friendly.

Positive and negative comments re: Aqua Instructors

I have been doing the Aqua classes at the Elixr for about 5 1/2 months and have now tried all the instructors to find which classes and instructors suit my needs best. I find 50% of the instructors are great and know what they are doing and give clear instructions for technique the other 50% to me seem to be more interested in them selves and their class content leaves something to be desired. In the second mentioned 50% classes often start late by 5 to 10 minutes but finish on time so sometimes the class is only 40 to 35 minutes long. I have been mostly doing the 11.30am class but have decided to change over to the 8am as I find all the instructors who take this time slot are very capable and are willing to answer any of your questions after the class

Member for 10 years

I have been a member of Elix'r for 10 years. I have been very happy with the yoga teachers and pilates teachers there and the reason I stay is because of this. In terms of the management, I have never had a problem myself and I have always found them to be reasonably accommodating given the various situations. I also think it is worth noting that many instructors are long-time teachers at Elix'r as are many of the members (like me). This speaks well of the management and quality overall. That said, if I were looking to join a new club I would probably not join this one. The fees for new members are high and I find that the timetable isn't broad enough compared to other places and what they offer.


Have continued to debit my account even though the guy who signed me up told me "I would have to renew".

Trying to work out how to get my $$ back / I'm reporting them to the ACCC

Rude instructors not good for beginners

I was a member here for the reformed Pilates and boxing classes for some time. As I had always wanted to give yoga a go I decided to join a class one day. As I struggled a little with the poses (this was my first time ever doing yoga) the instructor name and shamed me infront of the entire class, I was so embarrassed when I told her it was my first time she responded very loud " what am I supposed to be a mind reader." I never did yoga again after this experience and stopped going to this gym even though my Membership was still being paid for. Very disgusted at the bad treatment to anyone beginning their fitness journey. I would not recommend this gym, the high price and unprofessional staff, not worth it.

Not very Zen - Tricky T&C's

Careful of the rushed membership induction. The club will make out like they have explained everything to you but then sting you with ambiguous clauses in their T&C's. I asked for a 7 day trial but then before I knew it was signing a membership in a rushed induction. When I asked about a cooling off period i was told 'the only charge would be a $66 admin fee'. After two visits and being put off by the hygiene and poor service I cancelled. To add insult to injury I was told I would be charged for these two disastrous visits. There are many updated progressive and customer focused gyms in Sydney, don't waste your time with this polar end opposite 'NMF'

Member for years, still loving it

I've been doing pilates reformer at Elixr over the past 10 years. The teachers are dynamic and motivating and the classes always challenging. I absolutely love it. My body feels strong. I go three times per week, so it's great value for money. Highly recommended.

50% cancellation Fee PLUS Administration fee

What a joke.

The gym is full to the brim. Barely able to find a machine or a place to sit. Stressful just to go inside and they keep signing up new people.

The toilet is not always clean and almost always smells awful. When do they get cleaners?!

Management are an unresponsive joke. Then they have the audacity to charge you a 50% cancellation fee AND add an administration fee.

This company should be closed down and the management put on the street.

Stole Money From My Account

After 2 years of paying their fees, needed time out as not much work arm and can't afford to pay and they knew I will start again once I get work. They still took money out of my account without permission and won't refund it instead of calling me and letting me know that fees are coming out, they just took it knowing I told them I call them when I get work then the current manager hanged up in my face, poor costumer service and the big boss is always away ripped off.

Appalling customer service outweighs any positives

Do not set up direct debiting from your bank account. Elixr will milk it.

Read membership suspension and termination clauses very carefully. They make it costly to leave. Even a suspended membership incurs charges.

Do not expect to be treated as a valued customer. Complaints are dealt with dismissively, offhandedly.

Awful, lock you in contracts with no interest in the outcome or members

Hated the whole experience. Some classes were ok but none of the yoga teachers were great. Pilates teaching much better. Also there is no escaping from the extremely long contract they lock you in on - they don't care if you're getting anything from your training or not like other gyms they just want the money from irregular members. My impression is that they're quite happy to have lower attendance as they get so packed around work hours its impossible to move.

No flexibility, unhelpful management threatening debt collectors if you try and leave

Facilities good, management terrible.

I signed a six month contract to join, with the fees direct debited from my bank account. I decided not to renew as I was going overseas, and was shocked to find they were still debiting my bank account at end of six months. Called them, to find that the contract apparently means nothing; one month notice has to be given before they will end it. Of course it is in the fine print, so I have no redress. I am feeling conned; if they really care, as they claim, they could notify clients at the end of their contracts and warn them to give notice, but of course they only really care about getting your money.

Worst gym and management ever!!!!

Worst customer service treatment and experience of that gym ever!!! Do not join this gym.
They banned me for no real reason after not even being with them for one week. The owwner [name removed] said he would follow up the problem of the manager speaking to me so horribly for no reason and ended up emailing this to me in view of your complaint and the information i received from the staff of elixr bligh st in that regard.
I would like to inform you that it is best that your membership with elixr be terminated, effective immediately.
I got my medical certificate and took it along as requested by the bondi junction team. At blight street the manager [name removed] threatened to take away my membership and spoke to me in the most demeaning and nagging tone that was not friendly in front of other gym members who also said he was being out of hand . Because i was not asked on the way in by the untrained staff for my medical certificate and let into a class in the first place. Seriously badly run gym recommended go join elsewhere fast they have many bad stories about them

Badly run rude staff and owner!!!!!

Do not join this gym

The most over priced gym! Full of rude clients and staff and good luck trying to cancel your membership they will take every last penny from you!
They could care less about your fitness they only want your money!
If you are joining for yoga or Pilates go else where there are plenty of other places you can go without being locked into contracts that are impossible to get out of!

Expensive, rude people

Worth the money

I prefer the atmosphere of Elixr to any other health club, because it doesn't feel like a gym - no grunting, sweating and loud music! The lighting is muted, the décor stylish, and any music played is not intrusive. The other thing I like is that there is ongoing investment in new equipment, so you don't have to do Pilates mat classes on grungy mats.The only criticism I have is that Elixr is becoming a victim of its own success with many more people joining over the years resulting in classes being very full, and sometimes difficult to get into (especially at Bondi Junction) But, it's still the best health club I know of in Sydney with an owner who really cares about people's experiences in his gym. Though a little expensive compared to other gyms, it's worth the money.

Health Club.... Really?

I think it is very overpriced for the service they offer, it is far from the health club they claim to be. They say anything to get you to sign up and do not follow through with what was said. I would not recommend this "health club" you would be better of going to fitness first in my opinion and I'm not a fan of fitness first.
It looks nice.
Completly overpriced I have no idea what you are paying for and the staff are incompetent

expensive but lovely and motivated staff/trainers, nice clubs, proper yoga teachers

They do charge a lot, so think about whether you'll get you money's worth before joining. The gyms (I've been to Park St and BJ) are lovely, with nice decor, good equipment, friendly and helpful staff, motivated and knowledgeable instructors, and a very positive focus on wholistic wellbeing rather than just cardio classes, machines and weights. It's perfectly possible to be an Elixr member without being 'a gym person' - while there are gym bunnies there (and why shouldn't gym bunnies be happy too?!), there are people of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes who go there (well, as much as the Eastern Suburbs demographic and middle-class-friendly membership fees allow, anyway!). Overall, this is definitely a gym worth checking out - my impression is that members are generally happy with the gym too.
spin classes, yoga, pilates, pool and cardio machines, clubs have a lovely atmosphere, great customer service, a million times better than my previous gym for customer service (Fitness First)
slightly ridiculous fees (e.g. why pay an ongoing 'admin' fee for keeping your account open when it's on hold?!)

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